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Squats and Deadlifts

Today was a fun day training, squats AND deadlifts!

I’m 8 weeks away from the 4 nations where I will be competing as part of the England team – what an honour! I am so excited to compete and proud to be asked to represent my country!

So, my training has been mixed up a bit, I was getting a bit bored of what I was doing, my body had got use to what I was doing so I thought ‘Let’s have a change!’ As they say a change is as good as a rest but who wants to rest? When it comes to training I definitely don’t! I want to grow and get stronger so, a change it is!

All today’s training involved was squats and deadlifts……both in one day!

For my squats today I used knee wraps, I’ve used knee wraps before in comp a year or so ago and all I remember is how painful they are! Anyway, I warmed up did my 10 minute mobility and stretching workout then moved on to the squat rack. Here’s what I did:
1 X 10 with 40kg
1 X 5 with 60kg
1 X 3 with 80kg
1 X 2 with 100kg – knee wraps were used from here onwards
1 X 2 with 110kg
3 X 2 with 120kg
The most I have ever squatting in comp with knee wraps was 120kg. The aim of the game is to get to 130kg.
After this I did 3 x 3 paused squats with 100kg

Female squatter

A woman removing the Olympic bar from it’s stand so she can squat.

After the squats I moved on to deadlifts…..

Female athlete pictured deadlifting at the Olympics

Female Olympic Athlete Deadlifting

Deadlifts were also a little different from usual, bands were used. This added approximately 20kg on to the lift when locked out.
Here’s how my deads went……
1×5 @ 60kg
1×5 @ 80kg
1×2 @ 100kg
1×2 @ 110kg
1×2 @ 120kg
3×2 @ 125kg.

I executed the above deadlifts while stood on a 20kg plate just to add a little deficit. For the next 3 doubles the plates were removed so there was no deficit.

I completed 3 doubles at 125kg. The first double felt a little hard but the second and third double felt a lot easier. Deficits doing there thing 😉

At the beginning of the deadlift movement

This lady is at the beginning of the movement

After my squats and deadlifts I finished off with the leg press;
5 x 12 @ 250kg.

You know your legs are going to hurt the following day or 2 when the post workout aches and pains are setting in before the session is over!

I will then have a training session where I focus on all my assistance work so let’s see how this goes!

Jo S. x

Squats and deadlifts

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Powerlifting taking a back seat

Powerlifting has had to take a back seat during a manic few months of organising my little sisters hen do, going on my little sisters hen do, attending my little sister’s wedding and my birthday party this week was the week I finally feel like I’m back on track with my training!

For the past few months I have had to fit my training in around everything else which has never really happened before. As my powerlifting training wasn’t my main focus my sessions felt harder, I felt a lot more fatigued and to be honest training was a chore and I wasn’t really enjoying it!

That all changed this week! What a fantastic week I’ve had. Training has been challenging but so much fun!

My training week started on Tuesday which was squat day! Today I worked up to 5 doubles at 110kg which felt a lot easier than I had anticipated. After these I went on to do high paused squats 3×3 @ 85kg, safety bar box squats 3×3 starting at 67.5kg working upto 87.5kg to help me work on keeping more upright when squatting and also to make my glutes fire more to help me on the way back up from a squat, after these my good friend and fellow Extreme athlete Laurence Shahlaei kindly let me borrow his car to push down the car park at Pro – strength 5 times (the car was a fiesta but I would like to add Laurence remained in the car during the exercise!)

Jo tells us about her training

Yep, she squats!

After this I did 4×12 on the leg press at 100kg x 12/200kg 2 x 12 /250kg x 12 then 2×6 Romanian deadlifts at 95kg, I finished off my legs with some simple leg extensions and the a Weighted plank for my core! Awesome!

Wednesday was bench press day. Today I had the luxury of 1 on 1 with Laurence, my head for some reason wasn’t in the game and even my warm up sets felt heavy. I think it took over half an hour of benching to wake me up before thing started to click. Today we worked more on technique and getting comfortable with the bar and my bench pressing movement.

We looked at where I position the bar when I’ve unracked it, the width of my grip, position of my feet and power output of my lower half during each rep. Sometimes it’s good to change things up a bit! The best part of the session was the stability work with the bands and the disks. Now this was a challenge! I had a 10kg plate dangling from both ends of the Olympic bar – the plates were attached to the bar with therapy bands so the plates were free to move and bounce during each rep. The aim was 12 reps I think I managed 6.

This exercise was a lot harder than I anticipated with there only being 10kg aside on the bar! I have a video of me attempting this exercise I have posted it on my Facebook and Instagram account so check it out! After I finished benching I went on to do some dips 5×10, over head Tricep press 3 x 8 @ 20kg and to finish off some Tricep push downs on the cables 3 x 10, for my core today I did the Russian twist in a V sit up shape using a 12.5kg dumbell!

Saturday’s are for deadlifting (or squatting)! Today was deadlifting with a target of 140kg for 5 doubles. Over the last few weeks I feel like I’ve struggled with weights that I shouldn’t struggle with so my confidence was a bit low going into today’s session.

I decided to see how I felt throughout the session and progress it from there. I worked up to 130kg and did 5 easy doubles with that and then moved up to 140kg for 3 doubles however for the 140kg lifts I placed the disks on a 12 inch mat a) for a bit of variety and b) to make me work straight from my sticking point.

I worked a lot on my technique again through out the session – keeping my shoulders back, arms tight and driving through my legs more instead of always using my back!

I finished off the session with;
5×8 under hand chins
4×8 Seated rows!

…….And then rest!

Catch you next week so you can see what crazy antics I have been up to 😉

Jo S. xx

Getting focused before training.

Getting focused!

2016 BDFPA British Championships

Wow what an awesome day!

Overall I was absolutely stoked with what I achieved at the 2016 BDFPA British Championships however a little annoyed at myself for messing up my first deadlift.

Here’s how my day went at the 2016 BDFPA British….

First lift…..squats.
I opened with 115kg which felt heavy but the first lift always does for me I got the 115kg. I then moved on to 120kg, for some reason my feet weren’t wide enough apart and I didn’t feel my depth was good enough – I got 2 white lights and one red…I got the lift. For my final lift I went for a personal best. 125kg. I got the lift and it felt surprisingly comfortable, so there is definitely more in the tank for future squats!

Next up…..bench press.
It was only until a month or so ago when I had a training session with my better half (Liam Armstrong – a previous WDFPF Champion and Extreme Nutrition athlete) that I felt like benching made more sense to me. The set up and how I should feel finally felt right and comfortable. I felt stronger in my new found set up. I opened with 65kg which felt easy as it should then moved onto 70kg…I got the lift. I decided to go for 75kg which is 2.5kg heavier than my personal best is, it may not sound a lot but it can sometimes feel like 100kg heavier. 75kg felt comfortable dare I say it I could have done more – I got the lift.

Last lift…..deadlift
My favourite lift of the three, probably because it’s my strongest lift! My warm up sets felt good I worked up to 140kg for a single, I was opening at 160kg. It was my first deadlift I messed up on – I wasn’t prepared and the lift was rushed there was a change in the running order which happened last minute and I hadn’t noticed I had to rush on to the platform and make sure I lifted the 160kg causing my set up to be non exsistant and the lift to feel so heavy.

From this my confidence was knocked and decided to play it safe to make sure I qualified for the worlds in November. My next deadlift was 165kg then 170kg which I got. It’s a shame my first lift didn’t go to plan as the 170kg felt lighter than the 160kg – it’s a lesson learnt and not something that will happen again. I have goals set for the worlds so watch this space!

Jo Stanger

Joanne Stanger competition report.

World Champion power lifter, Joanne Stanger, tells us about her last competition.

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