Hi people,

I hope you are still training hard, recovering correctly and reaching your goals!

So I said after my win I would be back in the gym ‘smashing it up’ however that didn’t plan out too well! I trained my legs on Friday 6th and couldn’t walk properly for 5 days! High volume so soon after competition = bad idea! So I decided to take it easy and break my body back into things.

I do recall at the start of one of my sessions thinking ‘how the hell did I manage to do this?’ It just goes to show if you don’t use it you definitely do lose it – quickly! It didn’t help that the week after my comp I seemed to have picked up a tummy bug!

Anyway, on my first proper day back in the gym after my win was Week 1 of my 5/3/1 programme. On week one it’s 65%, 75% & 85% of your 1RM doing 5 reps at each percentage. I used my PB’s (personal bests) from my comp as my 1RM so Monday, funday! Time to get back squatting if I want to get a 130-140kg squat next year!

So here’s how my training went…

About an hour before I train I always have 1 heaped scoop of Extreme Nutrition’s vanilla Extreme Whey mixed with 300ml of water, 5 x BCA-3:1:1 and 3 Krevolution-X tablets!
I started the session with a warm up on the bike for 5 minutes then 5 minutes mobility and stretching work.
1×10 with just the Olympic bar
1×5 @ 40kg
1×5 @ 65kg
1×5 @ 80kg – 65%
1×5 @ 90kg – 75%
1×5 @ 105kg – 85%

Leg press: 3×10 @ 220kg

Walking lunges: 3×8 on each leg with 20kg Dumbells in each hand

Box squats (2 second pause on the box): 3×5 @ 70kg

Single leg deadlifts: 2×10 each leg with 1 17.5kg in both hands.

1) Leg ext
2×20 @ 35kg
2×10 @ 25kg

2) Leg curl: 3×8 @ 60kg

Plank :
30 seconds with 20kg on my back
30 seconds with 10kg on my back
30 seconds with no added weight.

Tomorrow is early morning cardio and bench pressing 🙂 I’ll keep you posted on how that goes!

WDFPF World Champion Jo Stanger

Jo Stanger sitting on a bench surrounded by weights.

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Jo Stanger Extreme Nutrition sponsored athlete