The Extremists: Jon Clark DFAC Pro

Name   Jon Clark

Age: 40

Gym you train at and location
I train at Evolution Gym & Fitness, Sheffield which I own and run with my wife Rachael Hayes.

Q.1  Why did you start bodybuilding and did you have any goals of competing to begin with?
I was kind of brought up into bodybuilding. As far back as I remember there was always a set of steel dumbbells under my bed or in the garage. My dad, as a Sheffield steel worker in the seventies, had huge arms, then there were the old black and white photos of my grandpa posing in the 1940’s with the Sheffield Health and Strength Club, fascinated by the He-Man cartoons, all served as early inspiration.
I first entered a gym when I was 14 and made it my goal then to be like the guys in the magazines, for me the classic physiques of the day were Bob Paris and Charles Clairmonte.

Q.2  What is your current training schedule like? How does it differ between pre-contest and off season?
My training ethos is the same both pre contest and in the off season, I always go full range, maximum intensity, with the strictest of form to ultimate failure. The things that differ throughout the year are the weight and reps;
4 week on higher weight and lower reps (very rarely lower than 8 reps)
4 week on lower weight and higher reps (usually around 20 reps), I will usually make sure my 20 rep cycle is the final 4 wk into a competition.

Q.3  How long have you been competing? 
I first competed in 1993 and have competed pretty consistently through to 2011.

Jon Clark on stage in a bodybuilding competition


Q.4  What are your main competitive achievements?
ANB North East Champion 97 & 99
UIBBN Light Heavy World 3rd place 97 – Belgium
UIBBN Light Heavy World Champion 99 - Leeds
UIBBN Couples European & World Champion 99 – Paris & Leeds
INBF World Light Heavy 3rd Place 2003 – New York
WABBA World Fitness 3rd Place 2004 – India
WABBA World Fitness 4th Place 2005 - Spain
INBA Universe Jnr Masters 2nd Place 2006 - California
BNBF Scottish Heavyweight & Overall Champion 2006
BNBF Northern O/40 Champion 2011
BNBF British O/40 Champion 2011
IFPA World O/40 Champion 2011 – Washington DC (Achieved Masters Pro Card)

Q.5  What weight are you off season and contest time?
Off season weight is between 90 and 92 kg and contest weight is around 86 kg.

Q.6  What are your current competitive goals?
My future competitive goals are now to take up the Pro Card and hit the IFPA Masters pro circuit, possibly California 2012.

Q.7  Why do you feel you have been able to make continuous gains over the years?
Consistency, consistency, consistency.

Q.8  What supplements do you use?
Over time I have used a full range of Extreme Nutrition products, but for me, Extreme have made three major breakthroughs in recent times, Krevolution-X, Pro-6 and RELOAD. These three, I believe, have been major factors in my recent successes. Other key supplements I use are Build & Recover, Extreme Whey and post workout I have 2 scoops Build & Recover and 1 scoop Extreme Whey and I introduce Lean-R to my pre-contest preparations.

Q.9  How much do you feel supplements and sports nutrition help your training?
I feel that getting the right supplements and correct sports nutrition maximises the potential of my training, therefore it is essential.

Q.10  What is it that motivates you through a gruelling workout?
Knowing that every rep makes a difference.

Q.11  Who, if anyone, do you want to thank over the years for their help?
There are a few key people who have contributed to my bodybuilding career over the years to whom I will always be grateful, including the various competition organisers who work tirelessly for the sport.  My main support is my wife Rachael who, being a top professional natural bodybuilder, understands the rigours of competitive bodybuilding and of course Extreme Nutrition for brilliant products and great support.


Jon posing on stage at a competition

Other info;

Having enjoyed a great career in world of natural bodybuilding, I took time out in 2009 to open a second gym, but still needed a challenge, this took me down the line of setting my sights on the Triathlon!!!, for me, a bodybuilder, this was the ultimate challenge as we’ve all used the excuse of ‘im not built for speed’ before.
So along with maintaining a bodybuilder physique, I turned to the ‘RUN – BIKE – SWIM’ and loved it producing respectable times (well, for a bodybuilder), enjoying not only the physical challenge but the new nutritional challenges it brings mentally.

Extreme Nutrition have been my choice of supplements since 2005 and with the balance of products including Extreme Pro-6, Build & Recover, Glutamine Complex and Krevolution-X I have completed 4 Triathlons and 8 10 k events in 2009 and 2010, while still maintaining my mass enough to turn my attention back to my passion, competitive bodybuilding.

2011 came and along with it my 40th birthday! My application form was submitted for the BNBF Masters O/40’s and in August I was the Northern Champion with an invite to the British Final where I once again won, taking the British title in my come back year was a dream. With this win I was selected to represent Team GB at the OCB/IFPA worlds in Washington DC in November. I was in the Masters O/40’s Tall class and came away victorious, achieving the World Title to complement my British and Northern titles.

The comeback year was topped off with the news that along with the World Title came the prestigious PRO – CARD!, this is the holy grail in my world and after many years as my driving force, to finally have it is beyond dreams.

My focus now is to go and compete against the best of the best on the Pro-circuit whilst devoting my time on the domestic scene to the BNBF with a view to offer my experience to the judges table.

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