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Powerlifting World Championships – last week!

So one more week of training to go, this week was my last week of hard, intense training. What an adventure this has been I still don’t think it has sank in I’m competing in the WDFPF World Powerlifting Championships on the 31st October!

Like everyone who will be competing I’d love to win but I think the fact that I have already won a British powerlifting title, broken a British record and qualified for the world championships within my first year of powerlifting it pretty good going!

Jo Stanger deadlifting

Jo performing a deadlift for the camera with a light weight.

Anyway he’s how my last heavy week of training went:

Monday: Squats
5 minutes warming up on the cross trainer and mobility work
1×10 with just the Olympic bar
1×5 @ 60kg
1×3 @ 80kg
1×1 @ 100kg
2×2 @ 115kg – I have doubled 115kg quite a few months ago however I have never done 2 doubles in a session so kind of a personal best.

Leg press: 3×8 @ 260kg

Box squats: 5×3 @ 70kg – these did use to be a struggle but felt surprisingly comfortable today.

Walking lunges: 3×8 @ 22.5kg

Leg Ext (super set with leg curl)
2×20 @ 35kg
2×10 @ 25kg

Leg curl: 3×8 @ 60kg

30 seconds with 25kg on my back
30 seconds with 15kg on my back
30 seconds with no added weight

Oblique plank: 2 x 30 seconds each side.

Tuesday: Bench
1×10 with just the Olympic bar
1×8 @ 40kg
1×4 @ 50kg
1×2 @ 60kg
1×3 @ 67.5kg
1×2 @ 70kg
1x 1 @ 72.5kg
1×1 @ 75kg – PB! Absolutely over the moon with how this felt.
3×3 @ 80kg with slingshot.

Paused bench: 2×5 @ 60kg

Incline bench:
2×3 @ 50kg
3×3 @ 52.5kg

Shallow incline DB bench press:
1×8 @ 15kg
4×5 @ 20kg
1×5 @ 22.5kg

Dips: with an extra 5kg added around my waist: 3×10

Seated row: wide grip
2×6 @ 40kg
1×12 @ 40kg

Russian twist with legs raised: 2×10 each side with a 12.5kg dumbell

Rower sprints:
30 second sprint
30 second rest for 6 minutes.

Wednesday: Early morning cardio 🙁 currently weighing 70.4kg first thing I’m aiming to weight in at 68kg on the morning of the competition. No time to waste!

Thursday: Deadlifts
Today my aim is to get comfortable and confident with 160kg of I can increase the weight slightly, if 160kg feels good then I will do however as my competition is only just over 2 weeks away I don’t want to be getting injured so it’s important I listen to my body. So after my normal warm up routine here’s what I did:
1×10 with just the Olympic bar
1×6 @ 70kg
1×3 @ 90kg
1×3 @ 110kg
1×1 @ 130kg
1×1 @ 140kg
1×1 @ 150kg
1×1 @ 160kg – this felt good however I decided to Leave it here for today my body was tired so I moved on to my speed work.

Speed deads:
3×3 @ 130kg
3×2 @ 130kg

Bent over row: 3×5 @ 70kg

Stiff leg deadlifts: 3×5 @ 90kg

Chins (underhand grip with an extra 5kg added around my waist); Aim 3×5 – Achieved 6/5/5

Good mornings: 3×5 @ 70kg

Power shrugs: 3×5 @ 120kg

Dorsal raises: 3×8 @ 10kg

Friday: Early morning cardio 🙁

My next post will be to tell you how I got on!

Jo Stanger

WDFPF World Championships – Final 2 weeks Preparation

So it’s only 3 weeks now until the WDFPF World Championships in Gela Sicily, 2 1/2 weeks until I travel to Italy and only 2 weeks of training left.

I can’t believe how fast time is flying up to the World Championships, it’s can only mean one thing….I’m having lots of fun lifting heavy!

This is how this fun packed week of training went…..

Warming up with some mobility work, dynamic stretching and 5-10 minutes on the bike follows by…
1×10 with just the Olympic bar
1×5 @ 60kg
1×3 @ 80kg
1×1 @ 95kg
1×3 @ 105kg
1×3 @ 107.5kg
1×3 @ 110kg – check out my Facebook page (Joanne Stanger) or my instagram page (Joanne.stanger) for the video of this set with the support of  2 x Britain’s Strongest Man and fellow Extreme athlete, Laurence Shahlaei.

Leg press:
2×5 @ 225kg
2×5 @ 275kg
1×12 @ 275kg

Box squats:
4×3 @ 67.5kg
1×3 @ 70kg

Walking lunges:
3×8 @ 22.5kg

Leg ext (superset with leg curl)
2×20 @ 45kg
1×10 @ 35kg

Leg curl:
3×8 @ 50kg

30 seconds with 25kg on my back
30 seconds with 15kg on my back
30 seconds with no added weight

Bench Press
1×10 with just the Olympic bar
1×8 @ 40kg
1×4 @ 50kg
1×2 @ 60kg
2×5 @ 65kg

Paused bench: 2×5 @ 55kg

Incline bench press: Aim: 2×5 @ 55kg – Achieved: 1×4 1×5

Shallow incline DB bench press: 5×5 @ 20kg with 30 seconds in between each set.

Dips with an additional 5kg around my waist: 3×10 (finally achieved!)

Seated row: 3×5 @ 50kg

Dorsal raises: 3×8 @ 10kg

After my warm up and mobility work my deadlifts went as follows…
1×6 @ 70kg
1×3 @ 90kg
1×2 @ 110kg
1×1 @ 130kg
1×1 @ 140kg
1×2 @ 160kg

Followed by speed deadlifts, this week I used wrist wraps to save my hands, they were a bit torn up and sore from doubling 160kg and I used the conventional overhand grip for a change:
3×3 @ 132.5kg

Bent over row: 3×5 @ 67.5kg

Stiff leg deadlifts: 3×5 @ 87.5kg

Chins (underhand grip with an extra 5kg added around my waist): 3×5

Good mornings: 3×5 @ 67.5kg

Power shrugs: 3×5 @ 117.5kg

Dorsal raises: 3×8 @ 10kg

Push press
1×10 with just the Olympic bar
1×6 @ 25kg
1×4 @ 30kg
1×2 @ 40kg
3×3 @ 50kg

Chins – wide grip with assistance band

Standing dumbell shoulder press: 5×5 @ 15kg

Seated side raises: 3×8 @ 5kg

Rear deltpid cable flyes: 3×10 @ 7.5kg

Front raises: 3×10 @ 7.5kg

Upright row: 3×10 with a 20kg plate

Face pulls using cables: 3×10 @ 40kg

Superset 1 & 2
1) Incline DB curls:
3×10 @ 10kg
2) Over head Triceps extensions with the rope attachment on the cables:
3×12 @ 30kg

1) Cable hammer curls on the cables
3×12 @ 30kg
2) Closet grip Tricep press
3×5 @ 25kg

1) Laying cable curls
1×15 @ 25kg
1×10 @ 30kg
1×8 @ 35kg

2) Tricep rope press – 3×12 @ 5kg

As usual I’ve been training with WSM Finalist Laurence Shahlei at Pro Strength in Swindon, supplements from Extreme Nutrition and my diet is very strict now too.

Jo squat with logo WEB

WDFPF World Finals, 3 weeks of squats, dead lifts and bench press to go!

As the competition is looming ever closer the sets for my assistance work for the bench, squat and deadlift have been decreased to allow my body sufficient time to recover from my main workload. I only have another 3 weeks of training left before the WDFPF WORLD FINALS in Sicily!

However, the weights on the reduced sets/reps will still increase slightly for the next 3 weeks of training to ensure that strength is these areas is maintained as I continue to progress in the three competition lifts.

As for my push pressing I have reduced the weight for my actual over head press to ensure I am fully recovered for when my benching session comes around, to help reduce the risk of fatigue and injury especially being so close to THE WDFPF WORLD FINALS! Yikes!

Bench Press on a Flat bench:
1×10 with just the Olympic bar
1×8 @ 40kg
1×4 @ 50kg
2×5 @ 62.5kg

Paused bench press: (pausing for 2 seconds with the bar making contact with your chest holding the bar still) 2×5 @ 52.5kg

Incline bench press: 2×5 @ 52.5kg

Shallow incline DB chest press: 8×8 @ 20kg

Dips:- (+5kg around my waist) Aim 3 x 10; Achieved 10/10/8

Seated closet grip row: 3 x 8 @ 40kg

Over head Tricep press: 3 x 10 @ 20kg (Dumbells)

Tuesday: Squats!
Squat day is my favourite day! I feel like I’m moving forward and progressing with my strength and technique when it comes to squatting. Here’s what I did today!

After my warm up of 5 minutes on the cross trainer and mobility work;
1×10 with just the Olympic bar
1×5 @ 65kg
1×3 @ 80kg
1×2 @ 90kg
2×5 @ 102.5kg – I had asked someone to record this for you guys to watch however the guy only took a photo so I had to re-do my last set so I actually did
3 x 5 @ 102.5kg

Box squats: 4 x 3 @ 67.5kg

Leg press: today I used a different leg press at Pro Strength just for a bit of variety! 3 x 8 – 10 @ 240kg

Leg extensions: 1 x 10 @ 7 blks (approx 35kg), 2 x 20 @ 9 blks (approx 45kg)

Plank: in a press up position with my hands on a medicine ball on the floor and my arms extended out….45 seconds with 10kg plate on my back; 45 seconds with no weight on my back! Holy shit this was hard!

I did this plank again however the second time around my feet were raised on a exercise block. I don’t want to do this in a rush again 😉

Thursday – Push press; Last week I didn’t quite achieve my set weight/rep/set target so the weight/rep/set range stayed the same.
Here’s how this session went….
1×10 with just the bar
1×5 @ 25kg
1×3 @ 30kg
1×2 @ 40kg
1×2 @ 50kg
1×2 @ 62.5kg
Aim: 3-4 x 3 @ 50kg (focusing more on speed) Achieved 5×3 @ 50kg

Chins: wide grip with assistance band – Aim: 3 x 10-12; Achieved: 12/12/10

Jo Stanger chinning

training her back by doing chins

Standing alternate DB shoulder press: 5×5 @ 15kg

Side raises: 3 x 8 @ 7.5kg

Rear delt flyes: 3 x 8 @ 7.5kg

Front raises: 3 x 8 @ 7.5kg

Upright row: 2 x 15 with a 20kg plate

Facepulls: 3 x 10 @ 50kg

Tricep push down: 3 x 12 @ 25kg

Decline Dumbell skull crushers: 3 x 10 @ 7.5kg

Russian twist with feet lifted off the floor: 2 x 10 with a 12.5kg dumbell

Deadlifts – Today’s workout started the same as the rest of my deadlift sessions with a 5 minute pulse raiser followed by mobility work and stretching and then….
1×10 @ 60kg
1×5 @ 80kg
1×3 @ 110kg
1×1 @ 135kg
1×2 @ 150kg
3×3 @ 125kg

Bent over row: 3×5 @ 65kg

Stiff leg dead lifts: 3×5 @ 85kg

Chins (under hand grip with am extra 5kg added around my waist); 3×5

Good mornings: 3×5 @ 65kg

Power shrugs: 3×5 @ 115kg

Dorsal raises: 3×8 with an added 10kg.

I’m still doing cardio, I still have to make weight my weight class at the WDFPF WORLD FINALS so need to stay really tight on that front. Diet and nutrition are unchanged, clean diet and Extreme Nutrition supplements as always.

I’ve trained all the way through with Worlds Strongest Man Finalist Laurence Shahlei and he has pushed me harder than I thought I could manage so it does go to show that having a good training partner or coach can make a HUGE difference to your end results.

Until next week,

Jo S.

Brachial UK Athletes looking good

Extreme Nutrition import the Brachial clothing ling from Germany, the products are awesome and are of very high quality and look great, very similar to early GASP was when we first brought that into the UK in 2005.


Brachial is not too in your face with crazy logos, no big monkeys or cartoon bodybuilders here! Brachial lets your physique grab the attention rather than the clothes your wearing!


Here are three British athletes sponsored byBrachial who we think are looking great head to toe in Brachial clothing, perfect for looking good in the street and training hard in the gym.

The gentleman who is in the video, who really shouldn’t need much in the way of an introduction is the owner of MaxxMuscle Gym in Hetton le Hole, Durham, IFBB Pro Anth Bailes;

And this rather large athlete is Worlds Strongest Man finalist Laurence Shahlei. Laurence is competing this month (October 2015) in a powerlifting event which is something new for him but we think he’ll do OK!

Next up we have none other than USN Athlete Dave Titterton who was second in the professional Mr.Universe competition on 31-10-2015 in Southport. Dave looked great but winner Tony Mount looked spectacular!

Dave T - not in the gym to be average!

Dave Titterton in Destroyer Hoodie and shorts by Brachial.

Loz Shahlei Brachial UK

Brachial UK strength legend looking good

Dave Titterton wear a Brachial Train Tank top

Dave Titterton in a Brachial “Train” hooded tank

With new Brachial clothing and accessories coming onto stock all the time, their range is growing quickly but they are not cutting any corners on quality or design.

They have released flip flops, a new sports bag, heavy duty lifting straps, training belts and a selection of new baseball hats in the last week which will be in stock in the United Kingdom and available to order withing the next week to ten days we expect, so watch this space.

Bench Press training for the WDFPF Finals

There’s only 3 weeks to go until the WDFPF ( take place in Sicily and I represent Great Britain.

I’ve trained my arse off with the help of Worlds Strongest Man finalist, Laurence Shahlei, who is happy with my progress after he’s pushed me hard for the last couple of months.

Last weeks training was as follows;

Bench Press
1 x 10 with just the Olympic bar
1 x 6 @ 40kg
1 x 3 @ 50kg
2 x 6 @ 60kg

Paused bench press:
2 x 5 @ 50kg

Incline Bench press: (using the Olympic bar)
2 x 5 @ 50kg

Shallow incline dumbell chest press:
Aim 8 x 8 @ 15kg – 17.5kg
Achieved 3 x 8 @ 20kg Dumbells
3 x 5 @ 17.5kg dumbells with 30 seconds rest in between each set.

Dips: Aim 3 x 10 with an extra 5kg added around my waist. Achieved: 9/8/7 then 1 x 6 with no extra weight.

Seated row: 3 x 6 @ 50kg

Over head Seated dumbell press: Aim: 3 x 10-15 @ 20kg Achieved: (12/12/10)

Close grip press: 3 x 6 @ 7.5kg on each side of Olympic bar

Russian twist: 2 x 10 @ 12.5kg

5 minutes warming up on the recumbent bike followed by some dynamic stretches and mobility work….

1 x 8 @ 40kg
1 x 4 @ 70kg
1 x 1 @ 85kg
2 x 5 @ 97.5kg

Pause squats: 5 x 3 @ 85kg

Leg press: 2 x 10 @ 220kg

Walking lunges: 3 x 10 @ 22.5kg dumbells in each hand

Leg ext:
(Superset with leg curl)
2 x 20 @ 40kg
2 x 10 @ 30kg

Pronated leg curl: 3 x 10 @ 60kg

30 seconds with 25kg on my back
30 seconds with 15kg on my back
30 seconds with no added weight

Oblique plank: 60 seconds each sides

Thursday: Push press
1 x 10 with just the Olympic bar
1 x 6 @ 25kg (including Olympic bar)
1 x 5 @ 30kg
1 x 2 @ 40kg
1 x 1 @ 50kg
Aim: 4 x 3 @ 62.5kg Achieved: 2/2/3/3

Chins: wide grip with assistance band: Aim: 3 x 10-12 Achieved: 1 x 12, 2 x 10

Standing alternate dumbell shoulder press: Aim: 8 x 8 @ 10 – 12.5kg Achieved 8 x 8 @ 12.5kg with 30 seconds rest in between each set.

Seated side raises: 3 x 10 @ 5kg

Rear delt with cables: 3 x 10 @ 7.5kg

Front raises: 3 x 8-10. 2 x 10 @ 7.5kg 1 x 8 @ 10kg

Upright row: 2 x 15 @ 20kg plate

Tricep pushdown: (using cables) 3 x 12 @ 25kg

5 minute pulse raiser on the crosstrainer with dynamic stretches and mobility work 1 x 5 @ 60kg

1 x 5 @ 80kg
1 x 3 @ 100kg
1 x 1 @ 120kg
3 x 3 @ 142.5kg

Speed deadlifts: 3 x 3 @ 115kg

Power shrugs: 3 x 5 @ 110kg

Stiff leg deadlifts
1 x 5 @ 75kg
1 x 5 @ 80kg
1 x 5 @ 82.5kg

Bent over row: 3 x 5 62.5kg

Chins: underhand grip with an extra 5kg added around my waist 3 x 5

Decline sit ups with the aid of assistance bands: 2 x 10

That’s all for this week, we’ll catch up again next week!

Don’t forget guys you can get an extra 15% off Extreme Nutrition products enter my code “JOS15” at checkout!

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