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New Diet, New Training Routine

The last few weeks have been a hard slog. Last week saw me miss a week of training through a viral infection, to then come back this week and still be fighting it off even though I have a new diet, new training routine and a new coach.

Dosed up on functional medicine, glutamine and Vit C and it seems to be shifting. (thank goodness). With 2 weeks off my full-time job it’s time to get my head back in the game and Fix up and look sharp, but also catch up with family and have a good time. I’m always working at 100mph.

Since my last blog lots of things have changed, I have a new diet, new training rputine, so it’s going to hard slog with less than 6 weeks to turn my shape around. I’ve got strength, volume and intensity all within my program training, working out 7 days per week – 1 day being active rest day 😉

I’m already seeing improvements in the 8-10 weeks I’ve been with my new coach, Mark of M10 Fitness, I have plenty more left in the tank too. My sessions are a killer and I don’t like to quit!! Check me working hard here 😉

Back squat&

Followed by glute ham raise

My main aim is to look better in my shape, I focused to much on trying to be a gymnast last season and I wasn’t happy with my overall look. This year it’s all about my shape and routine 2nd.

As mentioned before, I’ve been through a lot in the last few months and without the support of those around me I don’t think I would be able to carry on. Having support behind you helps so much, so if I don’t say thank you accept my apologies as it does really mean a lot.

I’ve also found out a lot about my body and it being very toxic, you’ll be able to read about my journey in my Toxic or Not Article coming soon!

Keep working hard and don’t lose sight of your own goals 😉

Cee Oliver

Caroline Oliver

Former Extreme Nutrition athlete, Cee Oliver

Arnold Classic Expo Madrid

Journey to the Arnold Classic Expo Madrid – Day 1:)) 

After landing Monday PM, it was early start to work, 2 days of full on teaching and then followed the next part of my journey……An early start 2am drive 4am check in, 6am flight, wait at airport for rest of team, weigh in, registration, food shopping, chillax :))  Some of my team compete tomorrow, Sat, Sun, should be fun, so well be visiting the expo tanning up and prepping for it all.

Arrived at the airport waiting to fly to the Arnold Classic Expo Madrid, the airport was relatively quiet so I sat down to have a latte when some random wanted to sit next to me, then wanted to look over my shoulder to what I was doing – nosy sod! I moved back into my seat then he followed…how rude, I wanted to tell him to do one, but it was too early in the morning and he didn’t speak English!

I landed after a great flight now just waiting for the rest of the girls so that we can make our way to apartment, registration then weigh in at the Arnold Classic Expo Madrid.

That moment in time when you feel sick, I’ve not done figure for 2 years and I’ve had a moment of madness to do Bodyfitness. I know that it will be a tough class, the world championships was a mixed bag of body types too, those that had done Euro’s  were placing in the top 6.

Their were some that were smaller and softer than me and those that looked like light weight physique competitors who were much harder and more muscular than me too. I held my head high and did my best after all I knew my feedback would be the same, legs tighter, ass smaller.

Thoughts; running around in my head were that I bust a gut in the gym over the years and my shape has changed so much. It’s helped me get to where I am today but the only thing is, I’m made to have a boot. My legs have got better, but I still need to work on the sweep and glute tie ins.

Possibly my shoulders again, I was starting to get a big cap, so trained less and now I feel I need to go bigger again, what a nightmare. It’s never easy for women, different judges and comps seem to look for different things in what a woman should bring to the stage.

Comp day, the Arnold Expo was small but nice to see familiar faces. Bodyfitness seemed to have loads in the class, over 30 in masters and I really felt like a bikini girl at the side of some of the others back stage. My tan started to take shape and looked great until we got back stage in the heat.

Being back stage with a lot of people in a confined area, as well as nerves kicking in, I started to sweat. My body was making my tan go green as it reacted to my sweat, it was really hot!!! I really didn’t want to go on stage I didn’t feel a million dollars or have that air of confidence that I normally do. My time and went pretty quickly I didn’t make top 15, I wasn’t sad I was glad I was brave enough to try a different category against top athletes.

Day 2 came and I sat and watched one of my closet rivals in fitness compete in the 163cm fitness category. I’ve got to know her well in the last 6 months, I’m  pleased to say we are good friends (Emma Louise), it was another strange class!

Some fantastic gymnastic skills on display and some not. In my opinion there was a variety of body shapes, a real mixed bag. As I watched tears welled up, I really thought fitness had gone from me and that I wanted to move on,to try figure or physique, but it hasn’t it’s still in my blood and it was at that moment that I thought – why didn’t I do fitness?

I can’t look back now I can only look forward and I can’t wait to see all the photos , to see whether my body has changed as much as I thought and what I need to do for next season to get better.

I’ve made no clear plans yet as to what I’m going to do , but I will be training smarter not harder and keep my options open. 

Thank you to the UKBFF for having faith in my ability and presenting opportunities for me to progress further on the international scene.

Big shouts out and massive thanks you to Extreme Nutrition who have sponsored me this season on my international debut , who have me no end with my nutrition supplements and showed faith in me throughout. LA Pro Tan for their sponsorship, my tan has looked awesome throughout,   also to the new friends I’ve made along the way who’s support and encouragement have blown me away, Renata, Emma, Rachael, Heather and Lydia.

Most of all to my two boys who have put up with me through thick n thin, no matter where I place or what I do, I love you both lots with cherry drops! xxxxx mwah xxxxx 

Cee Oliver

Caroline Oliver

Former Extreme Nutrition athlete, Cee Oliver

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