Hamstring training, an essential part of bodybuilding and my take on this matter.

Firstly where are the hamstring and calf muscle? The hamstring, or leg bicep, is the muscle situated to the rear of the leg area. The hamstring is upper leg and the calf is back of lower leg. Keep that thought for one minute please and I will explain now.

As these two muscles are situated behind us we cannot see ourselves training them however we sure can feel them if we training correctly.

Lets start with the hamstring training: like the bicep they are flexor muscles so its all about curling the weights up and still working the negative part of the rep by controlling the weight back down in slow manner NOT using momentum on the descent.

My workout today on these two muscle groups looks like this:

1) Seated hamstring curls: 4 x 20 reps (key points keep your toes flexed towards your chins throughout curl the weight trying to kick your bum with your heels)

2) Lying leg curl: 4 x 20 reps (last set is drop set, again keep toes flexed throughout, try to kick bum with heels and work the negative part of the rep)

3) 15 minute walking lunges: 4 sets (keep body upright, if weight needed use weight across chest this keeps body upright)

4) Stiff leg dead lift: 3 x 15v reps (keep slight bend in knees, stick bum out to opposite wall behind you, clench bum on the up part rep, if flexible you will need to stand on box step)

The calf muscle need weight and variety of rep range. So owing to this I tend to go heavy one week and lighter the next but I train my calf twice per week as these are my weak muscle groups and find by training them twice per week they respond well and grow.

Session one looks like this

1) Standing calf raises 4 x 20-30 reps (go right up onto the tip toes and hold for two counts)

I alternate this movement with hack squat calf raises on a weekly basis.

2) Seated calf raises: 4 x 20 reps (be careful not go too low on the lowering part of the rep as you can run into trouble with Achilles muscle, still get onto those tip toes)

Cardio training is done on the stair climber 20 minutes followed by walking on an inclined treadmill for 25 minutes too.

My first session of cardio was done upon waking after consuming 1 scoop Extreme Whey and 5 BCA-311, this was done on the bike 40 minutes.