Strongman Team Championships 2016

Strongman Team Championships 2016

    This was my first time competing in the Strongman Team World Championships and I was happy to be pairs with Terry Hollands. Terry and I have similar strengths and the events suited us so I was confident that as a team we could challenge for one of the top spots.

    This years contest had teams from countries such as England, Lithuania, Poland, the USA among others.

    Event 1 – The Super Yoke (2 motorbikes on your back for 30 metres, relay style)

    This was an event that I felt really confident that Terry and I would win. We’re 2 of the best in the world at the yoke and on the rare occasion one of us is beaten, it’s usually by each other! Terry went first, completing the first 15 metres of the course and getting us off to a great, quick start. The transition was also very quick and I was able to do a fast run back, securing us our first event win.

    Event 2 – 300kg incline log for reps

    On paper, this should have been a weaker event for us as neither of us are renowned for our pressing ability. However, we got the timing and technique spot on, working well together to get 11 reps. This was enough to draw with Eddie Hall and Mark Felix for 1st place and we beat a lot of very good pressers in the process.

    Event 3 – 2 man Deadlift for max

    Terry and I are both very good deadlifters but we knew we’d have very stiff competition from Eddie and Mark who were the current 2 man deadlift world record holders. We managed a new world record of 825kg but it was only good enough for second place as Eddie and Mark pulled a very impressive 850kg. Still great points for us and at this point in the competition we were tied for first place with Eddie and Mark.

    Event 4 – The Sweetie Snatcher

    In basic terms, the sweetie snatcher was like a tug of war but instead of rope, we used a metal frame. The structure of the event was that teams would go head to head and the winners from each round would then move on to the semi finals and then finals.

    For our first pairing, Terry and I were up against the Irish team which featured one of the biggest strongmen in the world, Sean O’Hagan. Luckily for Terry and myself, despite Sean’s impressive stature, our combined weight and experience was enough to secure the win.

    In the semi finals we were up against Dave Ostlund and Matjaz Belsak, a round which we won pretty easily so we had plenty of energy going into the final round.

    The final was us vs Eddie and Mark who’d just had a pretty tough battle in their final to secure the win. Despite Eddie jumping the gun at the start 🙂 it was still a pretty easy win for us and it was an event that Terry and I really enjoyed. There’s something very satisfying about winning a ‘man on man’ style event.

    Event 5 – 4 car arm over arm pull.

    This was by far our worst event of the day and ending up costing a fair few points. The pull was lighter than we would have liked and relied heavily on technique and fitness. Terry and I are not particularly fit right now as we’ve been training for some pretty heavy contests. Everyone was really close on this event and there just a few seconds separating first and last place. We ended coming fifth and dropping a few points in the process.

    Last event – Atlas stones.

    We went into the final event in second place. These were a very hard set of stones and no one has ever lifted Glen Ross’s 6th stone before. They’re larger than normal stones making the pick up more difficult so it was great to see Dave Ostlund complete the final stone in front of a very appreciative crowd. Terry and I lifted 5 of the 6 stones which was enough to secure 2nd place overall and we were happy with that. It had been a long, hot day but the crowd were awesome and really kept us going. It was a great confidence boost leading up to the bigger competitions I have this year and the guys at Ultimate Strongman did a great job putting on such a fantastic show. Thanks to everyone that came to support the athletes and I look forward to seeing you at Europe’s Strongest Man in July.

    Big Loz in his Brachial clothing

    Strongman Team competitor Laurence Shahlaei is also sponsored by Brachial clothing

    Laurence Shahlaei

    Big Loz, Extreme Nutrition discount code

    Laurence Shahlaei, Extreme Nutrition Athlete Banner with discount code

Squats and Deadlifts

Today was a fun day training, squats AND deadlifts!

I’m 8 weeks away from the 4 nations where I will be competing as part of the England team – what an honour! I am so excited to compete and proud to be asked to represent my country!

So, my training has been mixed up a bit, I was getting a bit bored of what I was doing, my body had got use to what I was doing so I thought ‘Let’s have a change!’ As they say a change is as good as a rest but who wants to rest? When it comes to training I definitely don’t! I want to grow and get stronger so, a change it is!

All today’s training involved was squats and deadlifts……both in one day!

For my squats today I used knee wraps, I’ve used knee wraps before in comp a year or so ago and all I remember is how painful they are! Anyway, I warmed up did my 10 minute mobility and stretching workout then moved on to the squat rack. Here’s what I did:
1 X 10 with 40kg
1 X 5 with 60kg
1 X 3 with 80kg
1 X 2 with 100kg – knee wraps were used from here onwards
1 X 2 with 110kg
3 X 2 with 120kg
The most I have ever squatting in comp with knee wraps was 120kg. The aim of the game is to get to 130kg.
After this I did 3 x 3 paused squats with 100kg

Female squatter

A woman removing the Olympic bar from it’s stand so she can squat.

After the squats I moved on to deadlifts…..

Female athlete pictured deadlifting at the Olympics

Female Olympic Athlete Deadlifting

Deadlifts were also a little different from usual, bands were used. This added approximately 20kg on to the lift when locked out.
Here’s how my deads went……
1×5 @ 60kg
1×5 @ 80kg
1×2 @ 100kg
1×2 @ 110kg
1×2 @ 120kg
3×2 @ 125kg.

I executed the above deadlifts while stood on a 20kg plate just to add a little deficit. For the next 3 doubles the plates were removed so there was no deficit.

I completed 3 doubles at 125kg. The first double felt a little hard but the second and third double felt a lot easier. Deficits doing there thing 😉

At the beginning of the deadlift movement

This lady is at the beginning of the movement

After my squats and deadlifts I finished off with the leg press;
5 x 12 @ 250kg.

You know your legs are going to hurt the following day or 2 when the post workout aches and pains are setting in before the session is over!

I will then have a training session where I focus on all my assistance work so let’s see how this goes!

Jo S. x

Squats and deadlifts

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Powerlifting taking a back seat

Powerlifting has had to take a back seat during a manic few months of organising my little sisters hen do, going on my little sisters hen do, attending my little sister’s wedding and my birthday party this week was the week I finally feel like I’m back on track with my training!

For the past few months I have had to fit my training in around everything else which has never really happened before. As my powerlifting training wasn’t my main focus my sessions felt harder, I felt a lot more fatigued and to be honest training was a chore and I wasn’t really enjoying it!

That all changed this week! What a fantastic week I’ve had. Training has been challenging but so much fun!

My training week started on Tuesday which was squat day! Today I worked up to 5 doubles at 110kg which felt a lot easier than I had anticipated. After these I went on to do high paused squats 3×3 @ 85kg, safety bar box squats 3×3 starting at 67.5kg working upto 87.5kg to help me work on keeping more upright when squatting and also to make my glutes fire more to help me on the way back up from a squat, after these my good friend and fellow Extreme athlete Laurence Shahlaei kindly let me borrow his car to push down the car park at Pro – strength 5 times (the car was a fiesta but I would like to add Laurence remained in the car during the exercise!)

Jo tells us about her training

Yep, she squats!

After this I did 4×12 on the leg press at 100kg x 12/200kg 2 x 12 /250kg x 12 then 2×6 Romanian deadlifts at 95kg, I finished off my legs with some simple leg extensions and the a Weighted plank for my core! Awesome!

Wednesday was bench press day. Today I had the luxury of 1 on 1 with Laurence, my head for some reason wasn’t in the game and even my warm up sets felt heavy. I think it took over half an hour of benching to wake me up before thing started to click. Today we worked more on technique and getting comfortable with the bar and my bench pressing movement.

We looked at where I position the bar when I’ve unracked it, the width of my grip, position of my feet and power output of my lower half during each rep. Sometimes it’s good to change things up a bit! The best part of the session was the stability work with the bands and the disks. Now this was a challenge! I had a 10kg plate dangling from both ends of the Olympic bar – the plates were attached to the bar with therapy bands so the plates were free to move and bounce during each rep. The aim was 12 reps I think I managed 6.

This exercise was a lot harder than I anticipated with there only being 10kg aside on the bar! I have a video of me attempting this exercise I have posted it on my Facebook and Instagram account so check it out! After I finished benching I went on to do some dips 5×10, over head Tricep press 3 x 8 @ 20kg and to finish off some Tricep push downs on the cables 3 x 10, for my core today I did the Russian twist in a V sit up shape using a 12.5kg dumbell!

Saturday’s are for deadlifting (or squatting)! Today was deadlifting with a target of 140kg for 5 doubles. Over the last few weeks I feel like I’ve struggled with weights that I shouldn’t struggle with so my confidence was a bit low going into today’s session.

I decided to see how I felt throughout the session and progress it from there. I worked up to 130kg and did 5 easy doubles with that and then moved up to 140kg for 3 doubles however for the 140kg lifts I placed the disks on a 12 inch mat a) for a bit of variety and b) to make me work straight from my sticking point.

I worked a lot on my technique again through out the session – keeping my shoulders back, arms tight and driving through my legs more instead of always using my back!

I finished off the session with;
5×8 under hand chins
4×8 Seated rows!

…….And then rest!

Catch you next week so you can see what crazy antics I have been up to 😉

Jo S. xx

Getting focused before training.

Getting focused!

2016 BDFPA British Championships

Wow what an awesome day!

Overall I was absolutely stoked with what I achieved at the 2016 BDFPA British Championships however a little annoyed at myself for messing up my first deadlift.

Here’s how my day went at the 2016 BDFPA British….

First lift…..squats.
I opened with 115kg which felt heavy but the first lift always does for me I got the 115kg. I then moved on to 120kg, for some reason my feet weren’t wide enough apart and I didn’t feel my depth was good enough – I got 2 white lights and one red…I got the lift. For my final lift I went for a personal best. 125kg. I got the lift and it felt surprisingly comfortable, so there is definitely more in the tank for future squats!

Next up…..bench press.
It was only until a month or so ago when I had a training session with my better half (Liam Armstrong – a previous WDFPF Champion and Extreme Nutrition athlete) that I felt like benching made more sense to me. The set up and how I should feel finally felt right and comfortable. I felt stronger in my new found set up. I opened with 65kg which felt easy as it should then moved onto 70kg…I got the lift. I decided to go for 75kg which is 2.5kg heavier than my personal best is, it may not sound a lot but it can sometimes feel like 100kg heavier. 75kg felt comfortable dare I say it I could have done more – I got the lift.

Last lift…..deadlift
My favourite lift of the three, probably because it’s my strongest lift! My warm up sets felt good I worked up to 140kg for a single, I was opening at 160kg. It was my first deadlift I messed up on – I wasn’t prepared and the lift was rushed there was a change in the running order which happened last minute and I hadn’t noticed I had to rush on to the platform and make sure I lifted the 160kg causing my set up to be non exsistant and the lift to feel so heavy.

From this my confidence was knocked and decided to play it safe to make sure I qualified for the worlds in November. My next deadlift was 165kg then 170kg which I got. It’s a shame my first lift didn’t go to plan as the 170kg felt lighter than the 160kg – it’s a lesson learnt and not something that will happen again. I have goals set for the worlds so watch this space!

Jo Stanger

Joanne Stanger competition report.

World Champion power lifter, Joanne Stanger, tells us about her last competition.

Strong is adaptive…..

    Strong is adaptive

Well to keep you all up to date with my progress, its a tale of two halves.I flipped the tyre, I managed a few metres with the yolk and I did the deadlift for 7 but then my back gave up on me. It’s a long term injury and one I have to work around frequently so once again its adaptation time.

This body is not quite as strong as the mind right now, but that’s OK, let’s see what we can do to use the strength of the mind then.

Bending is not currently an option so what can I do in an upright position…. run Forest run. To date my longest run has been a 10k, due to my bodybuilding running has been a cardio not sport exercise and secondary. Now I’m going to give it a go. The aim – a half marathon, double the distance of a 10k I’m going for it. 13.1 miles of road between me and victory….. That’s further than I drive to work each day.

We did it!

Crossing the finish line brings a smile to everyones face.

Throughout everything I keep my nutrition solid, good food and good supplements which gives me a great platform for any challenge. This includes my Extreme Pro-6 starter every morning and my post work out build n recover, if you haven’t tried Extreme Build + Recover you should. When you need a reason to train this is it I would train just so I could have B+R every day. A good foundation of nutrition enables me to be adaptive when niggling injuries force me to change direction.

With Extreme at my back I have the nutrition to do anything I set my mind to. I have added Extreme Carbs to my supplements to fuel me in my longer runs for this challenge providing me with the energy I need when the going gets tough.

Clean and convenient additive free carbohydrate supplement

Extreme Carbs are 100% natural maltodextrin with NOTHING else added.

Running training is intermingled with my strength training, so two or three runs a week. Mid week one or two 4/5 miles and a longer weekend 9 or 10 miler. I have increased my stretching regime to loosen off the calves and particularly hamstrings which get very tight after running. Interestingly, the training has loosened my back a little and aided my gym workouts so maybe a learning point around variety (they do say it’s the spice of life).

My first ever half marathon will be the Silverstone Adidas Half Marathon, at, yes you guessed it, Silverstone race track. What I have found so far is that the body is more willing than the mind in my training. From the off my mind is arguing with itself about how far I am going , how well I am feeling, telling me that I can stop at any time; an inner battle commences with almost the first footfall – the challenge is to mediate the argument to a successful conclusion.

I am strong, I will do this.

Rachael Hayes, pro bodybuilder and tri-athlete

Rachael Hayes is a DFAC Professional Bodybuilder and tri athlete.

WBFF – As good as it gets!

    As Good As it Gets.

In 2008 I felt I had achieved all that I could within the fitness industry. I had thoroughly enjoyed my journey, and I had proved to myself that I had the discipline and the determination that the sport demanded of me to achieve my goals. In some ways it was a relief knowing that I would no longer need to conform to the strict diet, the training regime, and all the restrictions we athletes put upon ourselves in order to be prepared for competition.
I was grateful for all the sport had given me, and of course for the help along the way from my sponsor Dougie Black and Extreme Nutrition who was always there for me.

I never stopped lifting, but for the first time in many years I found time to pursue Yoga, which I had always wanted to get involved with. I found that equally as challenging, and still love the flexibility and coordination it brings. I found time to undertake some pretty arduous treks, most notably twice attacking the formidable GR20 in Corsica, plus several others such as Kilimanjaro and Toubkal, which kept me pretty active.

I also used my time to enhance my studies in nutrition. I became particularly interested in studying the health benefits of including raw and fermented food as well as juicing in dietary needs which have proved invaluable to both my clients and myself.

Malika Zitouni, WBFF Pro and Extreme Nutrition athlete

WBFF Pro and Extreme Nutrition athlete Malika Zitouni

It was during my competitive years I had grown up alongside the ever-expanding WBFF organization. This came about through Paul Dillett and Allison Dillett and their determination to bring something new to the world of fitness and bodybuilding. THE WBFF (World Beauty Fitness & Fashion) started in 2006 and this year holds its 10th Anniversary Worlds competition in Paul Dillett’s home City of Toronto, Canada.

I had often considered moving to THE WBFF, but it didn’t come about until I rediscovered the far wider range of classes it had to offer. I finally felt that I had found a class perfectly suited to my physique and look, Diva Fitness. I am sure that a lot of athletes feel trapped in a Federation, too often like square pegs in round holes. I often saw competitors whose look I felt would be far better suited competing with another Federation but this is something one has to ultimately decide for oneself.

I can honestly say that THE WBFF has not only inspired me, it has allowed me to bring out and sculpt my body in a less rigid way, and allows more freedom to create your own special look, and not just a stereo-type to conform to.
I have trained harder than I ever imagined or thought possible, and I am pleased with my work in progress. I think none of us who compete believe we have finally reached our goal, it is always a journey.

It was at the end of 2014 when I went to the O2 to see a WBFF show that I finally made up my mind to get involved. I entered my first show in the May of 2015 at the O2, and managed to place 4th in my category. I knew I had a long way to go to get back to winning ways, and so I increased the intensity of my training, modified my look, working harder on my legs and less on upper body to achieve the desired result.

I entered the Worlds in Las Vegas in August 2015 and was over the moon at winning my class, Diva Fitness model 35+. To step on stage at the mecca of bodybuilding in Las Vegas is like no words can adequately describe. The thoughts that race through your mind, the buzz and anticipation, the glamour of the stage itself, all created within this organization, is truly amazing.

I can only say from personal experience to any young girls about to embark on this journey, to give serious consideration to the classes on offer at THE WBFF, because for me, and those who know what I have achieved with other federations, this is by far the Biggest and the Best!

I am currently 3 weeks out from going to compete in Los Angeles. I am very excited, as this will be my first event competing as a Professional athlete, the status I have earned in Las Vegas. I have trained hard, I have enjoyed the hard work, and win or lose, I will thoroughly enjoy myself. The nice thing is that everyone who steps on stage is entitled to feel a winner just for getting there.

I will have a gap of 15 weeks before competing at the Worlds in Toronto, and that being the 10th Anniversary of THE WBFF, it will be a wonderful event to have participated in. I can say that for me these are golden years, and 2016 the icing on the cake.

I will let you know how I get on, and am just so excited at what lies before me. Just a final word of thanks to Dougie and his fantastic supplement brand, Extreme Nutrition, and thanks to the Dillet’s and their WBFF organization that put some blood back into my veins and has given me another goal to conquer!”

Extreme Pro-6, use the best to be your best.

To be your best, you need to give your body the best. Extreme Pro-6 has is one of the best protein powders in the world.

Failure to Prepare is Preparing to Fail.

Failure to prepare is preparing to fail.

A very true statement/saying, leaving things to the last minute is asking for trouble and adds more stress at a time when you want to be calm and composed.

The week before my comps involve a lot of rest, a lot of sleep, a lot of water and no training! So instead of talking about my training this week (as i have done zero, zilch, nada, nowt, nothing!) I thought a little kit check might come in handy for some of you!

Here are my game day essentials;
1) Singlet (I don’t think these look good on anyone!) Make sure it’s clean, intact and packed.
2) A lifting belt – check the thickness and width of your belt with your federation rules, you don’t want to turn up and not be able to use your belt! Bye, bye P.B deadlift and squat!
3) Long socks for deadlifting – long enough to go up to knees.
4) Shoes for squatting, deadlifting and benching in. The thinner the sole, the better for the deadlift!
5) A t-shirt to go under your singlet – some federations do not allow capped sleeves so make sure your tshirt meets the criteria.
6) Talc
7) Chalk
8) Wrist wraps – check with your fed rules that your wrist wraps do not exceed the maximum length allowed. I lift Raw without Knee Wraps, some federations allow Raw with Knee Wraps.
9) Food and supplements. I seem to loose my appetite and struggle to eat solid foods on comp days so I always make sure I have my Krevolution-X,

The benefits of creatine without the downside.

Extreme Krevolution-X is the side effect free creatine.

Extreme BCA-311 are an excellent source of branched chain amino acids

Branched chain amino acids are an anti catabolic amino acid.

and 2 scoops of the elixir of strength – Build and Recover
Extreme Nutrition Build & Recover 2.88kg tub in Blueberry Cheesecake flavour

Jo Stanger knows how to get an unfair advantage!

from Extreme Nutrition ready to drink after each event.

I also make sure I have enough chocolate 😉

I love comp day!

Jo Stanger

Joanne Stanger World Champion

Joanne training in the gym with the deadlift

BDFPA British finals

BDFPA BDFPA British finals take place a week on Saturday – yikes!

I had an awesome week of training last week feeling more confident with my lifting, working hard on my technique. I had a really good bench press and deadlift session! My bench has always been my weakest lift but I think it’s slowly improving, at long last! What a difference your set up makes!

This week my training is all about doubling my openers and reducing the intensity. No assistance work, just making sure I’m confident with what I have decided to open on.

I’m feeling ready for the competition, I’d love to win again but I know there’s going to be some serious competition! My main goal is to improve from last year’s totals from the world championships which was 370kg.

Leading up to any competition I keep my diet strict, when I’m usually about 4 weeks out here’s what I eat, what I have been and will be eating for the last week;

Meal 1) 100g porridge oats & 1 scoop of Extreme Nutrition’s vanilla Extreme Whey, 1 Extreme CLA capsule, 3 Krevolution-X & 5 BCA-311 capsules.
Meal 2) 1 avocado, greens and 100g cooked chicken & 1 CLA.
Meal 3) 70g uncooked brown rice or 250g uncooked sweet potato, 70g cooked chicken, salad & 1 CLA.
Meal 4) Pre workout: 1 heaped scoop of Extreme Nutrition’s banana whey, 20g Almonds, 3 Krevolution-x & 5 BCA-311 capsules.


Meal 5) post workout: 2 heaped scoops of Extreme Nutrition’s chocolate Build and Recover
Meal 6) 250 – 300g of uncooked white potato, 70g cooked chicken, greens/salad Meal 7) 3 whole eggs
Meal 8) 1 heaped scoop of Extreme nutritions strawberry Pro-6.

Extreme Pro-6, almost an unfair advantage!

Extreme Nutrition 2Kg Vanilla, as used by British Champion Joanne Stanger.

As I won’t be training next week the only thing that will change in my diet will be my build and recover, this will be replace with a scoop of Extreme Nutrition Pro-6 and maybe a piece of fruit like a banana! Keep those carbs high! It’s taken me a long time to realise the importance of carbs in relation to getting stronger and leaner!

Extreme Nutrition Build & Recover 2.88kg tub in Blueberry Cheesecake flavour

Jo Stanger knows how to get an unfair advantage!

I keep clear of alcohol 3-4 weeks prior to a competition to keep my head clear and energy levels high! The CLA from Extreme Nutrition help to to shift that little extra body fat and the Krevolution-X help aid my strength & recovery!

The benefits of creatine without the downside.

Extreme Krevolution-X is the side effect free creatine.

This weekend I plan on doing my kit check and packing so there’s no stress a few days before the comp! Exciting times! I wonder if I can become the British champion at the BDFPA British Finals again?

Use code "jos15" to get an EXTRA 15% off at

Joanne Stanger, Extreme Nutrition sponsored athlete banner

Watch this space…… xx

Britains Strongest Man 2016

    Britains Strongest Man 2016 Championships

After almost giving up on strongman when I suffered a tricep tear at 2015’s World’s Strongest Man, the British Championships was my returning competition and the first live show I’d competed in on home soil in almost 2 years. The last 3 years have been tough for me. The injuries I’ve suffered while competing had taken just as much of a toll on me mentally as they did physically. But after the injury at World’s, I didn’t rush my return. I took my time building up and maintaining my strength and rediscovered my love for lifting. I finally feel back to my best and I’m really enjoying the sport again.

This is the first contest in a long time that I can honestly say I was looking forward to, and i genuinely enjoyed it.

Anyway, to the events.

    Event 1

The contest started with the viking press (150kg to be pressed over head for as many reps as possible in 60 seconds.)

My tricep still isn’t 100% but I knew if I could place in the top 3 it would set me up well for the rest of the day. I managed 10 reps which placed me joint 3rd with Darren Sadler. Terry Hollands was 2nd with 11 reps and unsurprisingly the winner was Eddie Hall with a very easy 12 reps. Eddie’s deadlifting ability is probably what he’s most famous for now, but he’s always been incredibly strong overhead. It feels like a very long time ago now, but I did hold the British log lift record for about a year and a half with a 190kg lift and I’m pretty sure I still hold the British axle record at 205kg. Thanks to my injuries, my overhead hasn’t had the chance to improve in recent years but it’s something I’ll be working hard to improve in the coming months.

    Event 2

Side handle car deadlift.

I always like these events to be as heavy as possible because like many big guys, I don’t want to have to do nearly 20 reps on anything, ever. I’m pretty strong right now, but my fitness isn’t where it needs to be and I was worried about getting back pump which would make all the following events that much harder. Terry and I tried to get the organisers to add weight which they did, but it still wasn’t quite as heavy as I personally would’ve liked it. Still, you’ve got to get on with it. Events are never going to be perfectly tailored to your preferences and strong is strong. The strongest man on the day will win. Anyway, I hit 15 reps which was good enough for 4th behind Mark Felix on 16, Adam Bishop on 17 and Eddie Hall on 18 reps. Traditionally this has always been a great event for Mark Felix. He has such long levers and for reps, has always been one of the best deadlifters out there.

    Event 3

460kg Car Walk

I was really looking forward to this event and before hand people were saying this is the event that could stop Eddie from winning. I was pretty convinced he would still do well but my main focus was on banking as many points as possible by winning this one. Moving with weight has always been my strength and people were talking about myself and Terry Hollands as being the favourites for the car walk. Fortunately for me, Terry had a slightly unbalanced start which probably cost him a second so I knew if I could put a solid run in, I could win. The pick up felt really easy and the extra squats I’ve been doing on the saftey bar paid of as I felt very secure and in control. I placed 1st with a new world record time of 11.92 seconds with Mark felix in 2nd and Terry Hollands 3rd.

    Event 4

Front Hold

I’ve always found this a pointless event to train, I’ve been so hit and miss at this in the past. It’s the sort of discipline that’s easy to over train and if things don’t go well in training, it can knock your confidence going into competition. It’s as much about mental strength as it is physical and I was pleased with a solid 3rd place just behind Mark and Eddie.

Big Loz, Extreme Nutrition discount code

Laurence Shahlaei, Britains Strongest Man 2016

    Event 5

Conans Circle.

As I said before my fitness isn’t where it needs to be and that showed on this event, as the fitter guys took the top spots.

I did enough to place 6th and keep me in 2nd over all going into the stones.

Top 3 on this were Adam Bishop, Darren Saddler and Luke Stoltman who all put in really impressive performances.

The final event was the atlas stones, 5 stones ranging from 120kg – 180kg. I’m not known for my stone lifting abilities but I was very pleased with my performance lifting all 5 in a little over 20 seconds, beating some good stone lifters in the process. However, it wasn’t quite enough to hold on to 2nd place overall as Mark beat me by 1 second on the stones and ended up half a point ahead of me overall. Hats off to Mark though… I’ve been competing against him for years and somehow, he’s now the best he’s every been at nearly 50!

Top 5 overall;
1st Eddie Hall
2nd Mark Felix
3rd Laurence Shahlaei
4th Adam Bishop
5th Terry Hollands

Although I didn’t win, I was very pleased with a consistent performance through the events, a new world record and I’ve qualified for my 8th Worlds Strongest Man contest. Going forward, I feel like I can get much stronger and technically better at the events so I’m at my best ever in time for World’s and Europe’s this year. The British Championships has restored my confidence and reminded me that I still have events I can challenge anyone in the world at.

Right now I’m training hard and working on increasing my size with the help of Extreme Nutrition products and nutritional advice from the team, Liam and Doug, as well as improving my events and fitness for my upcoming competitions.

Follow my progress through Facebook (Laurence Shahlaei) and instagram BIGLOZWSM.
Laurence Shahlaei
Strength Extremist

Laurence Shahlaei Britains Strongerst Man 2016 Championships

Laurence Shahlaei Extreme Nutrition sponsored athlete

Journey to the BDFPA British Final

Journey to the BDFPA British final 2016!

So, it’s 4 weeks until the BDFPA British final and my training is going well! I qualified for the BDFPA British final 2 weeks ago, the gym was lovely but it must have been about -2 degrees inside so definitely not the ideal environment to be lifting heavy metal in!

My aim was to do what I needed to qualify and that’s exactly what I did. My total at the qualifier was only 325kg (65kg bench, 120kg squat, 140kg deadlift) but I came away without any injuries which was my main concern in such cold temperatures.

My good friend and fellow Extreme Nutrition athlete Laurence Shahlaei is helping me through my time leading up to the British, there’s not enough time to get stronger but I can definitely improve my technique which will hopefully improve my totals from last year.

So on Thursday I did some deadlifting with resistance bands have any of you tried this? My god, it’s hard work, but awesome for improving your lock out.

For this training session I used the thin black bands and this is how it went….
1×10 with just the Olympic bar
1×5 @ 60kg
1×5 @ 80kg
1×3 @ 100kg
1×3 @ 110kg
1×2 @ 120kg
1×2 @ 130kg
1×2 @ 135kg
1×2 @ 137.5kg
The aim was to work up to a 2RM (rep maximum) with the bands and this was the 137.5kg

The bands were then taken off and then I did 2×5 @ 137.5kg.
The power and speed you produce after using the bands is insane! The lifts were hard but do able!

I then moved on to superset wide grip and underhand chins aiming for 3 x 5 on each grip.

I finished off with some unilateral Seated rows 3×8 with 30kg loaded on each side.

For cardio I did 5 laps with the prowler with 110kg, resting for 60 seconds in between each lap.

What a session! Very challenging but what’s the point if it isn’t a challenge? Definitely worked hard for my Build & Recover!

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Jo Stanger
WDFPA World Champion
NABBA Miss Britain

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