Strongman Team Championships 2016

    This was my first time competing in the Strongman Team World Championships and I was happy to be pairs with Terry Hollands. Terry and I have similar strengths and the events suited us so I was confident that as a team we could challenge for one of the top spots.

    This years contest had teams from countries such as England, Lithuania, Poland, the USA among others.

    Event 1 – The Super Yoke (2 motorbikes on your back for 30 metres, relay style)

    This was an event that I felt really confident that Terry and I would win. We’re 2 of the best in the world at the yoke and on the rare occasion one of us is beaten, it’s usually by each other! Terry went first, completing the first 15 metres of the course and getting us off to a great, quick start. The transition was also very quick and I was able to do a fast run back, securing us our first event win.

    Event 2 – 300kg incline log for reps

    On paper, this should have been a weaker event for us as neither of us are renowned for our pressing ability. However, we got the timing and technique spot on, working well together to get 11 reps. This was enough to draw with Eddie Hall and Mark Felix for 1st place and we beat a lot of very good pressers in the process.

    Event 3 – 2 man Deadlift for max

    Terry and I are both very good deadlifters but we knew we’d have very stiff competition from Eddie and Mark who were the current 2 man deadlift world record holders. We managed a new world record of 825kg but it was only good enough for second place as Eddie and Mark pulled a very impressive 850kg. Still great points for us and at this point in the competition we were tied for first place with Eddie and Mark.

    Event 4 – The Sweetie Snatcher

    In basic terms, the sweetie snatcher was like a tug of war but instead of rope, we used a metal frame. The structure of the event was that teams would go head to head and the winners from each round would then move on to the semi finals and then finals.

    For our first pairing, Terry and I were up against the Irish team which featured one of the biggest strongmen in the world, Sean O’Hagan. Luckily for Terry and myself, despite Sean’s impressive stature, our combined weight and experience was enough to secure the win.

    In the semi finals we were up against Dave Ostlund and Matjaz Belsak, a round which we won pretty easily so we had plenty of energy going into the final round.

    The final was us vs Eddie and Mark who’d just had a pretty tough battle in their final to secure the win. Despite Eddie jumping the gun at the start 🙂 it was still a pretty easy win for us and it was an event that Terry and I really enjoyed. There’s something very satisfying about winning a ‘man on man’ style event.

    Event 5 – 4 car arm over arm pull.

    This was by far our worst event of the day and ending up costing a fair few points. The pull was lighter than we would have liked and relied heavily on technique and fitness. Terry and I are not particularly fit right now as we’ve been training for some pretty heavy contests. Everyone was really close on this event and there just a few seconds separating first and last place. We ended coming fifth and dropping a few points in the process.

    Last event – Atlas stones.

    We went into the final event in second place. These were a very hard set of stones and no one has ever lifted Glen Ross’s 6th stone before. They’re larger than normal stones making the pick up more difficult so it was great to see Dave Ostlund complete the final stone in front of a very appreciative crowd. Terry and I lifted 5 of the 6 stones which was enough to secure 2nd place overall and we were happy with that. It had been a long, hot day but the crowd were awesome and really kept us going. It was a great confidence boost leading up to the bigger competitions I have this year and the guys at Ultimate Strongman did a great job putting on such a fantastic show. Thanks to everyone that came to support the athletes and I look forward to seeing you at Europe’s Strongest Man in July.

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