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Strong is adaptive…..

    Strong is adaptive

Well to keep you all up to date with my progress, its a tale of two halves.I flipped the tyre, I managed a few metres with the yolk and I did the deadlift for 7 but then my back gave up on me. It’s a long term injury and one I have to work around frequently so once again its adaptation time.

This body is not quite as strong as the mind right now, but that’s OK, let’s see what we can do to use the strength of the mind then.

Bending is not currently an option so what can I do in an upright position…. run Forest run. To date my longest run has been a 10k, due to my bodybuilding running has been a cardio not sport exercise and secondary. Now I’m going to give it a go. The aim – a half marathon, double the distance of a 10k I’m going for it. 13.1 miles of road between me and victory….. That’s further than I drive to work each day.

We did it!

Crossing the finish line brings a smile to everyones face.

Throughout everything I keep my nutrition solid, good food and good supplements which gives me a great platform for any challenge. This includes my Extreme Pro-6 starter every morning and my post work out build n recover, if you haven’t tried Extreme Build + Recover you should. When you need a reason to train this is it I would train just so I could have B+R every day. A good foundation of nutrition enables me to be adaptive when niggling injuries force me to change direction.

With Extreme at my back I have the nutrition to do anything I set my mind to. I have added Extreme Carbs to my supplements to fuel me in my longer runs for this challenge providing me with the energy I need when the going gets tough.

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Extreme Carbs are 100% natural maltodextrin with NOTHING else added.

Running training is intermingled with my strength training, so two or three runs a week. Mid week one or two 4/5 miles and a longer weekend 9 or 10 miler. I have increased my stretching regime to loosen off the calves and particularly hamstrings which get very tight after running. Interestingly, the training has loosened my back a little and aided my gym workouts so maybe a learning point around variety (they do say it’s the spice of life).

My first ever half marathon will be the Silverstone Adidas Half Marathon, at, yes you guessed it, Silverstone race track. What I have found so far is that the body is more willing than the mind in my training. From the off my mind is arguing with itself about how far I am going , how well I am feeling, telling me that I can stop at any time; an inner battle commences with almost the first footfall – the challenge is to mediate the argument to a successful conclusion.

I am strong, I will do this.

Rachael Hayes, pro bodybuilder and tri-athlete

Rachael Hayes is a DFAC Professional Bodybuilder and tri athlete.

WBFF – As good as it gets!

    As Good As it Gets.

In 2008 I felt I had achieved all that I could within the fitness industry. I had thoroughly enjoyed my journey, and I had proved to myself that I had the discipline and the determination that the sport demanded of me to achieve my goals. In some ways it was a relief knowing that I would no longer need to conform to the strict diet, the training regime, and all the restrictions we athletes put upon ourselves in order to be prepared for competition.
I was grateful for all the sport had given me, and of course for the help along the way from my sponsor Dougie Black and Extreme Nutrition who was always there for me.

I never stopped lifting, but for the first time in many years I found time to pursue Yoga, which I had always wanted to get involved with. I found that equally as challenging, and still love the flexibility and coordination it brings. I found time to undertake some pretty arduous treks, most notably twice attacking the formidable GR20 in Corsica, plus several others such as Kilimanjaro and Toubkal, which kept me pretty active.

I also used my time to enhance my studies in nutrition. I became particularly interested in studying the health benefits of including raw and fermented food as well as juicing in dietary needs which have proved invaluable to both my clients and myself.

Malika Zitouni, WBFF Pro and Extreme Nutrition athlete

WBFF Pro and Extreme Nutrition athlete Malika Zitouni

It was during my competitive years I had grown up alongside the ever-expanding WBFF organization. This came about through Paul Dillett and Allison Dillett and their determination to bring something new to the world of fitness and bodybuilding. THE WBFF (World Beauty Fitness & Fashion) started in 2006 and this year holds its 10th Anniversary Worlds competition in Paul Dillett’s home City of Toronto, Canada.

I had often considered moving to THE WBFF, but it didn’t come about until I rediscovered the far wider range of classes it had to offer. I finally felt that I had found a class perfectly suited to my physique and look, Diva Fitness. I am sure that a lot of athletes feel trapped in a Federation, too often like square pegs in round holes. I often saw competitors whose look I felt would be far better suited competing with another Federation but this is something one has to ultimately decide for oneself.

I can honestly say that THE WBFF has not only inspired me, it has allowed me to bring out and sculpt my body in a less rigid way, and allows more freedom to create your own special look, and not just a stereo-type to conform to.
I have trained harder than I ever imagined or thought possible, and I am pleased with my work in progress. I think none of us who compete believe we have finally reached our goal, it is always a journey.

It was at the end of 2014 when I went to the O2 to see a WBFF show that I finally made up my mind to get involved. I entered my first show in the May of 2015 at the O2, and managed to place 4th in my category. I knew I had a long way to go to get back to winning ways, and so I increased the intensity of my training, modified my look, working harder on my legs and less on upper body to achieve the desired result.

I entered the Worlds in Las Vegas in August 2015 and was over the moon at winning my class, Diva Fitness model 35+. To step on stage at the mecca of bodybuilding in Las Vegas is like no words can adequately describe. The thoughts that race through your mind, the buzz and anticipation, the glamour of the stage itself, all created within this organization, is truly amazing.

I can only say from personal experience to any young girls about to embark on this journey, to give serious consideration to the classes on offer at THE WBFF, because for me, and those who know what I have achieved with other federations, this is by far the Biggest and the Best!

I am currently 3 weeks out from going to compete in Los Angeles. I am very excited, as this will be my first event competing as a Professional athlete, the status I have earned in Las Vegas. I have trained hard, I have enjoyed the hard work, and win or lose, I will thoroughly enjoy myself. The nice thing is that everyone who steps on stage is entitled to feel a winner just for getting there.

I will have a gap of 15 weeks before competing at the Worlds in Toronto, and that being the 10th Anniversary of THE WBFF, it will be a wonderful event to have participated in. I can say that for me these are golden years, and 2016 the icing on the cake.

I will let you know how I get on, and am just so excited at what lies before me. Just a final word of thanks to Dougie and his fantastic supplement brand, Extreme Nutrition, and thanks to the Dillet’s and their WBFF organization that put some blood back into my veins and has given me another goal to conquer!”

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