So, this shit just got real – in 9 weeks time I will be competing for the WDFPF unequipped under 70kg World Powerlifting Championships!

A very good friend of mine and fellow Strength athlete, Worlds Strongest Man finalist Laurence Shahlaei, has helped me with my 10 week programme in preparation.

Here’s how the first week training for the WDFPF World Powerlifting Championships went…

Warm up & mobility work to begin.
Squats: 2 x 10 @ 80kg
Leg press 3 x 12 @ 200kg
Walking lunges 3 x 10 @ 2x20kg dumbells.
Superset leg ext 2 x 20 / 2 x 10 and leg curl 2 x 8-12.
Weighted plank: 30 seconds @ 25kg
30 seconds @ 10kg
30 seconds with no added weight = killer!

Bench: 2 x 10 @ 50kg
Paused bench press for 2 seconds at the bottom: 2 x 5 @ 50kg
Incline Bench 2 x 10 @ 40kg
DB shallow incline bench: 8 x 8 @ 15g DB.
Dips 3 x 10
After my bench session I did a short burst of interval rowing 30 seconds as fast as possible 30 rest for 6 minutes.
Press ups:
1 x 15 wide
1 x 10 narrow

Warm up & mobility work
1 x 2 @ 132.5kg
Speed deads 3 x 8 @ 107.5kg
Stiff leg deads 3 x 8 @ 70kg (I did these while standing on a mat as my weakest part of the deadlift movement is lifting the bar from the floor up to my knees, this helps to recruit & strengthen the required muscles in aid to improve my deadlift)
Bent over row (from the floor, fast and powerful) 3 x 8 @ 60kg
Good morning 3 x 8 @ 40kg (for this I usually use an Olympic bar however today I tried the safety bar, to be honest I did not like it, It put way too much strain on my lumbar spine so next session I will revert back to the Olympic bar)
Dorsal raises 2 x 8 @ 10kg

Push press 3 x 5 @ 50kg
Alternate standing dumbell shoulder press 8 x 8 @ 10kg
Seated side raises 4 x 10 @ 5kg
Over head dumbell press 2 x 20 @ 17.5kg
Triceps pushdown (cables/rope) 4 x 10
Front raises 4 x 10 @ 10kg
Woodchopper 2 x 10 with cables
Finishing off with interval rowing (see Monday)

I’m looking forward to my build up to the World Powerlifting Championships, it’s not everyday your given the opportunity to compete for a world title so I intend on getting my head down and giving it my all. Mind over matter!

My diet will remain tight, this is something I maintain all year round so it’s not something I need to alter as I prepare. My supplementation will remain the same with me using Extreme Nutrition products, Build & Recover, Pro-6, Krevolution-X and Glutamine Complex.

I will post the progression of my training sessions on a weekly basis with a few videos thrown in so please keep checking my blog here on the Extreme website. If you have and training, powerlifting or otherwise and/or diet related questions you would like to ask me please let me know.

I’m on instagram (Joanne.stanger) Facebook (Joanne Stanger) & Twitter (Jmarie_26).

Train sensible, stay healthy & be strong.


World Powerlifting Championships

Getting ready for the World Powerlifting Championships