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Bodypower Expo

Bodypower Expo 2015

    So for the past few weeks ive had my hands full with my new born son, Kaal-El. He’s been bad with colic, reflux and constipation so I’ve not had a second to blog, the baby is growing very fast and I’m enjoying him being a tiny baby, but this weekend was a bit of a break away from the children and work at Bodypower Expo with Extreme Nutrition.

    I love working at the expos as working with Extreme athletes is like working with your great friends we have a laugh and enjoy what we do. I couldn’t do all 3 days this year and I was only there Saturday and Sunday but we were still busy working and having pictures taken. The famous Beattie hot pants were not out this year but will be back in force next year!

    Jo S, Hyde + Lynsey

    This year we had a few new athletes join us one of which was the strongman Laurence Shahlei, what a gentle giant and a lovely kind man he stood all day doing pictures and for a big bloke it must of been quite hard on him.

    Emma, Jo S + Lynsey

    The Extreme team are great and we all have a great laugh although we all suffer with sore feet and broken backs its always worth it. We all go out after Bodypower Expo and have food and a few drinks to relax before the next day and oh we have a laugh with a few sore heads the next day but back on the stand bright and early with strong coffee!

    With the power of social media one status posted by me for tea or coffee if people are passing the Extreme Nutrition stand worked a treat, so thank you to all that came with drinks for us!

    So the Sunday went smoothly all the new products and the new re branded products were received well by those at Bodypower Expo. For me now is to get back to the gym and rebuild my physique and get back on that stage next yr will be blogging my training and videos up soon.


Now the post baby work begins – Lynsey Beattie IFBB Pro

Now the post baby work begins, not only does the work begin with looking after a new born and my twin girls but I also have my hands full half the week with my step kids and I need to think about getting myself back in shape.

Some may saying I’m a genetic freak or just lucky, but I think having rock hard abs helps to drag my post baby stomach back in every time,  Kaal-El is my 4th child (and my last!) I’m done. I’ve had kids in my life since 16 but I have not let that stop me doing what I wanted to do.

Here is a picture of me 12 days before and 12 days after giving birth.

I am aware I am lucky with my genetics, I don’t gain fat easily and after 10 years of being an IFBB Professional Bodybuilder I am used to eating good all the time so I didn’t end up with the mentality that I was eating for two!

This is a problem for a lot of pregnant women, as they get bigger, become less mobile it often leads to them eating more and gaining fat which they will eventually want to lose once again after giving birth.

I never stopped exercising in one way or another until very close to the day I gave birth, I believe it is good for the baby and for me too by not allowing me to gain too much fat or get used to the sofa either.

My diet was clean all the way through my pregnancy although I did have more treats than I would have ordinarily but it was still less than the average person would have from week to week. I still had my Pro-6 each night at bedtime, just as this is the time when my body would carry out it’s maintenance I wanted to ensure there was enough protein in my system for us both, baby and me.

I think due to all of the factors above you can see the proof that by keeping active and eating well my post baby recovery was definitely faster than most women experience.

Lynsey Beattie, IFBB Pro

Baby arrives with Extreme speed

    Baby arrives with Extreme speed!

So it’s Sat morning and I’m totally fed up, I feel like a beached whale and cannot move and still no sign of any baby arrival. My pelvis has well and truly given up the ghost and the bed is so squishy I cannot get up!

Asking Aarron (my other half) to help is no point as he just looks at me in disgust, I’m meant to be a top athlete but I look like a bloody couch potato so I’ve trying to do everything to bring on labour so I can finally have this baby, but nothing is working. The midwife has give me a few secret tips to try so I will see how that goes.

So we have all the kids today and we are going out and I can hardly walk and Aarron isn’t the best with all the kids, no patience what so ever, so the Clampets head out.

4 hrs later we are back home and after trying a few techniques from the midwife, I’m getting some pains, its about 16·30 and the kids are running riot and the pains are coming quite often but not lasting long,  so they say I’m not ready to go in but I’m thinking that I’m not going to last long.

Aarron decides it may be great to start catching it all on camera, he is a bit used to catching things on camera recently!  So I’m sitting on the couch timing the contractions when I have a funny rumble in my belly and a pop which meant I’d became very incontinent or my waters broke and oh my God did they break I’ve never seen so much water!

Now Aarron is running round with the camera panicking on what to do, the first thing he thinks of is make a protein drink and get some food for himself because he may get hungry, never mind me being in pain, I’m OK I will just suffer!

The kids and they cannot stay with us so now, in between contractions I’m trying to figure out childcare for the kids and breathe and breathe! OK, so they are coming bloody quick now I’m needing to go hospital pronto!

Before we go we have to go the shop for Aarron on the way, so I ask for some chewing gum and water while he is in there, whilst he is in the shop I’ve had 3 contractions, OMG hurry up Aarron I’m goin to give birth in the car!

He strolls out with not a care in the world. FFS will you hurry the f**k up!

So we head to the hospital and we can’t park outside, so he parks in the furthest spot he can possibly find. Now I have to walk to the entrance with no help so I send Aarron to get a wheel chair and get me inside its about 7·30 now, they get me straight in and on the bed to examine me, bloody hell the contractions are not easing up, 20 mins later and this baby is on its way!

Aarron finds it funny to steal my gas and air this is where the exodus appears now while I try and get it back, through all this I’m being filmed by knob head (Aarron) as this was his new name for putting me through this.

When I look back on the videos I have veins appearing in my head that I never thought I had!

An hour and half later baby is born, the quickest birth for me ever and he shot out like superman with one arm straight up so the name was chosen, Kaal-El, was born you pronounce it Kal-El as no one knows how to say it lol.

This baby was conceived on Extreme Nutrition products and proved he was an extremist by the speed he came into the world, lets wait and see if he is a little Extremist!

Lynsey and bairn Lynsey.Supergirl.small


Where has Lynsey Beattie been for the past nine months?

After placing 5th at the Bodypower Pro Bodybuilding Contest looking the best I ever have with more muscle mass, better shape and condition, I was on a roll to get back to the gym and look at doing my next comp.  But anyone who knows Lynsey Beattie will know I don’t have the best luck in world, and literally after coming off stage fell pregnant within weeks – not sure how really as I had no bloody estrogen in my body, but like I said my luck.  

Pregnancy was not on my mind at all with having 3 kids already I really didn’t want to put myself through another one, plus I was in the process of moving from Liverpool to Northamptonshire to start my new life with Aarron Lambert. Now that was a big step in its self moving in with Aarron, to then have a baby Lambo is maybe a bit much! Anyway we decided that we should take the step and the growing belly began.

My plans were simple really eat well, train all the way up and enjoy the journey,  hmmmm enjoy the journey, well it was a journey that was for sure.  Before I knew I was pregnant I fell down the stairs and ripped my glute muscle and I was mm from a broken back I also had to have 2 x-rays, which you shouldn’t have if your pregnant but obviously I didn’t no I was. I was also booked in for my routine smear test which again is something else you shouldn’t have done if your pregnant.  So the first couple of months were a bit risky, then I moved to the sickness part of the pregnancy, although I wasn’t sick I had the nauseous feeling and smells made me queasy but I prefer that to having my head down the loo.  I was feeling fine and dandy and was still training pretty hard, I no my limits and adjusted my training accordingly to suit my condition.

Stresses of moving to a new house, in a new county, moving the kids to a new house and school, and being pregnant and hormonal was bad enough then living with Aarron was a whole new stress in itself.  But that’s a new blog altogether!

I trained till about 5 months then I started to feel not so secure lifting weights and a condition I had with the twins came back with this one, where the hormones in the body produce a hormone called relaxing and this causes the ligaments to loosen up and sometimes they relax too much and with me my pelvis split which was quite debilitating, as time goes on this progressively gets worse to the point were u are unable to walk properly get up and down stairs, in and out of cars, just everyday things are difficult.

IFBB Pro Lynsey Beattie

Lynsey Beattie Extreme Reload

Lynsey posing with 2 pistols for an Extreme Reload advert

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