Baby arrives with Extreme speed!

So it’s Sat morning and I’m totally fed up, I feel like a beached whale and cannot move and still no sign of any baby arrival. My pelvis has well and truly given up the ghost and the bed is so squishy I cannot get up!

Asking Aarron (my other half) to help is no point as he just looks at me in disgust, I’m meant to be a top athlete but I look like a bloody couch potato so I’ve trying to do everything to bring on labour so I can finally have this baby, but nothing is working. The midwife has give me a few secret tips to try so I will see how that goes.

So we have all the kids today and we are going out and I can hardly walk and Aarron isn’t the best with all the kids, no patience what so ever, so the Clampets head out.

4 hrs later we are back home and after trying a few techniques from the midwife, I’m getting some pains, its about 16·30 and the kids are running riot and the pains are coming quite often but not lasting long,  so they say I’m not ready to go in but I’m thinking that I’m not going to last long.

Aarron decides it may be great to start catching it all on camera, he is a bit used to catching things on camera recently!  So I’m sitting on the couch timing the contractions when I have a funny rumble in my belly and a pop which meant I’d became very incontinent or my waters broke and oh my God did they break I’ve never seen so much water!

Now Aarron is running round with the camera panicking on what to do, the first thing he thinks of is make a protein drink and get some food for himself because he may get hungry, never mind me being in pain, I’m OK I will just suffer!

The kids and they cannot stay with us so now, in between contractions I’m trying to figure out childcare for the kids and breathe and breathe! OK, so they are coming bloody quick now I’m needing to go hospital pronto!

Before we go we have to go the shop for Aarron on the way, so I ask for some chewing gum and water while he is in there, whilst he is in the shop I’ve had 3 contractions, OMG hurry up Aarron I’m goin to give birth in the car!

He strolls out with not a care in the world. FFS will you hurry the f**k up!

So we head to the hospital and we can’t park outside, so he parks in the furthest spot he can possibly find. Now I have to walk to the entrance with no help so I send Aarron to get a wheel chair and get me inside its about 7·30 now, they get me straight in and on the bed to examine me, bloody hell the contractions are not easing up, 20 mins later and this baby is on its way!

Aarron finds it funny to steal my gas and air this is where the exodus appears now while I try and get it back, through all this I’m being filmed by knob head (Aarron) as this was his new name for putting me through this.

When I look back on the videos I have veins appearing in my head that I never thought I had!

An hour and half later baby is born, the quickest birth for me ever and he shot out like superman with one arm straight up so the name was chosen, Kaal-El, was born you pronounce it Kal-El as no one knows how to say it lol.

This baby was conceived on Extreme Nutrition products and proved he was an extremist by the speed he came into the world, lets wait and see if he is a little Extremist!

Lynsey and bairn Lynsey.Supergirl.small