In this section you will find shorts designed for big men, bodybuilders, strong men, power lifters, rugby players and MMA fighters from Gorilla Wear, Brachial and Better Bodies.

We have shorts for times of bulking and cutting, some looser and covering you up more and other tighter styles like Gorilla Wear's Hot Pants designed for photo shoots, training and to show off you are in shape! 

Better Bodies Flex Board Shorts
RRP £54.95
Better Bodies Flex Board Shorts are built for MMA, gym sessions or cardio work. Board shorts are the best shorts you can buy.
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Brachial Destroyer Shorts
RRP £32.95
Brachial Destroyer Shorts are one of the best looking pairs of mens workout shorts we've seen. Designed to be tough, fashionable and comfy, you'll love 'em!
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Brachial Hot Shorts
RRP £34.95
Brachial Hot shorts are mens gym shorts and ideal leisure wear for any activity you fancy! Made from 65% cotton, 35% polyester they will keep their shape.
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Brachial Pain Shorts
RRP £34.95
Brachial Pain Shorts are shorts for the gym, but will be perfect for relaxing at home or in the park, made from tough 50% Nylon and 50% Polyester fabric.
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Brachial Strong Shorts
RRP £39.95
A wide leg cut short expecially made for Athletes.
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Warhammer Strike Shorts
RRP £31.95
Warhammer Strike Shorts are stretchy, quick drying shorts for the gym with no pockets, these make sure you leave your phone in the changing room!
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Sports nutrition products to gain muscle size and increase strength.Burn fat,  lose weight, get lean & ripped.Increase energy pre workout and speed up recovery post workout.


Extreme Nutrition launched back in 1999, bringing the UK one of the best supplement brands in the world. When we launched Extreme it was in response to their being a serious shortage of quality, science backed, sports nutrition available on the market.

Along with their being a shortage of the supplements we wanted, we also found getting clothes that we'd like to wear too. There was a selection of hideous stripey baggy pants and horrid vests with pictures of Pit Bulls or Bulldogs on them and big baggy tartan shirts.

The clothing around back then has stood the test of time, after all there are still people wearing that stuff 15 years later!

We didn't fancy any of it ourselves so we started to import clothes back then when we started off with importing Powerhouse Gym and No Limits ranges.

A few year later we were the first people to bring to the UK LP Limits and the now popular Iron Asylum range too.

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