212 Chicago Pro – the day arrives!

    Hi all I have been back in UK now for 4 days after competing in my first 212 IFBB Pro Class in Chigaco where I placed 8th.

    Some people may see being placed 8th as a disappointment, however, I look at this as a major learning opportunity having never had to make a weight class in my whole bodybuilding career. I actually made the weight 1 day out and was fluctuating between weight every hour, then on the actual day of the show I weighed 210lb which meant I made the weight sparing 2lb.

    I felt good at this weight however feel I could have filled out somewhat more but I will learn from this and move forward as I know I can make weight easily enough, this allows me to adjust my prep further for my next IFBB Pro Show in which I will need to make the weight once again.

    People may think that flying is big problem when trying to make weight class. Before setting out I was little worried about this but coped well using high levels of Vitamin C and drinking a litre of water every hour throughout the flight and I didn’t consume any carbs on the flight, only protein, coming from turkey and lean beef mince. I made sure I had flight socks and kept them on throughout the flight and kept moving when possible even doing some bodyweight calf raises and squats.

    With the high levels of water and Vitamin C I was at the toilet every 20-40 minutes of the flight. I had my last meal 45 minutes before landing meaning I had 3 hours to get hold of food and water upon landing in America. As soon as I landed I jumped straight into a taxi requesting to be taken to the nearest store or grocer to purchase 2 days worth of food and water.

    Only unfortunate thing regarding the flight is that I had my tub of Extreme Pro-6 taken off me going through customs, which I was not happy with to be honest!

    Once water and food is sorted I went on 45 minute walk outside to get bearings and also to start removing any excess water gained from flight. From here I also worked on posing and did 2 gym sessions on upper body only, no legs.

    As I was depleted enough there was no reason to carb deplete any further, everything food wise was much the same except for introducing carbs back in by 40 grams with every meal.

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    Hunni Chicago