Wow what an awesome day!

Overall I was absolutely stoked with what I achieved at the 2016 BDFPA British Championships however a little annoyed at myself for messing up my first deadlift.

Here’s how my day went at the 2016 BDFPA British….

First lift…..squats.
I opened with 115kg which felt heavy but the first lift always does for me I got the 115kg. I then moved on to 120kg, for some reason my feet weren’t wide enough apart and I didn’t feel my depth was good enough – I got 2 white lights and one red…I got the lift. For my final lift I went for a personal best. 125kg. I got the lift and it felt surprisingly comfortable, so there is definitely more in the tank for future squats!

Next up…..bench press.
It was only until a month or so ago when I had a training session with my better half (Liam Armstrong – a previous WDFPF Champion and Extreme Nutrition athlete) that I felt like benching made more sense to me. The set up and how I should feel finally felt right and comfortable. I felt stronger in my new found set up. I opened with 65kg which felt easy as it should then moved onto 70kg…I got the lift. I decided to go for 75kg which is 2.5kg heavier than my personal best is, it may not sound a lot but it can sometimes feel like 100kg heavier. 75kg felt comfortable dare I say it I could have done more – I got the lift.

Last lift…..deadlift
My favourite lift of the three, probably because it’s my strongest lift! My warm up sets felt good I worked up to 140kg for a single, I was opening at 160kg. It was my first deadlift I messed up on – I wasn’t prepared and the lift was rushed there was a change in the running order which happened last minute and I hadn’t noticed I had to rush on to the platform and make sure I lifted the 160kg causing my set up to be non exsistant and the lift to feel so heavy.

From this my confidence was knocked and decided to play it safe to make sure I qualified for the worlds in November. My next deadlift was 165kg then 170kg which I got. It’s a shame my first lift didn’t go to plan as the 170kg felt lighter than the 160kg – it’s a lesson learnt and not something that will happen again. I have goals set for the worlds so watch this space!

Jo Stanger

Joanne Stanger competition report.

World Champion power lifter, Joanne Stanger, tells us about her last competition.