New markets are opening all the time as the world seems to shrink, it’s crazy with modern technology how we can potentially reach everyone on the planet with the use of mobile technology and computing. It’s so easy nowadays, we are all able to speak to, and even see, friends and family all round the world easily from our own hands. We are also able to travel the planet more cost effectively too which enables us to find new customers all over God’s green Earth.

Thanks to us attending FIBO each year for the last 4 years we now have distributors in Norway, Finland, Greece, Germany, Norway, Greece, Australia and now we have an export partner for the Middle East.

Having the opportunity to sell our products overseas is a great, knowing the brand is being recognised as a quality product and people overseas want to buy Extreme Nutrition is a great feeling for all of us at the factory.

Adapting for new markets and territories also bring along their own unique demands with us now printing labels in multiple languages and now also for the Middle East we must be fully Halal and Kosher Certified too.

We now have this accreditation, we think we’re the one of the first UK brands to have full Halal Certification which can be seen here – HALAL AND KOSHER CERTIFICATE.

Extreme Nutrition products have always been made with the finest, cleanest ingredients. We have used a form of Stevia in our new formulas which has been extracted from the plant WITHOUT the use of an alcoholic agent unlike many rival brands which would mean that product cannot be Halal certified.

We have been making changes to all our formulas so we are legally compliant in new markets. This means Extreme Nutrition products contain no aspartame any more. We have new and improved packaging which the upgraded 2015 products will appear in very soon with security tear off strips in the lid of the powders. This means they cannot be opened without the tear off strip being removed, no other supplement company has gone as far as this to ensure our packaging is tamper evident.

Keep you’re eyes peeled for our improved range, after all you don’t want to allow your rivals an unfair advantage!