Give Your Body a Boost this winter.

According to my car today, it’s minus 1.5 degrees which means that winter is well and truly setting in! Now, more than ever, it’s important to give your body a boost and to look after it and your health so that you survive the winter without getting run down or catching any infections like cold or flu.

Here are some tips to ensure you give your body a boost that it will keep you at your best this winter:

  1. 1. Get plenty of sleep

Try and stick with a regular bedtime and time that you wake up. Getting lots of sleep ensures that your body recovers properly (especially when you are training), and it encourages the production of those all important white blood cells, which are essential for fighting disease along with the highly anabolic, fat burning, natural human Growth Hormone which is secreted during REM (rapid eye movement) sleep..

2. Eat immune boosting foods
One of the best ways give your body a boost through the winter is to keep an eye on what you are eating. Your food is your fuel, and you have to think that you will “run” better on the best fuel that you can provide. Your immune system needs key vitamins and nutrients, including zinc, copper, iron and protein. You will find the vitamins and minerals you need in colourful foods, nuts and seeds. Buy these fresh, tinned/frozen/preserved versions have normally a fraction of the benefits of fresh produce.

Berries, broccoli and citrus fruits should all be a key part of your diet this winter. Pineapple is known for it’s anti inflammatory properties and could also help you to recover more quickly from your workouts.

3. Work Out
Exercise strengthens your immune cells which helps fight off infection. It doesn’t matter so much what exercise you do, just get do something. Exercise also causes a release of endorphins which have a euphoric effect, making you feel better within yourself, physically and mentally.

~Elle Mac~

Winter training

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