Journey to the BDFPA British final 2016!

So, it’s 4 weeks until the BDFPA British final and my training is going well! I qualified for the BDFPA British final 2 weeks ago, the gym was lovely but it must have been about -2 degrees inside so definitely not the ideal environment to be lifting heavy metal in!

My aim was to do what I needed to qualify and that’s exactly what I did. My total at the qualifier was only 325kg (65kg bench, 120kg squat, 140kg deadlift) but I came away without any injuries which was my main concern in such cold temperatures.

My good friend and fellow Extreme Nutrition athlete Laurence Shahlaei is helping me through my time leading up to the British, there’s not enough time to get stronger but I can definitely improve my technique which will hopefully improve my totals from last year.

So on Thursday I did some deadlifting with resistance bands have any of you tried this? My god, it’s hard work, but awesome for improving your lock out.

For this training session I used the thin black bands and this is how it went….
1×10 with just the Olympic bar
1×5 @ 60kg
1×5 @ 80kg
1×3 @ 100kg
1×3 @ 110kg
1×2 @ 120kg
1×2 @ 130kg
1×2 @ 135kg
1×2 @ 137.5kg
The aim was to work up to a 2RM (rep maximum) with the bands and this was the 137.5kg

The bands were then taken off and then I did 2×5 @ 137.5kg.
The power and speed you produce after using the bands is insane! The lifts were hard but do able!

I then moved on to superset wide grip and underhand chins aiming for 3 x 5 on each grip.

I finished off with some unilateral Seated rows 3×8 with 30kg loaded on each side.

For cardio I did 5 laps with the prowler with 110kg, resting for 60 seconds in between each lap.

What a session! Very challenging but what’s the point if it isn’t a challenge? Definitely worked hard for my Build & Recover!

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Jo Stanger
WDFPA World Champion
NABBA Miss Britain