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After my win!

Hi people,

I hope you are still training hard, recovering correctly and reaching your goals!

So I said after my win I would be back in the gym ‘smashing it up’ however that didn’t plan out too well! I trained my legs on Friday 6th and couldn’t walk properly for 5 days! High volume so soon after competition = bad idea! So I decided to take it easy and break my body back into things.

I do recall at the start of one of my sessions thinking ‘how the hell did I manage to do this?’ It just goes to show if you don’t use it you definitely do lose it – quickly! It didn’t help that the week after my comp I seemed to have picked up a tummy bug!

Anyway, on my first proper day back in the gym after my win was Week 1 of my 5/3/1 programme. On week one it’s 65%, 75% & 85% of your 1RM doing 5 reps at each percentage. I used my PB’s (personal bests) from my comp as my 1RM so Monday, funday! Time to get back squatting if I want to get a 130-140kg squat next year!

So here’s how my training went…

About an hour before I train I always have 1 heaped scoop of Extreme Nutrition’s vanilla Extreme Whey mixed with 300ml of water, 5 x BCA-3:1:1 and 3 Krevolution-X tablets!
I started the session with a warm up on the bike for 5 minutes then 5 minutes mobility and stretching work.
1×10 with just the Olympic bar
1×5 @ 40kg
1×5 @ 65kg
1×5 @ 80kg – 65%
1×5 @ 90kg – 75%
1×5 @ 105kg – 85%

Leg press: 3×10 @ 220kg

Walking lunges: 3×8 on each leg with 20kg Dumbells in each hand

Box squats (2 second pause on the box): 3×5 @ 70kg

Single leg deadlifts: 2×10 each leg with 1 17.5kg in both hands.

1) Leg ext
2×20 @ 35kg
2×10 @ 25kg

2) Leg curl: 3×8 @ 60kg

Plank :
30 seconds with 20kg on my back
30 seconds with 10kg on my back
30 seconds with no added weight.

Tomorrow is early morning cardio and bench pressing 🙂 I’ll keep you posted on how that goes!

WDFPF World Champion Jo Stanger

Jo Stanger sitting on a bench surrounded by weights.

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Jo Stanger athlete banner

Jo Stanger Extreme Nutrition sponsored athlete

Strong is a state of mind……

Well as I enter my 48th Year I have decided to take on the next challenge and find out if being strong is a state of mind. The tyre flipping bug hit and has been conquered, I am now contemplating entering my first strongman contest.

This is like a leap into the unknown with over 20 years of weight training and diet aimed at bodybuilding. (Don’t fret the bodybuilding hasn’t gone its still the main aim for 2016 but January is time to play.)

The contest is a Novice Strongman but to me it appears anything but novice. 160kg yoke walk, up to 80kg atlas stones, log press for reps, static hold, and deadlift for reps. Now to lots of you this seems lightweight and to lots of you it is the babbling of a madwoman.

To me it is a CHALLENGE. I have not deadlifted for years due to back issue and the downward pressure of the yoke tests that same back injury and my mental resilience. I am not being daft, the lifts are within my limits but the mental challenge is EXTREME and we will soon see how much of it is truly a state of mind! Visualisation of success is the key to achieving that goal of at least one rep on each event.

Sometimes, you need to take on the fear that you have developed and honed and check that it is valid.

We have a team of three ladies from Evolution Gym, Sheffield taking on this challenge and for each it is a first.

I am currently raising my game both mentally and physically in order to prepare. Nutrition is based around Extreme Nutrition products with the main emphasis on my post workout Build and Recover and  my morning and evening Pro-6. Glutamine and vitamin C are my next staples.

Monday to Friday is standard workout time and strength building and Sunday morning is event training. The repetition of each event will assist on the day when preparation and exercise are second nature.

I’ll let you in on a secret – so far I haven’t managed to lift the stone but have managed just to turn or flip it. I will succeed keep with me over the next 6 weeks and we will get there.

Evolution Gym Sheffield owner Rachael Hayes

Rachael will soon know if strong is a state of mind

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