Supplements used by me and why I use them is not an information sheet or an analysis of each product or supplement – there are loads more advantages to using them than I have listed here. This is a very personal blog and I am focusing on the reasons I use them myself. You may use them for different reasons, or not use them for different reasons!

I am quite unique as I have Inflammatory Bowel Disease and a suppressed immune system. At the moment I cannot exercise much due to complications with my health, but the regime below barely changes at all when I am training.

  1. Extreme Nutrition Pure L-Glutamine

I have listed this first, because I consider this to be my number one all round essential supplement. L-Glutamine is an amino acid that has been proven to reduce IBD symptoms (amongst other things). It aids in the repair of damaged cells within your intestine, and is a precursor for synthesis of certain antioxidants which appear to play a role in protecting intestinal cells from inflammation. I take it by adding a teaspoon and a half of powder to protein shakes or fresh vegetable or fruit juices, 3 times a day. It really doesn’t taste of anything in a protein shake.

The other reason I take glutamine is because over 65% of human muscle tissue is made up of glutamine. It seems absurd to me NOT to take it! It’s many advantages for bodybuilders and those who train to build muscle, or train in endurance and take part in long bouts of training can be seen under the product description at

During recent months when the conditions within my body have been essentially catabolic, especially during the time I was taking corticosteroids, I continued to take L-Glutamine and while I see some muscle loss from illness, I have seen less than expected.

L-Glutamine could be the most important amino acid to humans.

L-Glutamine makes up 65% of skeletal muscle and also forms your stomach lining.

  1. Extreme Nutrition Pro-6

I have used this protein powder now since 2011 when I first started training. It is really essential for me and my diet, especially at the moment, as it allows me to consume protein in an easy to digest form when I’m not feeling too well. I absolutely love the fact that Pro 6 leaves you feeling full up all day; making it great for dieting. I would not have been able to achieve what I did before without it! I have lost 15lbs recently (healthily) and have used Pro 6 throughout. It also helps to keep me on track during times of cravings as it tastes so good! It can be drank as a shake with water, and also tastes great with almond milk. I also freeze mine into ice moulds, or blend it in a jug blender with loads of ice- it tastes amazing! It also means things never get boring. I also find this blend excellent for cooking with due to it’s flavour and it isn’t full of rubbish and thickeners. This was the first protein powder I had tried in many years that did not make me feel ill. I am a massive fan of it and I cannot recommend it enough. I also use Pro 6 before I go to bed. It is easy on my stomach, it settles straight away and never causes bloating or gas. You can read the nutritional information and ingredients on the website which only add to why I love it so much!

Extreme Nutrition Pro-6

Extreme Pro-6 is a blend of 6 different protein sources which make a high protein shake,

  1. Extreme Nutrition Whey

This is my essential morning supplement, as it is a quick release protein. The Extreme Nutrition Whey is a blend of 3 different whey protein sources which gives it a superior amino acid profile. As outlined above, this product also tastes great and I love it for cooking with. It is a little more expansive when cooking, so I only use it in certain recipes. I find that Extreme Whey is really easy to digest, and at the moment I sometime use whey throughout the day too if I need to boost up my calories.

Extreme Nutrition Extreme Whey

The Best tasting and easiest mixing shake available.

  1. Extreme BCA-311 (BCAA’s)

I take Extreme Aminos all year round. I found them great during dieting to prevent muscle loss, and find that they are essential for me when I am suffering a relapse too. Extreme BCA-311 also helps assist in protein synthesis, and I am doing my best to help my body in any way I can! Extreme BCA-311 taken in free form tablet like the ones I take are rapidly absorbed into the bloodstream and do not stress the digestive system. Branch Chain Amino Acids are the building blocks of protein, so it makes total sense to me to improve the amino acid profile of my food by taking supplements.

    Extreme BCA-311 are an excellent source of branched chain amino acids

    Branched chain amino acids are an anti catabolic amino acid.

  1. Build and Recover

I absolutely love my post workout shake! Extreme Build & Recover makes training worthwhile, and saves messing about with working out how many sugars and how much protein I need in separate foods or drinks. I also use this product because it doesn’t just contain protein and carbohydrates- it contains KR-Evolution which I use anyway, and HMB which promotes muscle growth. Not only that but HMB is actually used to treat some medical conditions, to treat weakness, and aid in weight loss. I use this product post workout, after weight training.

    Extreme Build & Recover

    Extreme Build & Recover is the perfect post excercise recovery drink.

  1. Extreme CLA

This cheap and cheerful supplement is brilliant. Anyone who follows me on Facebook or twitter will note that I struggled a couple of months back with weight gain due to being unwell… but I am sure that taking CLA has prevented fat gain. It is shown to help regulate blood sugar levels which is another reason why I use it.

    Extreme CLA is great for weight management

    Conjugated Linoleic Acid has been proven to aid weight loss.

  1. Krevolution-X

I spent the majority of my adult life to date being a hater of creatine. This is due to a massive lack of understanding, and a bad experience. I use Krevolution-X because kre-alkalyn is a PH neutral creatine, and I have found that it has NO side effects! No bloating, no cramps, and there is no need for cycling or loading. I also take this all year round when I am training.

    The benefits of creatine without the downside.

    Extreme Krevolution-X is the side effect free creatine.

  1. Vitamin C

Due to my medication my immune system is quite frankly on the floor. I am susceptible to all sorts of illnesses and infections, so I take a Vitamin C supplement. I take quite a high dose and take it all year round. Vitamin C is antioxidant, which I also consider of paramount importance in my diet. A lot of clients I work with are deficient in Vitamin C or suffer the symptoms of Vitamin C deficiency and find massive improvements when they add it into their supplement regime.

  1. Omega 3’s

I consider this another one of my most essential supplements along with glutamine. Most people take in more omega 6’s than omega 3’s: which can be pro inflammatory in an incorrect balance. I take them to reduce inflammation, to reduce joint pain and arthritis symptoms, to reduce depression symptoms and to help reduce cortisol levels in my body.

  1. Calcium with Vitamin D

I don’t take much dairy in my diet, because I am simply intolerant of it. I eat goats cheese, and make my own yoghurt which I find I also tolerate. However, I still take extra calcium to assist with my hormonal balance and prevent fat storage, amongst other reasons.

  1. B Vitamin Complex

I am often deficient in Vitamin B and sometimes I have to have injections at the doctors for it. Day to day, I take a B Complex tablet. Each B Vitamin has its own benefit: including easing stress, depression, increasing energy levels, and assisting protein metabolism. These are all ticking the boxes that are essential for my personal goals!

There are another couple of other supplements used by me that won’t really be relevant to most people, such as slippery elm and green capsules (for micronutrients). I have outlined the bulk of what I take above however, and if anyone wants to get in touch then feel free.

~Elle Mac~

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