A Big Breakfast for Big Gains

Breakfast although probably the most over looked meal of the day is also, alongside your post workout meal, the most important. 

After hours of fasting your body is primed to absorb and utilise far more nutrients than it is able to at other times of the day.  Blood glucose levels are low, muscle glycogen and amino acid stores are low and your body will be in a state of dehydration. 

When you eat, your body will release a hugely anabolic hormone called insulin, this ‘storage hormone’ will shuttle nutrients to your starved muscles elevating protein synthesis and creating the anabolic environment you need to grow. 

By not sitting down to a calorie dense, protein rich meal and exploiting this opportunity you are adversely affecting your potential for growth, not to mention missing out on a multitude of other health benefits.  Did I mention eating Breakfast makes you more intelligent?

It is very difficult to hit your calorie quota for the day if you skimp on Breakfast, you’ll be missing out on that all important metabolic kick start that you need to munch down the next six meals you have coming not to mention the fact that poor nutrition choices at the start of the day can often dictate more for the rest of it. 

It is not uncommon for an Extremist to sit down to 1000 calories or more at breakfast time in their quest for size.  Whole eggs, oatmeal with frozen berries and some mixed nuts, 2 scoops of Extreme Pro-6 with a tablespoon of natural yoghurt….ideal, you’ll notice the gains come thick and fast in no time. 

Tea and Toast? It’s not happening.

Remember, it’s called "BREAK - FAST" for a reason, take your hand off the snooze button, set aside an extra 15 minutes and give your body the breakfast it deserves. 

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