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New markets and the shrinking World

New markets are opening all the time as the world seems to shrink, it’s crazy with modern technology how we can potentially reach everyone on the planet with the use of mobile technology and computing. It’s so easy nowadays, we are all able to speak to, and even see, friends and family all round the world easily from our own hands. We are also able to travel the planet more cost effectively too which enables us to find new customers all over God’s green Earth.

Thanks to us attending FIBO each year for the last 4 years we now have distributors in Norway, Finland, Greece, Germany, Norway, Greece, Australia and now we have an export partner for the Middle East.

Having the opportunity to sell our products overseas is a great, knowing the brand is being recognised as a quality product and people overseas want to buy Extreme Nutrition is a great feeling for all of us at the factory.

Adapting for new markets and territories also bring along their own unique demands with us now printing labels in multiple languages and now also for the Middle East we must be fully Halal and Kosher Certified too.

We now have this accreditation, we think we’re the one of the first UK brands to have full Halal Certification which can be seen here – HALAL AND KOSHER CERTIFICATE.

Extreme Nutrition products have always been made with the finest, cleanest ingredients. We have used a form of Stevia in our new formulas which has been extracted from the plant WITHOUT the use of an alcoholic agent unlike many rival brands which would mean that product cannot be Halal certified.

We have been making changes to all our formulas so we are legally compliant in new markets. This means Extreme Nutrition products contain no aspartame any more. We have new and improved packaging which the upgraded 2015 products will appear in very soon with security tear off strips in the lid of the powders. This means they cannot be opened without the tear off strip being removed, no other supplement company has gone as far as this to ensure our packaging is tamper evident.

Keep you’re eyes peeled for our improved range, after all you don’t want to allow your rivals an unfair advantage!


Shoulder workout by Hunni Glanville IFBB Pro Bodybuilder

Here is my shoulder workout as promised.

I woke up this morning at 4.30am for 60 minutes cardio then went to work for the day. 4pm arrived and it was time for my shoulder workout followed by calve training and then followed by 45 minutes of cardiovascular training – again!

My shoulder workout was as follows:

Light shoulder machine press 3 x 30 reps

Hammer strength shoulder press
1) 2 plates side – 15 reps
2) 3 plates side – 12
3) 4 plates side – 10 then dropped to 2 plates – 10 reps

Dumbbell side lateral raises
1) 10kg – 20
2) 15kg – 15
3) 20kg – 10
4) 20kg – 10

20kg disc front raise – 4 x 15 reps

Barbell shrugs
1) 100kg – 15
2) 140kg – 15
3) 180kg – 10
4) 180kg – 10

I am adding some more drop sets in this year to add more detail to my physique and when doing drop set I do the lighter weight very slowly spending more time under tension. This has given me a very different look this year in terms of hardness, which is something I am really trying to nail this year.

Standing calve raises – 4 sets 20 reps

Seated calve raises – 4 sets 20-30

45 minute treadmill walk at incline of 7 trying to target my glutes/hamstring tie in this year. This does not come easy for most people, including me! So this has to be worked on, it is now an area the judges are looking at more and more as it becomes more commonly seen on competitors. Like everything in bodybuilding, things are changing all the time and expectations from those on stage become greater year after year.

The shoulders should never be overlooked or underestimated, they are seen from the front, the side and the rear, no matter what body part you are being asked to show the judges. A good shoulder workout is imperative in building big deltoids which add to the width of your physique and play a big part in the illusion of size that is needed to make your shoulders look wider and in turn give the illusion of a smaller waist, thus accentuating your V-taper.

Never sacrifice good form for a bigger weight in a shoulder workout, the shoulder is an open joint with 360 degree rotation due to it being an open joint. This makes the shoulders more susceptible to injury of the muscles and tendons that hold it all together.

Shoulder injuries are all to common and are often misdiagnosed due to the number of things that can possibly go wrong.

Hunni Glanville IFBB Pro.

Hunni side delt training

Protein powder, the advantages and who should use it and when.

Protein powder, the advantages and who should use it and when.

    These days more and more people go to the gym, everyone is after better health and a better body. This may be a fashion it may be in response to the rise of pseudo celebrities or may be that people are taking their long term health more seriously. Whatever the reason you will have heard of protein powder and protein shakes. There are all sorts of supplements available and they are getting more and more popular as a supplement across a wide spectrum of people.

    You can get protein powder from a multitude of sports shops, health food shops and on various supplement stores online. You can get powders, liquids and tablets. But what are they? What are they used for? And who do they benefit?

    Well we can answer those questions one at a time.

    What Are Protein Powders?

    Well in a nutshell protein powder is an easy way to get protein into your body. When you are training regularly protein is important to help build and maintain muscle. The most popular types of protein powder you can get are Whey and protein blends often incorporating Soy Isolate, Calcium Caseinate (casein), Whey Hydrolosate, Milk Protein isolate and now Beef Protein Isolate or Hydrolosate too.

    Whey is by far the most popular of all protein powder, it mixes easy in water so it is easy to shake and take, it is a complete protein so includes the 9 amino acids a human needs in their diet and its widely available and can be cost effective.

    When you look around at all the protein powders available you will see a huge range both in product and price. Some will have specific uses or types of athlete and if you are one of these types then you should go for the specific one that suits your circumstances. However the vast majority of users are just general keep fitters and they have no need for products with specific benefits.

    So when do you need to take protein powder?

    Well you can use them any time when you are looking to build and maintain muscle, but a balanced diet with lots of meat and fish is also very important but for convenience, vegetarians or those who lack much appetite then they are definitely a good way to go.

    If you have competitions coming up and are increasing your levels of exercise, if you are growing still (thinking teens here mainly), if you are increasing your normal program or starting a new regime or maybe if you are on the way to recovery from an injury then these would all be situations where you could benefit from extra protein.

    If you are going vegetarian or vegan especially then it is more difficult to get the required protein from your diet so a protein powder supplement may be a great idea to bolster your protein input.


    So let’s look at what your body needs;

    As an average athlete who just exercises recreationally you needs at least 0.5 grams per pound of body weight. If you are competitive that goes up to circa 1.0 grams, the same as you need as a teenager and still growing. If you’re goals are purely building muscle then 1.5 grams per pound of body weight is our recommendation.

    So the trick is to calculate your average weekly intake and then work out what you need and if there is a shortfall then protein powder might be for you. You can usually tell as you are tired and you feel week when lifting weights or carrying out other forms of exercise.

    We would recommend taking a protein supplement before or straight after exercise due to you breaking down muscle tissue during intense exercise, this is what lifting does to your muscles, breaks the tissues (hence the pain in the following days!), only for the body to repair these tissues making them thicker – this is where the size comes from, and what is needed for making these fibres thicker? Amino Acids which come from where? Protein!

    Extreme Whey is a high quality protein powder.

    There are many different kinds of protein powder, this is Extreme Whey by Extreme Nutrition.

Training Progress from IFBB Pro Hunni Glanville

Hello everyone, I wanted to give you all a training progress update as to what’s been happening since my last showing at the IFBB Toronto Pro 2014 where I placed 13th.

I have continued to train hard and keep to a decent off season body weight as I want to try and slip into the 212 class this year. After Toronto I had two weeks off training then went straight back to 3 cardio sessions per week and prioritising my week areas which were

  • Upper leg development
  • More detail in the midsection with the added benefit of controlling it between poses as this was picked up during one of my guest spots.
  • More calf development

With these goals in mind I remained focused on trying to achieve my goal of qualifying for the Mr. Olympia 2015.

Since the start of my diet in December 2014 I have taken regular training progress pictures every four weeks to see the changes as I go along and makes me stay focus on targeting the week points. I am also back to keeping a training progress diary this year like I did when living in Scotland.

With how has the training progress has gone so far, I feel I am I on target.

Having increased my calories this time round and using food as a major tool to build muscle and stay fuller as opposed to looking flat at my current body weight. I feel I have a very different look this year and am very confident going into this this years pro shows.

Training has gone really well and my split looks like this

Monday am fasted cardio 45 minutes – PM Upper leg 40 minutes cardio

Tuesday am fasted cardio 45 minutes – PM Shoulders and calves 30 minutes HIIT

Wednesday am fasted cardio 60 minutes – PM core 45 minutes cardio

Thursday am 30 minutes HIIT – PM back and triceps 30 HIIT

Friday am 45 minutes fasted cardio – PM Hamstring n calves 40 minutes cardio

Saturday am 45 minutes fasted cardio – PM chest n biceps 40 minutes cardio

Sunday am 60 minutes fasted cardio

My current body weight is 16st 12lb with two weeks to go for a photo shoot that I booked last year.


Following this shoot I will be at Body Power with Extreme Nutrition then it will be contest time. This is why I have started dieting this far out as well to be able to be used by Extreme for guest appearances ans seminars.

Keep following me to see my nutrition plan for this year and my Training Progress through my contest prep I am doing for this year.

IFBB Pro Hunni Glanville.

Where has Lynsey Beattie been for the past nine months?

After placing 5th at the Bodypower Pro Bodybuilding Contest looking the best I ever have with more muscle mass, better shape and condition, I was on a roll to get back to the gym and look at doing my next comp.  But anyone who knows Lynsey Beattie will know I don’t have the best luck in world, and literally after coming off stage fell pregnant within weeks – not sure how really as I had no bloody estrogen in my body, but like I said my luck.  

Pregnancy was not on my mind at all with having 3 kids already I really didn’t want to put myself through another one, plus I was in the process of moving from Liverpool to Northamptonshire to start my new life with Aarron Lambert. Now that was a big step in its self moving in with Aarron, to then have a baby Lambo is maybe a bit much! Anyway we decided that we should take the step and the growing belly began.

My plans were simple really eat well, train all the way up and enjoy the journey,  hmmmm enjoy the journey, well it was a journey that was for sure.  Before I knew I was pregnant I fell down the stairs and ripped my glute muscle and I was mm from a broken back I also had to have 2 x-rays, which you shouldn’t have if your pregnant but obviously I didn’t no I was. I was also booked in for my routine smear test which again is something else you shouldn’t have done if your pregnant.  So the first couple of months were a bit risky, then I moved to the sickness part of the pregnancy, although I wasn’t sick I had the nauseous feeling and smells made me queasy but I prefer that to having my head down the loo.  I was feeling fine and dandy and was still training pretty hard, I no my limits and adjusted my training accordingly to suit my condition.

Stresses of moving to a new house, in a new county, moving the kids to a new house and school, and being pregnant and hormonal was bad enough then living with Aarron was a whole new stress in itself.  But that’s a new blog altogether!

I trained till about 5 months then I started to feel not so secure lifting weights and a condition I had with the twins came back with this one, where the hormones in the body produce a hormone called relaxing and this causes the ligaments to loosen up and sometimes they relax too much and with me my pelvis split which was quite debilitating, as time goes on this progressively gets worse to the point were u are unable to walk properly get up and down stairs, in and out of cars, just everyday things are difficult.

IFBB Pro Lynsey Beattie

Lynsey Beattie Extreme Reload

Lynsey posing with 2 pistols for an Extreme Reload advert

3 weeks to the BDFPA British finals…..Jo Stanger (NABBA Miss Britain/Power Lifter)

So, on Sunday it was 3 weeks until I compete in the BDFPA British finals and today was my last heavy set of deadlifts.

I have been thinking about this training session all week, thinking I was going to struggle with the weight I was expected to lift, I need to learn to psych myself up not


as I do sometimes.

Anyway today’s dead lifts were;

1 x 2 @ 120kg

1 × 1 @ 130kg,

1 × 1 @ 145kg,

1 × 1 @ 152.5kg

1 × 5 @ 130kg

I’m wanting to lift 160kg at the finals, I think this is achievable I just need to remember to use my legs more and to keep my chest up during my lifts.

Proper form is really important with this movement, there is too much that can potentially go wrong with this one to try and be gung ho so training with strict for is important as that is what you should automatically fall into during the competition.

My diet is clean, it always is, I don’t believe in getting fat to have to try and diet any time I want to wear a nice dress or have something to go to like a wedding. I have kept my cardio going all the way through my strength training for the British Finals, I believe it helps me recover better and also keeps me fit too which may not be important to some but it is to me.

I will taking my usual Extreme Nutrition, Pro-6, Build & Recover, Krevolution-X, BCA-311 and Glutamine Complex.

I will be training at my regular House of Pain, Pro Strength in Swindon and with my regular training partner Worlds Strongest Man Finalist Laurence Shahlaei. Pro Strength is the Mecca for strength athletes of all disciplines, power lifting, body building and strongman, with many very good strength athletes and champion body builders calling Pro Strength home.

Jo Stanger

Last heavy squat session – Jo Stanger (NABBA Miss Britain/BDFPA Champion)

OK so I’ve just finished my last heavy squat session before the BDFPA British finals a week on Saturday I’m feeling strong and positive. I’m quite surprised in many ways because I am also focusing on getting lean too (for FIBO), as will be working on the booth with Extreme Nutrition for 4 days AND staying strong is looking more achievable than I thought it may be!

Here’s how it went:
Warm up & mobility stretches then….

1 Set x 10 with just the Olympic bar to warm up and get into the groove of the movement
1 Set x 8 @ 40kg
1 Set x 4 @ 60kg
1 Set x 2 @ 80kg
1 Set x 2 @ 100kg
1 Set x 1 @ 102.5kg
Then it should have been 1 x 1 @ 105kg heavy squat, but instead I did 2 reps the first one felt easy so why not go for a second?

I followed this by some assistance / speed work to drill in the explosive movements needed for the big day.  My assistance work included leg press,  deadlifts, pull throughs, leg extensions followed by leg curl, oh and not to forget a weighted plank too for core strength and ancillary muscles which will help with stability and balance.


I am still doing cardio, not really a done thing on the run in to a power lifting contest, but as I said I need to be in shape to allow to look good in a crop top and booty shorts for FIBO. So right now I’m stronger than I’ve ever been and my fitness has not suffered – if anything it is better than it has been for a while so I am feeling confident and happy with the way my preparation has gone so far.

And, I am pleased the way I am looking considering I’m dieting but still eating enough to give me enough energy to push myself in the gym.

It just goes to show you can do anything with the proper planning.

Jo Stanger.
NABBA Miss Britain
BDFPA British Champion

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