Extreme Nutrition Blog site is here to bring you the latest news and information from Extreme Nutrition. You’ll find news on our products, athletes, events, results and we will also publish articles and advice in this section too.

Extreme Nutrition
have always tried to offer REAL world information, not just anecdotal info or results in labs but a combination of science and personal experiences combined. What should work on paper doesn’t always happen in real life and a controlled environment does not allow for the stresses of daily life. This is where actual experience of using a product or the effect of a workout will show.

We have many athletes who will be posting here regularly, telling the world about their training, diet, competitions, injuries and anything else you guys want to know that they are happy to share.

We will tell you about any new products we have in the pipeline, what they are intended to do and who they are intended to work on.

We hope you enjoy our blog site and hope there is something here you all can benefit from in your own training, diet, competitions and life.