Bodypower Expo 2015

    So for the past few weeks ive had my hands full with my new born son, Kaal-El. He’s been bad with colic, reflux and constipation so I’ve not had a second to blog, the baby is growing very fast and I’m enjoying him being a tiny baby, but this weekend was a bit of a break away from the children and work at Bodypower Expo with Extreme Nutrition.

    I love working at the expos as working with Extreme athletes is like working with your great friends we have a laugh and enjoy what we do. I couldn’t do all 3 days this year and I was only there Saturday and Sunday but we were still busy working and having pictures taken. The famous Beattie hot pants were not out this year but will be back in force next year!

    Jo S, Hyde + Lynsey

    This year we had a few new athletes join us one of which was the strongman Laurence Shahlei, what a gentle giant and a lovely kind man he stood all day doing pictures and for a big bloke it must of been quite hard on him.

    Emma, Jo S + Lynsey

    The Extreme team are great and we all have a great laugh although we all suffer with sore feet and broken backs its always worth it. We all go out after Bodypower Expo and have food and a few drinks to relax before the next day and oh we have a laugh with a few sore heads the next day but back on the stand bright and early with strong coffee!

    With the power of social media one status posted by me for tea or coffee if people are passing the Extreme Nutrition stand worked a treat, so thank you to all that came with drinks for us!

    So the Sunday went smoothly all the new products and the new re branded products were received well by those at Bodypower Expo. For me now is to get back to the gym and rebuild my physique and get back on that stage next yr will be blogging my training and videos up soon.