Extreme Nutrition import the Brachial clothing ling from Germany, the products are awesome and are of very high quality and look great, very similar to early GASP was when we first brought that into the UK in 2005.


Brachial is not too in your face with crazy logos, no big monkeys or cartoon bodybuilders here! Brachial lets your physique grab the attention rather than the clothes your wearing!


Here are three British athletes sponsored byBrachial who we think are looking great head to toe in Brachial clothing, perfect for looking good in the street and training hard in the gym.

The gentleman who is in the video, who really shouldn’t need much in the way of an introduction is the owner of MaxxMuscle Gym in Hetton le Hole, Durham, IFBB Pro Anth Bailes;

And this rather large athlete is Worlds Strongest Man finalist Laurence Shahlei. Laurence is competing this month (October 2015) in a powerlifting event which is something new for him but we think he’ll do OK!

Next up we have none other than USN Athlete Dave Titterton who was second in the professional Mr.Universe competition on 31-10-2015 in Southport. Dave looked great but winner Tony Mount looked spectacular!

Dave T - not in the gym to be average!

Dave Titterton in Destroyer Hoodie and shorts by Brachial.

Loz Shahlei Brachial UK

Brachial UK strength legend looking good

Dave Titterton wear a Brachial Train Tank top

Dave Titterton in a Brachial “Train” hooded tank

With new Brachial clothing and accessories coming onto stock all the time, their range is growing quickly but they are not cutting any corners on quality or design.

They have released flip flops, a new sports bag, heavy duty lifting straps, training belts and a selection of new baseball hats in the last week which will be in stock in the United Kingdom and available to order withing the next week to ten days we expect, so watch this space.