Gym Etiquette – don’t be “that” person!

This post is for a bit of a giggle – I am sure that the majority of you will be able to relate to at least one of the points on this list when it comes to gym etiquette.

Feel free to share it with your friends- especially if they’re the ones doing these things and you want to give them a subtle hint!

  1. Rerack your weights. One of the things I hate the most is seeing guys go into the gym, loading up the leg press (as an example) with 400kg+, then just walking off. It’s a workout in itself to take off some of those weights! Another annoyance is when people leave their dumbbells or 20kg plates on the floor… people will fall over them, stub their toes, and you’re getting in the way. PUT THEM BACK!
  2. Wipe the machines down if you’re sweating. It might not be “cool” to you to carry a towel, but most gyms have paper towels to accommodate you- wipe your sweat off of the machine and keep it to yourself!
  3. Control your children in the changing rooms. I’m sorry if you are a mother and you find this offensive- but I do not appreciate “little Timmy” climbing all over my clothes and knocking my things on the floor while you’re happily blow drying your hair. Please… if you insist on bringing your children to the gym with you, consider the people around you!
  4. Keep your eyes to yourself. Staring at a another gym member while they work out is NOT a good, if you are “admiring” a member of the opposite sex, quite frankly they will just think you are a creepy pervert. Focus on yourself, and stop staring, or why not try and start a conversation?
  5. Leave your mobile phone behind! If you sit on the machine you are using between sets and are using the phone try to remember, there are people trying to train…who don’t want to listen to your conversation! You should be training hard enough that you can’t chat anyway and if you feel like chatting in the gym it shows you aren’t that serious 😉
  6. Don’t leave ridiculously long rest periods, or hog equipment. I understand that you rest between sets… but I have seen people sit there for 7-8 minutes (sometimes longer), while texting, looking around and seemingly oblivious to the fact that people are waiting to use the equipment.
  7. Wear appropriate clothing. I say no more…
  8. Don’t drop your weights. This is my personal hate… when you are chest pressing and you decide to throw your dumbbells across the floor and you look like you’ve just torn a rotator cuff as a result, you look like an idiot… not like a cool guy/girl who can lift heavy weights. I have had a 20kg dumbbell come dangerously close to my foot and the guy got a serious telling off in front of his friends!
  9. If you are sick, stay at home. Please keep your cold, flu and other ailments to yourself. Coughing sneezing and spluttering all over other people and equipment is no way to make friends!
  10. Wash yourself. There is nothing worse than that horrendous gut wrenching whiff of BO… just get clean and stay clean! There is no excuse!
  11. Don’t talk about other people who are training, mind your own business unless you are going to say something kind and remember not everyone wants advice, no matter how good it is.

~Elle Mac~

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