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Christmas Fun without Piling on the Pounds

As the end of the week approaches, I’m eyeing up my calendar and realising that we have no free weekends until next year, and the “social season” approaches. As most of us know, the Christmas Fun season involves lots of food and lots of drink, but it doesn’t always have to mean packing on the pounds! Here are my tips for Christmas Fun that won’t leave you looking (and feeling!) like a Christmas turkey:-

1.   Be the Designated Driver

Most parties involve alcohol, the attitude of “eat, drink and be merry”, and this can mean dangerous empty calories, hangovers leading to letting training and diet slip, and late nights. Having a couple of nights out isn’t the end of the world, but going out every weekend between now and January won’t do wonders for your health, or your waistline. Perhaps take it in turns with friends to be the designated driver for the night- that way, you can have your night out too. My previous article on alcohol and the ill effects might give you a few things to think about that might change your mind about drinking!

2.   Don’t Go Out Hungry

If you are going somewhere where you know there will be food, make sure you eat first if you don’t want to fall victim to the attractive spread of nibbles or the dessert on the menu when you go out or visit people. This includes going to do your shopping- people who go and do their food shopping hungry always buy more than they need, and be sure to bring a list with you!

3.   Bring Emergency Rations

If you know that you will be traveling or you will be out and about for a while, bring some prepared food with you or a protein shake (I love my new Extreme Nutrition Turbo shaker, I can bring more than one scoop around with me!) Never make the excuse in your mind that you are hungry, so “eating a little something that’s naughty is OK”, because you will probably regret it afterwards.

4.   Don’t be Afraid to Say NO!

One thing I cannot stand is when people try to pressure you into eating or drinking something that you do not want. I probably find it a little easier, because I have Crohns Disease and I can explain that certain foods just don’t agree with me. I have been known to tell clients in the past that a little white lie about a food allergy hurts nobody; it prevents the endless questions about your “diet”, and stops people sabotaging what you are doing, whether they mean to or not.

5.   Be Strong

Remember WHY you choose to eat clean- think of all the reasons you want to eat a healthy diet and just remind yourself when you are offered tempting treats and festive nibbles, whether you want to look great, you want to feel great, you want to wear your favourite little black dress this season, you want to make some decent gains through the winter, or otherwise!

~~Elle Mac~~

Christmas Fun without fat

Christmas Fun doesn’t mean you have to add weight.

My six week cutting diet plus quest for fun cardio!

    Six Week Cutting Diet plus quest for fun cardio.

My quest for an entertaining and fun cardio session began last week with cardio in the great outdoors. I was in Southern Ireland for a week, visiting friends and family and watching one of my best friends compete in the RIBBF show in Limerick (big congratulations to Matthew Kelly!).

I have always loved walking outside, however I fear I don’t return as sweaty and feeling like I have worked as hard as when I do other forms of cardio, hence my quest for fun cardio continues. I really enjoy the great outdoors, but perhaps too much. I love taking photographs, taking the time to spend time with nature and dawdling along, waving at the neighbours, more for leisure than beneficial cardiovascular exercise, I think!

The main topic of my blog this week is to talk about the 6 week cutting diet which I start tomorrow. I really haven’t been myself lately and couldn’t train my legs for 9 weeks due to myositis which is caused by my medication.

My eating patterns were erratic and sporadic, sometimes I could only physically manage to eat once or twice a day, and I battled with a flare up of my Crohns disease, leading to vomiting, painful joints and a badly stomach upset.

I feel I have my health under control now, and after my break I feel refreshed and ready to take on the world… In terms of bodybuilding, and also my personal life and my career!

A combination of being more sedentary, poor eating habits, being erratic with taking my nutritional supplements and medication means my off season shape is less “off season” and more relatively toned marshmallow, the cellulite is peeping at me! My clothes are a little too tight and I feel sluggish, heavy and my self esteem is lower than usual.

I had planned a six week cutting diet leading up to the Sportex festival, which saw UKBFF and IFBB athletes compete in Manchester, however it would have been more a hindrance than a help and I just was not physically ready to diet due to my health problems.

However, things are looking up for me, I feel mentally well, physically I’m almost 100% and I’m ready to get back to a lean off season shape.

I’m following my pre contest six week cutting diet, with a couple of minor changes and less cardio. I’m not dieting too “hard” so to speak, as I don’t want to do anything else that could slow down my progress. My cardio regime will begin with 40 minutes 5 days a week, and if I feel I want or need to add a little more then I will.

I also have a long standing fluid retention problem, which I am (finally) going to sort out tomorrow with a trip to the doctor. I am also going to take note of my energy levels and Crohns symptoms to see if they improve.

On that note, I hope to bring you tips for diet, training and in particular the mentality behind weight management. That is what I do as a qualified weight management coach and trainee NLP practitioner, if anyone has any questions through my six week cutting diet, feel free to contact me via

Elle Mac

What can be done on a 6 week cutting diet.

What can be done on a 6 week cutting diet.

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