After placing 5th at the Bodypower Pro Bodybuilding Contest looking the best I ever have with more muscle mass, better shape and condition, I was on a roll to get back to the gym and look at doing my next comp.  But anyone who knows Lynsey Beattie will know I don’t have the best luck in world, and literally after coming off stage fell pregnant within weeks – not sure how really as I had no bloody estrogen in my body, but like I said my luck.  

Pregnancy was not on my mind at all with having 3 kids already I really didn’t want to put myself through another one, plus I was in the process of moving from Liverpool to Northamptonshire to start my new life with Aarron Lambert. Now that was a big step in its self moving in with Aarron, to then have a baby Lambo is maybe a bit much! Anyway we decided that we should take the step and the growing belly began.

My plans were simple really eat well, train all the way up and enjoy the journey,  hmmmm enjoy the journey, well it was a journey that was for sure.  Before I knew I was pregnant I fell down the stairs and ripped my glute muscle and I was mm from a broken back I also had to have 2 x-rays, which you shouldn’t have if your pregnant but obviously I didn’t no I was. I was also booked in for my routine smear test which again is something else you shouldn’t have done if your pregnant.  So the first couple of months were a bit risky, then I moved to the sickness part of the pregnancy, although I wasn’t sick I had the nauseous feeling and smells made me queasy but I prefer that to having my head down the loo.  I was feeling fine and dandy and was still training pretty hard, I no my limits and adjusted my training accordingly to suit my condition.

Stresses of moving to a new house, in a new county, moving the kids to a new house and school, and being pregnant and hormonal was bad enough then living with Aarron was a whole new stress in itself.  But that’s a new blog altogether!

I trained till about 5 months then I started to feel not so secure lifting weights and a condition I had with the twins came back with this one, where the hormones in the body produce a hormone called relaxing and this causes the ligaments to loosen up and sometimes they relax too much and with me my pelvis split which was quite debilitating, as time goes on this progressively gets worse to the point were u are unable to walk properly get up and down stairs, in and out of cars, just everyday things are difficult.

IFBB Pro Lynsey Beattie

Lynsey Beattie Extreme Reload

Lynsey posing with 2 pistols for an Extreme Reload advert