6 Pack Bags by Six Pack Fitness was founded with the mission of creating an innovative meal management system for elite athletes, health and fitness enthusiasts and gym goers all over the world.

By developing the 6 Pack Bags line of travel gear and luggage, 6 Pack Fitness have showen a passionate commitment to making fitness and nutrition while on the go easier than it ever has been.

6 Pack Fitness have worked tirelessly to bring function and design into the world of fitness equipment unlike ever there ever has been before.

Forget the tired old lunch boxes of years gone by, our travel bags offer you total support in completing your fitness goals, no matter where your day takes you.

The old story of getting caught out no longer applies when you have a Six Pack Bag, you can carry cooked meals, protein bars, protein powder, meal replacements, fruit, water and other liquids as required too so there is no longer any justification in that petrol station sandwich and flapjack!

We understand that we are all different, we have different goals, different likes and dislikes, we're from different generations, different countries and have different cultures but we all want to be fit, healthy, looking good and enjoying life so we have developed a whole range of bags to ensure there is something for everyone and the image they like to portray of themselves whilst making sure we have different models to suit different budgets too.

Nobody loves a bag more than the ladies do so we've developed a range of handbag styled meal bags which are so discreet you would never know they are anything other than a high fashion handbag so you can go ANYWHERE carry your meals and still appear dressed for whatever the occaision may be.

Live the 6 Pack Fitness lifestyle and Travel Fit.

6 Pack Bags Varsity Duffle
RRP £124.95
6 Pack Bags Varsity Duffle is a colourful streamlined duffle bag designed for long practice sessions, competitions or simply days when you must travel.
0 reviews
6 Pack Fitness Vixen Bowler
RRP £199.95
6 Pack Fitness Vixen Bowler is a luxurious bowler style handbag designed for the discerning woman who want to remain in control of their nutrition 24/7.
1 reviews
Camille Tote
RRP £74.95
Six Pack Bags Camille Tote is their sportiest and most colorful tote bag to date. It features a large main area with dedicated laptop compartment and pockets for the gear a busy lady needs.
0 reviews
Expedition 300 Back Pack
RRP £119.95
Six Pack Fitness Expedition 300 can carry gym kit, has a fleece-lined compartment for 15" laptop and a fleece-lined pocket to protect eyewear or valuables and can keep 3 meals cool for around 8 hours.
0 reviews
Fox Bowler
RRP £49.95
Six Pack Fitness Fox Bowler is one for the girls! A fashionable bag for all seasons which carries 2 meals discreetly and still has lots of space for all your essentials! NOW ON SPECIAL OFFER TO CLEAR
1 reviews
Plyo Sling
RRP £89.95
Six Pack Fitness Plyo Sling is a playful sling designed for short trips away from home, shopping, nights out or anything else that pleases you! The Plyo Sling holds 2 meals, an organizational main compartment as well as side pockets for your health ...
0 reviews
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