Extreme Trib-Z Test Booster

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Extreme Trib-Z is a natural test booster which stacks Tribulus with more proven natural ingredients which will synergistically work together to create a hike in natural testosterone production.

  • IOC/WADA safe - guaranteed drug free!
  • Halal, Kosher and Vegan friendly.
  • Add lean muscle and increase strength.
  • Test Booster
  • Possibly the strongest OTC drug free products available.
  • Suitable for males over 21 only - nothing compares!!!

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Extreme Trib-Z is a potent test booster designed to increase lean muscle development, strength, appetite, libido while helping you recover faster.

Within a week of starting Trib-Z you should start to notice the differences to you and your training as our test subjects experienced, you may also experience enhanced pumps when training too. This was not documented by all our test subjects but some did say they felt a greater pump then training without Trib-Z.

You may feel more aggressive when using Extreme Trib-Z test booster, you may notice the effect upon libido too, this was one of the "complaints" of the test subjects, this was reported along with our athletes saying they felt more focused on their workouts too.

Two of the athletes who took part in the development of Trib-Z, Andrew "Mushy" Chappell and Jon Clark, are both DFAC natural professional bodybuilders and are drug tested to IOC/WADA standard when they compete.

Both men have been taking Trib-Z and RELOAD for the last 6 months and were tested at their world Championships in America, both passed the test whilst having elevated testosterone levels but within the acceptable levels.


Extreme Trib-Z Test Booster Active Ingredients: Tribulus Terrestris, Vitamin B6, Zinc.

Inactive Ingredients: Magnesium Stearate, HPMC vege capsules.


We recommend you take 2 Extreme Trib-Z Test Booster capsules on waking and a further two capsules 6-8 hours later between meals.


it takes sometime for it to kick in but i am as strong as an ox

Received: 14 August 2011 07:51
Rating: 4/5 stars

I have always been a bit sceptical when it comes to Tribulus products, you read loads of conflicting reviews. That being said, the studies to back it are there so I thought I'd give it a go and I'm glad I did! Works faster than most other test boosters I've tried with a noticeable libido increase within the week. That means it's working. Ran it for 6 weeks and training was on fire. Going to cycle it regularly from now on.

Received: 07 January 2015 11:30
Rating: 5/5 stars

I stack this with reload
Ive tried quite a few stacks similar to this in the past but nothings really worked! ive been cycling reload and TribZ alongside eachother for a few of months now and my training is through the roof, increase on lifts, increase of lean muscle growth and my pump and focus in the gym is awesome! will definitely continue purchasing this!

Received: 15 October 2015 10:25
Rating: 5/5 stars

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What's best this or reload also do you need milk thistle with both?
They're both good, some of our testers preferred one over the other which is just human nature I guess that we all exhibit some kind of preference. Both of these products are 100% natural and drug free, there should be no need for milk thistle with either product.

Hi i use my c40 pre work out. When would be the best time to take these tablets?
These can be taken any time of day. Many users prefer to take them at bed time for the enhanced sleep that it offers too.

How many pills would i have to take a day?my friend takes 3 before a work out but it said take 2 in morning on your website and two in day time between meals.
It doesn't really matter to any noticeable degree, we've tried them at numerous times of day and there doesn't seem to be any difference in results. 2 before training and 2 before bed would probably be the way I'd go myself.

How many would i be taking before bedtime?i am 5.5 height and 11 stone weight. Looking to get more baulk and get stronger.
If you are only taking them before bed then take 4 at this time.

Hi use protein shake after work out it would not affect that in any way using these tablets?
No, Trib-Z (and Reload) are hormonal supplements designed to increase testosterone levels naturally, the time you take them and the food or supplements you are taking won't interfere with their performance.

Can i take on my day off?
Take these daily if you want to maximise your natural potential for producing testosterone.

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