The last few weeks have been a hard slog. Last week saw me miss a week of training through a viral infection, to then come back this week and still be fighting it off even though I have a new diet, new training routine and a new coach.

Dosed up on functional medicine, glutamine and Vit C and it seems to be shifting. (thank goodness). With 2 weeks off my full-time job it’s time to get my head back in the game and Fix up and look sharp, but also catch up with family and have a good time. I’m always working at 100mph.

Since my last blog lots of things have changed, I have a new diet, new training rputine, so it’s going to hard slog with less than 6 weeks to turn my shape around. I’ve got strength, volume and intensity all within my program training, working out 7 days per week – 1 day being active rest day 😉

I’m already seeing improvements in the 8-10 weeks I’ve been with my new coach, Mark of M10 Fitness, I have plenty more left in the tank too. My sessions are a killer and I don’t like to quit!! Check me working hard here 😉

Back squat&

Followed by glute ham raise

My main aim is to look better in my shape, I focused to much on trying to be a gymnast last season and I wasn’t happy with my overall look. This year it’s all about my shape and routine 2nd.

As mentioned before, I’ve been through a lot in the last few months and without the support of those around me I don’t think I would be able to carry on. Having support behind you helps so much, so if I don’t say thank you accept my apologies as it does really mean a lot.

I’ve also found out a lot about my body and it being very toxic, you’ll be able to read about my journey in my Toxic or Not Article coming soon!

Keep working hard and don’t lose sight of your own goals 😉

Cee Oliver

Caroline Oliver

Former Extreme Nutrition athlete, Cee Oliver