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212 Chicago Pro – the day arrives!

212 Chicago Pro – the day arrives!

    Hi all I have been back in UK now for 4 days after competing in my first 212 IFBB Pro Class in Chigaco where I placed 8th.

    Some people may see being placed 8th as a disappointment, however, I look at this as a major learning opportunity having never had to make a weight class in my whole bodybuilding career. I actually made the weight 1 day out and was fluctuating between weight every hour, then on the actual day of the show I weighed 210lb which meant I made the weight sparing 2lb.

    I felt good at this weight however feel I could have filled out somewhat more but I will learn from this and move forward as I know I can make weight easily enough, this allows me to adjust my prep further for my next IFBB Pro Show in which I will need to make the weight once again.

    People may think that flying is big problem when trying to make weight class. Before setting out I was little worried about this but coped well using high levels of Vitamin C and drinking a litre of water every hour throughout the flight and I didn’t consume any carbs on the flight, only protein, coming from turkey and lean beef mince. I made sure I had flight socks and kept them on throughout the flight and kept moving when possible even doing some bodyweight calf raises and squats.

    With the high levels of water and Vitamin C I was at the toilet every 20-40 minutes of the flight. I had my last meal 45 minutes before landing meaning I had 3 hours to get hold of food and water upon landing in America. As soon as I landed I jumped straight into a taxi requesting to be taken to the nearest store or grocer to purchase 2 days worth of food and water.

    Only unfortunate thing regarding the flight is that I had my tub of Extreme Pro-6 taken off me going through customs, which I was not happy with to be honest!

    Once water and food is sorted I went on 45 minute walk outside to get bearings and also to start removing any excess water gained from flight. From here I also worked on posing and did 2 gym sessions on upper body only, no legs.

    As I was depleted enough there was no reason to carb deplete any further, everything food wise was much the same except for introducing carbs back in by 40 grams with every meal.

    Hunni Chicago 2

    Hunni Chicago 1

    Hunni Chicago

IFBB 212 Chicago-Pro last stages!

IFBB 212 Chicago Pro last stages are here!

    Well everyone, here we are at the final part of my prep for the IFBB 212 Chicago-Pro contest and yes, you have seen right I am doing the 212lb class with the same aim of gaining a Mr. Olympia qualification.

    I was fortunate to get asked by Extreme Nutrition to do Body Power this year behind the stand and it was bigger and better than ever. To me its the best sporting expo in the UK and I love being on the stand.

    Unfortunately after the Expo I became quite ill and needed to take 5 days off training however having started my prep early it did not have negative impact because I was ahead of where I needed be at that time. This only goes to show that it is far better to start your preparation early and be ahead of where you need to be in case of anything like this coming along and throwing a spanner in the works which could render all your previous prep work useless if you are cutting it fine or it can mean you are forced to take drastic measures which will not reflect well on your physique when it’s your time to walk out on stage.

    My current body weight is 97kg which is 1kg off from contest weight having manipulated any water yet. To say I am happy with this prep which Extreme have helped is under statement so am hoping this is the year it happens for me and Extreme.

    Training wise I have still maintained lifting decent iron in good form for 12 – 15 reps however have added some drop sets into the mix.

    My main change is my diet and carbohydrate choice is now restricted to only 3, white potato, oats and rice. Protein has been fish n turkey with Extreme Whey between meals. My treat after training is Extreme Build n Recover.

    I will be adding my prep details to this and how my last few days look before the show.


Hamstring Training

Hamstring training, an essential part of bodybuilding and my take on this matter.

Firstly where are the hamstring and calf muscle? The hamstring, or leg bicep, is the muscle situated to the rear of the leg area. The hamstring is upper leg and the calf is back of lower leg. Keep that thought for one minute please and I will explain now.

As these two muscles are situated behind us we cannot see ourselves training them however we sure can feel them if we training correctly.

Lets start with the hamstring training: like the bicep they are flexor muscles so its all about curling the weights up and still working the negative part of the rep by controlling the weight back down in slow manner NOT using momentum on the descent.

My workout today on these two muscle groups looks like this:

1) Seated hamstring curls: 4 x 20 reps (key points keep your toes flexed towards your chins throughout curl the weight trying to kick your bum with your heels)

2) Lying leg curl: 4 x 20 reps (last set is drop set, again keep toes flexed throughout, try to kick bum with heels and work the negative part of the rep)

3) 15 minute walking lunges: 4 sets (keep body upright, if weight needed use weight across chest this keeps body upright)

4) Stiff leg dead lift: 3 x 15v reps (keep slight bend in knees, stick bum out to opposite wall behind you, clench bum on the up part rep, if flexible you will need to stand on box step)

The calf muscle need weight and variety of rep range. So owing to this I tend to go heavy one week and lighter the next but I train my calf twice per week as these are my weak muscle groups and find by training them twice per week they respond well and grow.

Session one looks like this

1) Standing calf raises 4 x 20-30 reps (go right up onto the tip toes and hold for two counts)

I alternate this movement with hack squat calf raises on a weekly basis.

2) Seated calf raises: 4 x 20 reps (be careful not go too low on the lowering part of the rep as you can run into trouble with Achilles muscle, still get onto those tip toes)

Cardio training is done on the stair climber 20 minutes followed by walking on an inclined treadmill for 25 minutes too.

My first session of cardio was done upon waking after consuming 1 scoop Extreme Whey and 5 BCA-311, this was done on the bike 40 minutes.


Back routine

Hi all as I am so jealous that the rest of the Extreme Nutrition team are off to one of the biggest sporting expo’s in the world, FIBO. I thought I would give you my back routine completed today.

Firstly I will tell you how things are going prep wise and what my mood is like at this stage of contest prep.

I am 7 weeks out from the IFBB Toronto Pro show and the sleepless night are just starting to creep into the mix. To combat this I take the odd nap during the day or after my morning session of cardio before I train during the day.

My morning session of cardio is 45 minutes and it takes a bit out of me after a restless night sleeps. I have my cardio clothes at the bottom of my bed and literally climb into them upon waking in the morning. Quick brush of the teeth and fat burners town the hatch with my branch chain aminos and its a way we go.

My back routine workout normally lasts about one hour and and the routine is as follows:

Hanging Chins – 3 x 10 reps

Bent over barbell rows – 4 x 10-12 reps

Single Arm dumbbell rows – 4 x 10 reps

Wide grip pull downs to the chest – 4 x 15 reps

Barbell Deadlifts – 3 x 10 reps

Seated rows with a close, palms facing, grip – 4 x 12-15 reps

Dumbbell pull overs – 3 x 20 reps

Standing calf raises – 5 x 20 reps

I follow my back routine with 40 minutes cardiovascular work on an incline walker, rowing machine or stationary bike subject to my mood and what machine is available to get on without waiting long enough for me to have cooled down any.

My tip for a good back routine is, when you are training, hold each reps at the contraction point for one count and try to pinch your shoulder blades together on every rep. Elbows must remain close to your side no matter what exercise you perform.


Cardiovascular Training by IFBB Professional Hunni Glanville

Why do we need cardiovascular training in bodybuilding I hear as my first question? I will bounce a question back when answering this question.

What are we doing when lifting weights? My answer is we are doing a sport and I would say that most sporting activities have a good general effect on the body. As an amateur I heard loads of negative myths about cardiovascular training such as:

You lose muscle if you do too much cardiovascular work (true if you starve yourself)
I have no time after my workout for cardiovascular training (lazy persons excuse)
I lose too much strength when doing cardiovascular training (lazy attitude again)
When bulking you have to stay away from any form of cardiovascular training

OK, I will agree with you I made several excuses not to do cardiovascular training when I first started as an amateur and as you may know I struggled with condition at that level. Looking back now, I can now tell you what the mistake was. Plain and simple, I never did any cardiovascular training at any stage of amateur bodybuilding and came from a body weight of roughly 20 stone (off season weight) all the way down to 14.5 stone (contest weight).

The diets were very calorie restricted and bland as hell. Dieting for me as an amateur was pure torture. Throughout these diets I was dieting for 25 weeks with carbohydrates being in the range of 50- 100 grams per day.

Many people said to me it’s not a starving/fasting competition its bodybuilding a sport. When I turned professional I began to understand what I was doing and needed to do so began by asking myself: What are the benefits of this pain in the ass cardiovascular training?

The heart; it is a muscle and by doing cardiovascular training the heart develops more (train the heart like any other body part is what I believe), it is strengthened so is able to squeeze a greater volume of blood out per contraction leading to greater pump.

Recovery after exercise increases, meaning as a bodybuilder you can spend more time under tension leading to greater muscle breakdown when training, leading to more calories needed to fuel the system. Endorphins are be released causing us to feel happier and healthier (healthy bod, healthy mind), increased calorie expenditure and higher metabolic rate.

How much cardiovascular training do we need to do? I now keep CV work in all year round the minimum time spending on CV during the off season being 20 minutes. My reason to keep the CV in all year round is to keep body fat levels in check. Also to train the heart and also not to shock the body when increasing the time and amount of CV during actual contest preparation period.

In the off season I perform cardiovascular training sessions on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays (at 60% intensity) and I still do 1 x 2 hour kick boxing session per week.

During contest preparation I will do cardiovascular training Monday through to Saturday consisting of the following pieces of equipment:
Stationary bike
X- trainer
Rowing machine
Power walk on hills on the grass (great for gluteus and hamstring)

When preparing for contest I believe in starting the CV high as in 2 sessions of minimum 45 minutes each Monday through to Saturday leaving Sunday a total day of rest from any physical activity getting ready for the next weeks training onslaught. At 16 weeks out from contest I will also stop my kick boxing classes.

You may think – why start so high? Well I believe in starting high when my body fat levels are high and my energy levels are higher than what they would be at the end of the diet.

I hear you ask, “where I get my 45 minutes and number of days per week?”
For optimum health results it has been proven one should exercise aerobically for at least 3 times per week and it takes us a minimum 20 minutes to get into our fat burning stage when doing continues aerobic activity.

Recently I discussed this with Douglas Black, MD of Extreme Nutrition, as I was doing 30 minutes and stopped loosing body fat so he suggested I increased this time to 45 minutes and hey presto the body fat continued to drop. So I say the longer we can stay in that fat burning stage the better and I usually work at approximately 65 -70 % of my maximum heart rate (220 – age x 0.65 = ideal number of heart beats per minute to maximize fat burning benefits from your cardio).

Do I ever do High Intensity Interval Training HIIT? Yes, during contest preparation I do HIIT on my last session of CV after my weights session on a Monday and Friday and my reasons are that post exercise lipid utilization is greatly enhanced with HIIT. Meaning even after exercise the body will continue to burn fat.

I also believe that intense exercise also will cause the body to release more human Growth Hormone (hGH). Anabolic hormones such as hGH and testosterone are important to losing fat, building and retaining muscle mass.

HIIT will produce sharp rise in both these hormones which is vital for our purpose in building muscle when calories are restricted. HIIT can also increase fat burning at rest by increasing metabolism. So this is why I keep HIIT into my programme when getting shredded. Please note that you only need to keep these sessions to minimum, i.e. 1-2 per week maximum 25 minutes per session or you run the risk of over training.

When to do cardiovascular activity? I perform my CV activity in the off season first thing in the morning after a 1 scoop of Extreme Nutrition Whey. I have the scoop of Whey to prevent my body from going catabolic.

In the contest preparation faze I still do my first session in the morning then my last session is normally done after training. This means I actually get 2 fat burning stages morning and night.

Conclusion; Train the heart like any other muscle, by doing CV work you will be able to eat more calories during contest preparation.
1. Cardiovascular work helps muscle soreness and helps ease DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness).
2. Cardiovascular work helps overall fitness.
3. Great for overall mood elevation during contest preparation

Don’t be lazy just do it, it’s the only way to get in true contest shape and also keep your heart in as good shape as the rest of you.


Shoulder workout by Hunni Glanville IFBB Pro Bodybuilder

Here is my shoulder workout as promised.

I woke up this morning at 4.30am for 60 minutes cardio then went to work for the day. 4pm arrived and it was time for my shoulder workout followed by calve training and then followed by 45 minutes of cardiovascular training – again!

My shoulder workout was as follows:

Light shoulder machine press 3 x 30 reps

Hammer strength shoulder press
1) 2 plates side – 15 reps
2) 3 plates side – 12
3) 4 plates side – 10 then dropped to 2 plates – 10 reps

Dumbbell side lateral raises
1) 10kg – 20
2) 15kg – 15
3) 20kg – 10
4) 20kg – 10

20kg disc front raise – 4 x 15 reps

Barbell shrugs
1) 100kg – 15
2) 140kg – 15
3) 180kg – 10
4) 180kg – 10

I am adding some more drop sets in this year to add more detail to my physique and when doing drop set I do the lighter weight very slowly spending more time under tension. This has given me a very different look this year in terms of hardness, which is something I am really trying to nail this year.

Standing calve raises – 4 sets 20 reps

Seated calve raises – 4 sets 20-30

45 minute treadmill walk at incline of 7 trying to target my glutes/hamstring tie in this year. This does not come easy for most people, including me! So this has to be worked on, it is now an area the judges are looking at more and more as it becomes more commonly seen on competitors. Like everything in bodybuilding, things are changing all the time and expectations from those on stage become greater year after year.

The shoulders should never be overlooked or underestimated, they are seen from the front, the side and the rear, no matter what body part you are being asked to show the judges. A good shoulder workout is imperative in building big deltoids which add to the width of your physique and play a big part in the illusion of size that is needed to make your shoulders look wider and in turn give the illusion of a smaller waist, thus accentuating your V-taper.

Never sacrifice good form for a bigger weight in a shoulder workout, the shoulder is an open joint with 360 degree rotation due to it being an open joint. This makes the shoulders more susceptible to injury of the muscles and tendons that hold it all together.

Shoulder injuries are all to common and are often misdiagnosed due to the number of things that can possibly go wrong.

Hunni Glanville IFBB Pro.

Hunni side delt training

Training Progress from IFBB Pro Hunni Glanville

Hello everyone, I wanted to give you all a training progress update as to what’s been happening since my last showing at the IFBB Toronto Pro 2014 where I placed 13th.

I have continued to train hard and keep to a decent off season body weight as I want to try and slip into the 212 class this year. After Toronto I had two weeks off training then went straight back to 3 cardio sessions per week and prioritising my week areas which were

  • Upper leg development
  • More detail in the midsection with the added benefit of controlling it between poses as this was picked up during one of my guest spots.
  • More calf development

With these goals in mind I remained focused on trying to achieve my goal of qualifying for the Mr. Olympia 2015.

Since the start of my diet in December 2014 I have taken regular training progress pictures every four weeks to see the changes as I go along and makes me stay focus on targeting the week points. I am also back to keeping a training progress diary this year like I did when living in Scotland.

With how has the training progress has gone so far, I feel I am I on target.

Having increased my calories this time round and using food as a major tool to build muscle and stay fuller as opposed to looking flat at my current body weight. I feel I have a very different look this year and am very confident going into this this years pro shows.

Training has gone really well and my split looks like this

Monday am fasted cardio 45 minutes – PM Upper leg 40 minutes cardio

Tuesday am fasted cardio 45 minutes – PM Shoulders and calves 30 minutes HIIT

Wednesday am fasted cardio 60 minutes – PM core 45 minutes cardio

Thursday am 30 minutes HIIT – PM back and triceps 30 HIIT

Friday am 45 minutes fasted cardio – PM Hamstring n calves 40 minutes cardio

Saturday am 45 minutes fasted cardio – PM chest n biceps 40 minutes cardio

Sunday am 60 minutes fasted cardio

My current body weight is 16st 12lb with two weeks to go for a photo shoot that I booked last year.


Following this shoot I will be at Body Power with Extreme Nutrition then it will be contest time. This is why I have started dieting this far out as well to be able to be used by Extreme for guest appearances ans seminars.

Keep following me to see my nutrition plan for this year and my Training Progress through my contest prep I am doing for this year.

IFBB Pro Hunni Glanville.

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