Off season training and deload week..

So today I weighed in at 63kg!! That is 4kg heavier than I was in January when I weighed in at just 59kg for the weightlifting event at the Crossfit Athlete Games.

It has been a long process trying to put on weight but I am finally starting to make some solid gains to get bigger and stronger for the 2016 CrossFit Games Open.

I made it to the Athlete Games semi final in January but only just, as one of the events was a CrossFit total event. It tested 1RM strict shoulder press, back squat and deadlift. I hit a PB on all 3 lifts with a 45kg strict shoulder press, 102.5kg back squat and 125kg deadlift but it was the only event where I finished in the ‘bottom half’ of the results table.

Erin - Clean + Jerk

My coach and husband, Dan, made a decision there and then to prioritise my raw strength over the summer after narrowly missing out on regionals this year. My weightlifting numbers aren’t too bad in comparison to my bodyweight but that is all speed under the bar and good technique. This is the time of year when my crossfit off season training allows me to increase my calorific intake and push for greater weight in my training.

Erin 1

My current clean is 91kg – I can’t stand any more than that (I can get it off the floor and drop under it into a front squat position but my legs aren’t strong enough to stand any more than 91kg yet). I’ve been on “operation bubble butt” since January to get my glutes fired and help me to get out of that squat and also been on limited conditioning/cardio work to build strength.

I’m on a de-load this week which is frustrating for any athlete, especially when you don’t feel as though you need it. However I understand the reasons behind it and its importance at this point in my strength cycle. 

Erin Bonett performing a clean and jerk

Clean and jerk, Erin Bonett at the Crossfit Athlete Games

My gymnastics is suffering though – handstand press ups and strict pull ups are feeling harder than they were a couple of months ago. But I have to expect that – you can’t have your paleo cake and eat it!!!

Looking forward to some 1RM testing next week at our gym, Anyone wanting to get involved is more than welcome to stop by and see what it is all about.

Until then I’ll be fuelling my performance with Extreme Nutrition.