So, on Sunday it was 3 weeks until I compete in the BDFPA British finals and today was my last heavy set of deadlifts.

I have been thinking about this training session all week, thinking I was going to struggle with the weight I was expected to lift, I need to learn to psych myself up not


as I do sometimes.

Anyway today’s dead lifts were;

1 x 2 @ 120kg

1 × 1 @ 130kg,

1 × 1 @ 145kg,

1 × 1 @ 152.5kg

1 × 5 @ 130kg

I’m wanting to lift 160kg at the finals, I think this is achievable I just need to remember to use my legs more and to keep my chest up during my lifts.

Proper form is really important with this movement, there is too much that can potentially go wrong with this one to try and be gung ho so training with strict for is important as that is what you should automatically fall into during the competition.

My diet is clean, it always is, I don’t believe in getting fat to have to try and diet any time I want to wear a nice dress or have something to go to like a wedding. I have kept my cardio going all the way through my strength training for the British Finals, I believe it helps me recover better and also keeps me fit too which may not be important to some but it is to me.

I will taking my usual Extreme Nutrition, Pro-6, Build & Recover, Krevolution-X, BCA-311 and Glutamine Complex.

I will be training at my regular House of Pain, Pro Strength in Swindon and with my regular training partner Worlds Strongest Man Finalist Laurence Shahlaei. Pro Strength is the Mecca for strength athletes of all disciplines, power lifting, body building and strongman, with many very good strength athletes and champion body builders calling Pro Strength home.

Jo Stanger