OK so I’ve just finished my last heavy squat session before the BDFPA British finals a week on Saturday I’m feeling strong and positive. I’m quite surprised in many ways because I am also focusing on getting lean too (for FIBO), as will be working on the booth with Extreme Nutrition for 4 days AND staying strong is looking more achievable than I thought it may be!

Here’s how it went:
Warm up & mobility stretches then….

1 Set x 10 with just the Olympic bar to warm up and get into the groove of the movement
1 Set x 8 @ 40kg
1 Set x 4 @ 60kg
1 Set x 2 @ 80kg
1 Set x 2 @ 100kg
1 Set x 1 @ 102.5kg
Then it should have been 1 x 1 @ 105kg heavy squat, but instead I did 2 reps the first one felt easy so why not go for a second?

I followed this by some assistance / speed work to drill in the explosive movements needed for the big day.  My assistance work included leg press,  deadlifts, pull throughs, leg extensions followed by leg curl, oh and not to forget a weighted plank too for core strength and ancillary muscles which will help with stability and balance.


I am still doing cardio, not really a done thing on the run in to a power lifting contest, but as I said I need to be in shape to allow to look good in a crop top and booty shorts for FIBO. So right now I’m stronger than I’ve ever been and my fitness has not suffered – if anything it is better than it has been for a while so I am feeling confident and happy with the way my preparation has gone so far.

And, I am pleased the way I am looking considering I’m dieting but still eating enough to give me enough energy to push myself in the gym.

It just goes to show you can do anything with the proper planning.

Jo Stanger.
NABBA Miss Britain
BDFPA British Champion