Failure to prepare is preparing to fail.

A very true statement/saying, leaving things to the last minute is asking for trouble and adds more stress at a time when you want to be calm and composed.

The week before my comps involve a lot of rest, a lot of sleep, a lot of water and no training! So instead of talking about my training this week (as i have done zero, zilch, nada, nowt, nothing!) I thought a little kit check might come in handy for some of you!

Here are my game day essentials;
1) Singlet (I don’t think these look good on anyone!) Make sure it’s clean, intact and packed.
2) A lifting belt – check the thickness and width of your belt with your federation rules, you don’t want to turn up and not be able to use your belt! Bye, bye P.B deadlift and squat!
3) Long socks for deadlifting – long enough to go up to knees.
4) Shoes for squatting, deadlifting and benching in. The thinner the sole, the better for the deadlift!
5) A t-shirt to go under your singlet – some federations do not allow capped sleeves so make sure your tshirt meets the criteria.
6) Talc
7) Chalk
8) Wrist wraps – check with your fed rules that your wrist wraps do not exceed the maximum length allowed. I lift Raw without Knee Wraps, some federations allow Raw with Knee Wraps.
9) Food and supplements. I seem to loose my appetite and struggle to eat solid foods on comp days so I always make sure I have my Krevolution-X,

The benefits of creatine without the downside.

Extreme Krevolution-X is the side effect free creatine.

Extreme BCA-311 are an excellent source of branched chain amino acids

Branched chain amino acids are an anti catabolic amino acid.

and 2 scoops of the elixir of strength – Build and Recover
Extreme Nutrition Build & Recover 2.88kg tub in Blueberry Cheesecake flavour

Jo Stanger knows how to get an unfair advantage!

from Extreme Nutrition ready to drink after each event.

I also make sure I have enough chocolate 😉

I love comp day!

Jo Stanger

Joanne Stanger World Champion

Joanne training in the gym with the deadlift