With my kit,  food and schedule checked and packed we left our farm house in Acate at 7:15am to arrive at the competition venue in Gela for 8am. Once we arrived I checked in and joined the queue for the weigh in.

I was a bit anxious about my competition weigh in as from travelling, being in a different country and eating different foods I wasn’t sure how my body would react and I needed to be under 70kg on the morning of the competition to compete in my class.  

I was advised by my boyfriend (Liam Armstrong – Extreme Nutrition‘s sales manager and 2010 WDFPF 100kg World Champion) to manipulate my water intake to ensure that I made weight so on Thursday I drank 4 litres, increasing this to 6 litres of water on Friday.  On the Friday I also doubled my carbohydrate intake to around 350-400g, took 6g of Vitamin C (a natural diuretic – this helps the body to flush water through the system) spread across regular intervals from 5pm until going to bed and stopped drinking any more water at 8pm. 

The idea here is that the Body will continue to flush fluid out of the system, not long enough to cause any real dehydration issues but just long enough as to allow you to make weight.  Cutting fluid 2 hrs before going to sleep and not drinking any fluid in the morning whilst having gone to the toilet a few times through the night had the desired effect, I weighed in at 67.5kg, comfortably under the 70kg limit.

I was relieved and over the moon! Now it was time to eat and drink some water! I ate 2 bananas, some additional fast acting carbohydrates followed by 100g of porridge oats with treacle, I then had Extreme Nutrition BCA-311s & Krevolution-X & drank a chocolate Build and Recover before the lifting began.

The competition ran over 2 days to split up the competitors as over 200 athletes were competing. I competed on the Saturday as all the unequipped ladies were, I was in flight 4, the under 70kg class along with 11 other athletes.
Lifting started at 10:30 and my first lift was Squats.

I opened with 115kg this was a personal best for me in competition it felt heavy but I got the lift. I moved up to 120kg, then decided to move up to 122.5kg, my aim was 125kg however 120kg felt quite tough so I felt that 125kg would be unachievable today.  I got the 122.5kg –  a new personal best!

My second lift was Bench Press. I opened with 70kg & failed my first lift. My right arm dipped down as I pushed the bar off my chest which caused me to fail. I stuck with 70kg for my second lift, I was more focused on my technique for the second lift which helped me achieve this lift. For my third lift I increased by 2.5kg to 72.5kg which I achieved – my second personal best of the day.

Third lift: Dead lifts. I opened with 160kg I had managed 2 reps at this weight previously in the gym however I was still nervous leading up to my lift. Once I had approached the bar I stood in position too long which made my lift feel so much harder,  I got the lift and then moved onto 165kg. 

My approach,  mind set and set up was a lot better for my second lift,  it felt so much more comfortable than my first lift,  got it no problem. My third and final lift of the day was at 175kg again my set up was good and this dead lift also felt comfortable. As I had got all 3 dead lifts I decided to go for the world record of 181.5kg. 

I had to go for the record within 2 minutes of my last lift, I didn’t have enough rest in between lifts so I failed.
Lifting for my group in the competition finished at around 12:30. It went so quick! I loved every minute, everyone is so supportive of each other.

Through out the competition I didn’t eat any solid food as I find it too uncomfortable to lift after eating (I have seen a woman projectile vomit while squatting in comp which put me off eating solid food while lifting) I find sipping on Extreme Nutrition’s chocolate Build and Recover in between lifts perfect for me.

My total from the British qualifier and British final competition was around 350kg my total from the worlds was 370kg. I have been working hard all year to improve my over all total and I am so pleased that all the heavy training sessions have paid off.

Through out this year I have been lucky enough to have some awesome advice and support of one of Britain’s Strongest men,  fellow Extreme athlete and good friend Laurence Shahlaei and from 2008 I have had the amazing support and guidance from Extreme Nutrition, I use Extreme Whey, Extreme Pro-6, BCA 3:1:1Krevolution-X, CLA & Build and Recover on a daily basis. Extreme Nutrition supplements allow me to train hard and recover properly day in and day out!

My plan now is to have a week off training to give my body a good rest then as of Monday 9th November I’ll be back into my training. I’ve decided to go back to the 5,3,1 cycle for a while, I was introduced to this type of training by my better half Liam Armstrong, he started me on the right track for power lifting from the start that’s for sure!

Thanks to everyone for their support,
Jo Stanger
World Champion.