I’m starting my WDFPF World Championship preparation I thought it time to change my training cycle a little.

I’m still lifting heavy every session however, not crazy heavy, just up to 80% of my 1RM (one rep max). I find working at this weight is helping me increase my strength and my confidence in each of the power lifting disciplines, the Squat, Deadlift and Bench Press. You need to be accustomed to having big weights on the bar to be confident in peaking in competition.

I have set myself a little challenge though, just to keep things interesting, nothing power lifting related really – I want to do at least 1 rep with 60kg on the overhead press! Today I managed 2 reps at 55kg. Watch this space! Possibly a strong woman in the making 😉

In Preparation for the WDFPF World Championships I need to keep an eye on my bodyweight as I push to increase my strength and juggle with allowing myself enough calories to get stronger without really getting any bigger, by that I mean gaining body fat.

If I do put on any fat it means dieting whilst trying to gain strength, not particularly easy because as any of you who have had to diet for anything in the past will know it is not particularly easy to gain while on restricted calories or dieting.

I do eat really well all year and after years of bodybuilding I know which foods work well with my physiology and which ones don’t so I’m quite lucky in that way when it comes to constructing my diet.

I will be taking my usual selection of Extreme Nutrition products like Build & Recover, Krevolution-X, Pro-6 and the best answer to DOMS in the world, Glutamine Complex.

I will keep you all posted on my progress as the event draws closer and my nerves start to fray!

Jo deadlift