BDFPA BDFPA British finals take place a week on Saturday – yikes!

I had an awesome week of training last week feeling more confident with my lifting, working hard on my technique. I had a really good bench press and deadlift session! My bench has always been my weakest lift but I think it’s slowly improving, at long last! What a difference your set up makes!

This week my training is all about doubling my openers and reducing the intensity. No assistance work, just making sure I’m confident with what I have decided to open on.

I’m feeling ready for the competition, I’d love to win again but I know there’s going to be some serious competition! My main goal is to improve from last year’s totals from the world championships which was 370kg.

Leading up to any competition I keep my diet strict, when I’m usually about 4 weeks out here’s what I eat, what I have been and will be eating for the last week;

Meal 1) 100g porridge oats & 1 scoop of Extreme Nutrition’s vanilla Extreme Whey, 1 Extreme CLA capsule, 3 Krevolution-X & 5 BCA-311 capsules.
Meal 2) 1 avocado, greens and 100g cooked chicken & 1 CLA.
Meal 3) 70g uncooked brown rice or 250g uncooked sweet potato, 70g cooked chicken, salad & 1 CLA.
Meal 4) Pre workout: 1 heaped scoop of Extreme Nutrition’s banana whey, 20g Almonds, 3 Krevolution-x & 5 BCA-311 capsules.


Meal 5) post workout: 2 heaped scoops of Extreme Nutrition’s chocolate Build and Recover
Meal 6) 250 – 300g of uncooked white potato, 70g cooked chicken, greens/salad Meal 7) 3 whole eggs
Meal 8) 1 heaped scoop of Extreme nutritions strawberry Pro-6.

Extreme Pro-6, almost an unfair advantage!

Extreme Nutrition 2Kg Vanilla, as used by British Champion Joanne Stanger.

As I won’t be training next week the only thing that will change in my diet will be my build and recover, this will be replace with a scoop of Extreme Nutrition Pro-6 and maybe a piece of fruit like a banana! Keep those carbs high! It’s taken me a long time to realise the importance of carbs in relation to getting stronger and leaner!

Extreme Nutrition Build & Recover 2.88kg tub in Blueberry Cheesecake flavour

Jo Stanger knows how to get an unfair advantage!

I keep clear of alcohol 3-4 weeks prior to a competition to keep my head clear and energy levels high! The CLA from Extreme Nutrition help to to shift that little extra body fat and the Krevolution-X help aid my strength & recovery!

The benefits of creatine without the downside.

Extreme Krevolution-X is the side effect free creatine.

This weekend I plan on doing my kit check and packing so there’s no stress a few days before the comp! Exciting times! I wonder if I can become the British champion at the BDFPA British Finals again?

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Joanne Stanger, Extreme Nutrition sponsored athlete banner

Watch this space…… xx