Meal bags from Isolator Fitness are an ingenius way of keeping control of your diet 24/7. Made in the USA, not China or Singapore like other meal bags, Isobags are built to last.

Isobags can cater for all sizes of appetites and all size of users too! With versions of meal bags that carry from 2 up to 8 meals there is something for everyone in the many different models available to buy.

Isolator Fitness, who produce the Isobags, not only use the finest hard wearing materials which are food grade and will not taint your food or degrade through coming into contact with food as well as being an intelligent design which is easy to keep clean.

Cooler bags, meal management systems or other way you would choose to describe them doesn't matter, these cost effective meal bags make a massive difference to anyone who is concerned about their health and wishes to eat better to look after it or to enhance their capabilities in whichever sport they are playing.

Not only sportspeople can benefit from taking control of their diet but diabetics, coeliacs, anyone with food intolerances or those on fat loss diets or anyone trying to gain weight who needs to know ecactly what they are eating.

Carry your food with you where ever you go, what ever the occasion and size of appetite!

Iso Pack
RRP £159.95
IsoPack is a meal cooler just like the Isobag but with more! The Isopack has designated areas for food, clothes, phone and gadgets and a full size laptop!
1 reviews
IsoPack Military Editions
RRP £164.95
IsoPack Military Edition is a Camouflage meal cooler like the Isobag. It has areas for your meals, clothes, phone, gadgets and a full size laptop too.
0 reviews
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