IFBB 212 Chicago Pro last stages are here!

    Well everyone, here we are at the final part of my prep for the IFBB 212 Chicago-Pro contest and yes, you have seen right I am doing the 212lb class with the same aim of gaining a Mr. Olympia qualification.

    I was fortunate to get asked by Extreme Nutrition to do Body Power this year behind the stand and it was bigger and better than ever. To me its the best sporting expo in the UK and I love being on the stand.

    Unfortunately after the Expo I became quite ill and needed to take 5 days off training however having started my prep early it did not have negative impact because I was ahead of where I needed be at that time. This only goes to show that it is far better to start your preparation early and be ahead of where you need to be in case of anything like this coming along and throwing a spanner in the works which could render all your previous prep work useless if you are cutting it fine or it can mean you are forced to take drastic measures which will not reflect well on your physique when it’s your time to walk out on stage.

    My current body weight is 97kg which is 1kg off from contest weight having manipulated any water yet. To say I am happy with this prep which Extreme have helped is under statement so am hoping this is the year it happens for me and Extreme.

    Training wise I have still maintained lifting decent iron in good form for 12 – 15 reps however have added some drop sets into the mix.

    My main change is my diet and carbohydrate choice is now restricted to only 3, white potato, oats and rice. Protein has been fish n turkey with Extreme Whey between meals. My treat after training is Extreme Build n Recover.

    I will be adding my prep details to this and how my last few days look before the show.