Power Lifting – A winners tale from the BDFPA British finals.

    It’s been a few weeks since I competed at the BDFPA British Powerlifting finals in the under 70kg unequipped class and I’m ecstatic to say I won and this post is a Winners Tale!

    Apologies for the delay in updating my blog, I wrote this during my journey home from FIBO – which was amazing!

    Anyway back to my comp… the day started off really well! First was the weigh in, I wasn’t sure how much under the 70kg mark I would be, I carb loaded two days prior to the comp as I was still dieting for FIBO the following weekend but wanted to feel full and strong for the British finals. Anyway, I weighed in at 67.7kg which was perfect.

    The first lift was squat. My aim was to beat my previous Personal Best which was 107.5kg in competition. I opened with 100kg, I went too deep and it felt like a ton of bricks, but I got the lift. I over thought the depth of my second lift at 107.5kg and didn’t go deep enough, I failed the lift. My third lift was 110kg it was perfect. Final lift for squat was 110kg.

    The next lift was Bench Press, my weakest lift. I opened with 65kg I knew I was guaranteed to get this lift and I did easily. My second lift was 70kg this was a breeze too. My third lift was 72.5kg however I failed as I was unable to move the weight off my chest! Unreal how an extra 2.5kg can feel like an extra 22.5kg!

    My third and final lift was the Deadlift. Since I started competing in power lifting I have noticed deadlifts are my favourite & strongest lift, in my first power lifting competition I broke a British record and pulled a 172.5kg deadlift. I opened with 140kg….Boom no problem! 150kg…..Boom easy! I set my next lift at 160kg but then moved up to 162.5kg as getting this lift was the difference between 1st place and 3rd place! I wanted 1st place!

    162.5kg wasn’t easy but I did it and dare I say I it, I felt like I still had more in the tank. I won my class & a British Title!

    Next stop is the World Championships!!!

    Jo Stanger

    Jo powerlifting