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Strongman Team Championships 2016

Strongman Team Championships 2016

    This was my first time competing in the Strongman Team World Championships and I was happy to be pairs with Terry Hollands. Terry and I have similar strengths and the events suited us so I was confident that as a team we could challenge for one of the top spots.

    This years contest had teams from countries such as England, Lithuania, Poland, the USA among others.

    Event 1 – The Super Yoke (2 motorbikes on your back for 30 metres, relay style)

    This was an event that I felt really confident that Terry and I would win. We’re 2 of the best in the world at the yoke and on the rare occasion one of us is beaten, it’s usually by each other! Terry went first, completing the first 15 metres of the course and getting us off to a great, quick start. The transition was also very quick and I was able to do a fast run back, securing us our first event win.

    Event 2 – 300kg incline log for reps

    On paper, this should have been a weaker event for us as neither of us are renowned for our pressing ability. However, we got the timing and technique spot on, working well together to get 11 reps. This was enough to draw with Eddie Hall and Mark Felix for 1st place and we beat a lot of very good pressers in the process.

    Event 3 – 2 man Deadlift for max

    Terry and I are both very good deadlifters but we knew we’d have very stiff competition from Eddie and Mark who were the current 2 man deadlift world record holders. We managed a new world record of 825kg but it was only good enough for second place as Eddie and Mark pulled a very impressive 850kg. Still great points for us and at this point in the competition we were tied for first place with Eddie and Mark.

    Event 4 – The Sweetie Snatcher

    In basic terms, the sweetie snatcher was like a tug of war but instead of rope, we used a metal frame. The structure of the event was that teams would go head to head and the winners from each round would then move on to the semi finals and then finals.

    For our first pairing, Terry and I were up against the Irish team which featured one of the biggest strongmen in the world, Sean O’Hagan. Luckily for Terry and myself, despite Sean’s impressive stature, our combined weight and experience was enough to secure the win.

    In the semi finals we were up against Dave Ostlund and Matjaz Belsak, a round which we won pretty easily so we had plenty of energy going into the final round.

    The final was us vs Eddie and Mark who’d just had a pretty tough battle in their final to secure the win. Despite Eddie jumping the gun at the start 🙂 it was still a pretty easy win for us and it was an event that Terry and I really enjoyed. There’s something very satisfying about winning a ‘man on man’ style event.

    Event 5 – 4 car arm over arm pull.

    This was by far our worst event of the day and ending up costing a fair few points. The pull was lighter than we would have liked and relied heavily on technique and fitness. Terry and I are not particularly fit right now as we’ve been training for some pretty heavy contests. Everyone was really close on this event and there just a few seconds separating first and last place. We ended coming fifth and dropping a few points in the process.

    Last event – Atlas stones.

    We went into the final event in second place. These were a very hard set of stones and no one has ever lifted Glen Ross’s 6th stone before. They’re larger than normal stones making the pick up more difficult so it was great to see Dave Ostlund complete the final stone in front of a very appreciative crowd. Terry and I lifted 5 of the 6 stones which was enough to secure 2nd place overall and we were happy with that. It had been a long, hot day but the crowd were awesome and really kept us going. It was a great confidence boost leading up to the bigger competitions I have this year and the guys at Ultimate Strongman did a great job putting on such a fantastic show. Thanks to everyone that came to support the athletes and I look forward to seeing you at Europe’s Strongest Man in July.

    Big Loz in his Brachial clothing

    Strongman Team competitor Laurence Shahlaei is also sponsored by Brachial clothing

    Laurence Shahlaei

    Big Loz, Extreme Nutrition discount code

    Laurence Shahlaei, Extreme Nutrition Athlete Banner with discount code

Britains Strongest Man 2016

    Britains Strongest Man 2016 Championships

After almost giving up on strongman when I suffered a tricep tear at 2015’s World’s Strongest Man, the British Championships was my returning competition and the first live show I’d competed in on home soil in almost 2 years. The last 3 years have been tough for me. The injuries I’ve suffered while competing had taken just as much of a toll on me mentally as they did physically. But after the injury at World’s, I didn’t rush my return. I took my time building up and maintaining my strength and rediscovered my love for lifting. I finally feel back to my best and I’m really enjoying the sport again.

This is the first contest in a long time that I can honestly say I was looking forward to, and i genuinely enjoyed it.

Anyway, to the events.

    Event 1

The contest started with the viking press (150kg to be pressed over head for as many reps as possible in 60 seconds.)

My tricep still isn’t 100% but I knew if I could place in the top 3 it would set me up well for the rest of the day. I managed 10 reps which placed me joint 3rd with Darren Sadler. Terry Hollands was 2nd with 11 reps and unsurprisingly the winner was Eddie Hall with a very easy 12 reps. Eddie’s deadlifting ability is probably what he’s most famous for now, but he’s always been incredibly strong overhead. It feels like a very long time ago now, but I did hold the British log lift record for about a year and a half with a 190kg lift and I’m pretty sure I still hold the British axle record at 205kg. Thanks to my injuries, my overhead hasn’t had the chance to improve in recent years but it’s something I’ll be working hard to improve in the coming months.

    Event 2

Side handle car deadlift.

I always like these events to be as heavy as possible because like many big guys, I don’t want to have to do nearly 20 reps on anything, ever. I’m pretty strong right now, but my fitness isn’t where it needs to be and I was worried about getting back pump which would make all the following events that much harder. Terry and I tried to get the organisers to add weight which they did, but it still wasn’t quite as heavy as I personally would’ve liked it. Still, you’ve got to get on with it. Events are never going to be perfectly tailored to your preferences and strong is strong. The strongest man on the day will win. Anyway, I hit 15 reps which was good enough for 4th behind Mark Felix on 16, Adam Bishop on 17 and Eddie Hall on 18 reps. Traditionally this has always been a great event for Mark Felix. He has such long levers and for reps, has always been one of the best deadlifters out there.

    Event 3

460kg Car Walk

I was really looking forward to this event and before hand people were saying this is the event that could stop Eddie from winning. I was pretty convinced he would still do well but my main focus was on banking as many points as possible by winning this one. Moving with weight has always been my strength and people were talking about myself and Terry Hollands as being the favourites for the car walk. Fortunately for me, Terry had a slightly unbalanced start which probably cost him a second so I knew if I could put a solid run in, I could win. The pick up felt really easy and the extra squats I’ve been doing on the saftey bar paid of as I felt very secure and in control. I placed 1st with a new world record time of 11.92 seconds with Mark felix in 2nd and Terry Hollands 3rd.

    Event 4

Front Hold

I’ve always found this a pointless event to train, I’ve been so hit and miss at this in the past. It’s the sort of discipline that’s easy to over train and if things don’t go well in training, it can knock your confidence going into competition. It’s as much about mental strength as it is physical and I was pleased with a solid 3rd place just behind Mark and Eddie.

Big Loz, Extreme Nutrition discount code

Laurence Shahlaei, Britains Strongest Man 2016

    Event 5

Conans Circle.

As I said before my fitness isn’t where it needs to be and that showed on this event, as the fitter guys took the top spots.

I did enough to place 6th and keep me in 2nd over all going into the stones.

Top 3 on this were Adam Bishop, Darren Saddler and Luke Stoltman who all put in really impressive performances.

The final event was the atlas stones, 5 stones ranging from 120kg – 180kg. I’m not known for my stone lifting abilities but I was very pleased with my performance lifting all 5 in a little over 20 seconds, beating some good stone lifters in the process. However, it wasn’t quite enough to hold on to 2nd place overall as Mark beat me by 1 second on the stones and ended up half a point ahead of me overall. Hats off to Mark though… I’ve been competing against him for years and somehow, he’s now the best he’s every been at nearly 50!

Top 5 overall;
1st Eddie Hall
2nd Mark Felix
3rd Laurence Shahlaei
4th Adam Bishop
5th Terry Hollands

Although I didn’t win, I was very pleased with a consistent performance through the events, a new world record and I’ve qualified for my 8th Worlds Strongest Man contest. Going forward, I feel like I can get much stronger and technically better at the events so I’m at my best ever in time for World’s and Europe’s this year. The British Championships has restored my confidence and reminded me that I still have events I can challenge anyone in the world at.

Right now I’m training hard and working on increasing my size with the help of Extreme Nutrition products and nutritional advice from the team, Liam and Doug, as well as improving my events and fitness for my upcoming competitions.

Follow my progress through Facebook (Laurence Shahlaei) and instagram BIGLOZWSM.
Laurence Shahlaei
Strength Extremist

Laurence Shahlaei Britains Strongerst Man 2016 Championships

Laurence Shahlaei Extreme Nutrition sponsored athlete

Bodybuilding Clothing Sizes

In this blog post you’ll find 2 size charts, one for Gorilla Wear and the second is for Brachial.

The size charts tell you how the companies think things should fit, please use it as a guide because we are all different shapes and like things fitting us in different ways so someone may think an item may fits well loose and baggy but someone else may prefer it to be a tighter fit.

Gorilla Wear Size Chart

Check your size here, remember it is only a guide, some people like things to fit differently.

Brachial Clothing Sizes

This is size chart for Brachial Clothing. It is a guide, different people like things fitting differently.

Brachial UK Athletes looking good

Extreme Nutrition import the Brachial clothing ling from Germany, the products are awesome and are of very high quality and look great, very similar to early GASP was when we first brought that into the UK in 2005.


Brachial is not too in your face with crazy logos, no big monkeys or cartoon bodybuilders here! Brachial lets your physique grab the attention rather than the clothes your wearing!


Here are three British athletes sponsored byBrachial who we think are looking great head to toe in Brachial clothing, perfect for looking good in the street and training hard in the gym.

The gentleman who is in the video, who really shouldn’t need much in the way of an introduction is the owner of MaxxMuscle Gym in Hetton le Hole, Durham, IFBB Pro Anth Bailes;

And this rather large athlete is Worlds Strongest Man finalist Laurence Shahlei. Laurence is competing this month (October 2015) in a powerlifting event which is something new for him but we think he’ll do OK!

Next up we have none other than USN Athlete Dave Titterton who was second in the professional Mr.Universe competition on 31-10-2015 in Southport. Dave looked great but winner Tony Mount looked spectacular!

Dave T - not in the gym to be average!

Dave Titterton in Destroyer Hoodie and shorts by Brachial.

Loz Shahlei Brachial UK

Brachial UK strength legend looking good

Dave Titterton wear a Brachial Train Tank top

Dave Titterton in a Brachial “Train” hooded tank

With new Brachial clothing and accessories coming onto stock all the time, their range is growing quickly but they are not cutting any corners on quality or design.

They have released flip flops, a new sports bag, heavy duty lifting straps, training belts and a selection of new baseball hats in the last week which will be in stock in the United Kingdom and available to order withing the next week to ten days we expect, so watch this space.

Amino Acid With Promising Anti-Diabetic Effects

New experiments conducted by researchers from the University of Copenhagen show that the amino acid arginine — found in a wide variety of foods such as salmon, eggs and nuts — greatly improves the body’s ability to metabolise glucose.

Arginine stimulates a hormone linked to the treatment of type 2 diabetes, and works just as well as several established drugs on the market, the research findings have just been published in the scientific journal Endocrinology.

More than 371 million people worldwide suffer from diabetes, of whom 90% are affected by lifestyle-related diabetes mellitus type 2 (type 2 diabetes). In new experiments, researchers from the University of Copenhagen working in collaboration with a research group at the University of Cincinnati, USA, have demonstrated that the amino acid arginine improves glucose metabolism significantly in both lean (insulin-sensitive) and obese (insulin-resistant) mice. “In fact, the amino acid is just as effective as several well-established drugs for type 2 diabetics,” says post doc Christoffer Clemmensen.

He has conducted the new experiments based at Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences, University of Copenhagen. He is currently conducting research at the Institute for Diabetes and Obesity at Helmholtz Zentrum München, the German Research Centre for Environmental Health in Munich.

To test the effect of the amino acid arginine, researchers subjected lean and obese animal models to a so-called glucose tolerance test, which measures the body’s ability to remove glucose from the blood over time.

“We have demonstrated that both lean and fat laboratory mice benefit considerably from supplementing the amino acid arginine. In fact, we improved glucose metabolism by as much as 40% in both groups. We can also see that the amino acid arginine increases the body’s production of glucagon-like peptide-1 (GLP-1), an intestinal hormone which plays an important role in regulating appetite and glucose metabolism, and which is therefore used in numerous drugs for treating type 2 diabetes,” says Christoffer Clemmensen, and continues:

“You cannot, of course, cure diabetes by eating unlimited quantities of arginine-rich almonds and hazelnuts. However, our findings indicate that diet-based interventions with arginine-containing foods can have a positive effect on how the body processes the food we eat.”

The research findings were recently published in the American scientific journal Endocrinology under the heading Oral l-arginine Stimulates GLP-1 Secretion to Improve Glucose Tolerance in Male Mice.

    Hormone plays key role

Researchers have known for many years that the amino acid arginine is important for the body’s ability to secrete insulin. However, the latest findings show that it is an indirect process. The process is actually controlled by arginine’s ability to secrete the intestinal hormone GLP-1, which subsequently affects insulin secretion.

“Mice without GLP-1 receptors are not affected to the same extent by arginine. There is no perceptible improvement in glucose metabolism or insulin secretion, confirming our hypothesis of a close biological connection between GLP-1 and arginine,” says Christoffer Clemmensen, who conducted the biological experiments in the USA using a special animal model where the receptor for GLP-1 is genetically inactivated.

The new findings provide optimism for better and more targeted drugs for treating type 2 diabetes; the outlook is long-term, but promising.

“This exciting result has raised several new questions which we want to investigate. Can other amino acids do what arginine does? Which intestinal mechanisms ‘measure’ arginine and lead to the release of GLP-1? Finally, there is the more long-term perspective — the question of whether the findings can be transferred from mice to humans and be used to design drugs that will benefit diabetes patients,” says Professor Hans Bräuner-Osborne , who is continuing work on the project in the research group at the Department of Drug Design and Pharmacology at the University of Copenhagen.

Story Source: The above story is based on materials provided by University of Copenhagen.
Note: Materials may be edited for content and length. For further information, please contact the source cited above.

Journal Reference:
1. C. Clemmensen, S. Smajilovic, E. P. Smith, S. C. Woods, H. Brauner-Osborne, R. J. Seeley, D. A. D’Alessio, K. K. Ryan. Oral L-arginine Stimulates GLP-1 Secretion to Improve Glucose Tolerance in Male Mice. Endocrinology, 2013; DOI: 10.1210/en.2013-1529

New markets and the shrinking World

New markets are opening all the time as the world seems to shrink, it’s crazy with modern technology how we can potentially reach everyone on the planet with the use of mobile technology and computing. It’s so easy nowadays, we are all able to speak to, and even see, friends and family all round the world easily from our own hands. We are also able to travel the planet more cost effectively too which enables us to find new customers all over God’s green Earth.

Thanks to us attending FIBO each year for the last 4 years we now have distributors in Norway, Finland, Greece, Germany, Norway, Greece, Australia and now we have an export partner for the Middle East.

Having the opportunity to sell our products overseas is a great, knowing the brand is being recognised as a quality product and people overseas want to buy Extreme Nutrition is a great feeling for all of us at the factory.

Adapting for new markets and territories also bring along their own unique demands with us now printing labels in multiple languages and now also for the Middle East we must be fully Halal and Kosher Certified too.

We now have this accreditation, we think we’re the one of the first UK brands to have full Halal Certification which can be seen here – HALAL AND KOSHER CERTIFICATE.

Extreme Nutrition products have always been made with the finest, cleanest ingredients. We have used a form of Stevia in our new formulas which has been extracted from the plant WITHOUT the use of an alcoholic agent unlike many rival brands which would mean that product cannot be Halal certified.

We have been making changes to all our formulas so we are legally compliant in new markets. This means Extreme Nutrition products contain no aspartame any more. We have new and improved packaging which the upgraded 2015 products will appear in very soon with security tear off strips in the lid of the powders. This means they cannot be opened without the tear off strip being removed, no other supplement company has gone as far as this to ensure our packaging is tamper evident.

Keep you’re eyes peeled for our improved range, after all you don’t want to allow your rivals an unfair advantage!


Protein powder, the advantages and who should use it and when.

Protein powder, the advantages and who should use it and when.

    These days more and more people go to the gym, everyone is after better health and a better body. This may be a fashion it may be in response to the rise of pseudo celebrities or may be that people are taking their long term health more seriously. Whatever the reason you will have heard of protein powder and protein shakes. There are all sorts of supplements available and they are getting more and more popular as a supplement across a wide spectrum of people.

    You can get protein powder from a multitude of sports shops, health food shops and on various supplement stores online. You can get powders, liquids and tablets. But what are they? What are they used for? And who do they benefit?

    Well we can answer those questions one at a time.

    What Are Protein Powders?

    Well in a nutshell protein powder is an easy way to get protein into your body. When you are training regularly protein is important to help build and maintain muscle. The most popular types of protein powder you can get are Whey and protein blends often incorporating Soy Isolate, Calcium Caseinate (casein), Whey Hydrolosate, Milk Protein isolate and now Beef Protein Isolate or Hydrolosate too.

    Whey is by far the most popular of all protein powder, it mixes easy in water so it is easy to shake and take, it is a complete protein so includes the 9 amino acids a human needs in their diet and its widely available and can be cost effective.

    When you look around at all the protein powders available you will see a huge range both in product and price. Some will have specific uses or types of athlete and if you are one of these types then you should go for the specific one that suits your circumstances. However the vast majority of users are just general keep fitters and they have no need for products with specific benefits.

    So when do you need to take protein powder?

    Well you can use them any time when you are looking to build and maintain muscle, but a balanced diet with lots of meat and fish is also very important but for convenience, vegetarians or those who lack much appetite then they are definitely a good way to go.

    If you have competitions coming up and are increasing your levels of exercise, if you are growing still (thinking teens here mainly), if you are increasing your normal program or starting a new regime or maybe if you are on the way to recovery from an injury then these would all be situations where you could benefit from extra protein.

    If you are going vegetarian or vegan especially then it is more difficult to get the required protein from your diet so a protein powder supplement may be a great idea to bolster your protein input.


    So let’s look at what your body needs;

    As an average athlete who just exercises recreationally you needs at least 0.5 grams per pound of body weight. If you are competitive that goes up to circa 1.0 grams, the same as you need as a teenager and still growing. If you’re goals are purely building muscle then 1.5 grams per pound of body weight is our recommendation.

    So the trick is to calculate your average weekly intake and then work out what you need and if there is a shortfall then protein powder might be for you. You can usually tell as you are tired and you feel week when lifting weights or carrying out other forms of exercise.

    We would recommend taking a protein supplement before or straight after exercise due to you breaking down muscle tissue during intense exercise, this is what lifting does to your muscles, breaks the tissues (hence the pain in the following days!), only for the body to repair these tissues making them thicker – this is where the size comes from, and what is needed for making these fibres thicker? Amino Acids which come from where? Protein!

    Extreme Whey is a high quality protein powder.

    There are many different kinds of protein powder, this is Extreme Whey by Extreme Nutrition.

Welcome to the Extreme Nutrition Blog

Extreme Nutrition Blog site is here to bring you the latest news and information from Extreme Nutrition. You’ll find news on our products, athletes, events, results and we will also publish articles and advice in this section too.

Extreme Nutrition
have always tried to offer REAL world information, not just anecdotal info or results in labs but a combination of science and personal experiences combined. What should work on paper doesn’t always happen in real life and a controlled environment does not allow for the stresses of daily life. This is where actual experience of using a product or the effect of a workout will show.

We have many athletes who will be posting here regularly, telling the world about their training, diet, competitions, injuries and anything else you guys want to know that they are happy to share.

We will tell you about any new products we have in the pipeline, what they are intended to do and who they are intended to work on.

We hope you enjoy our blog site and hope there is something here you all can benefit from in your own training, diet, competitions and life.


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