So one more week of training to go, this week was my last week of hard, intense training. What an adventure this has been I still don’t think it has sank in I’m competing in the WDFPF World Powerlifting Championships on the 31st October!

Like everyone who will be competing I’d love to win but I think the fact that I have already won a British powerlifting title, broken a British record and qualified for the world championships within my first year of powerlifting it pretty good going!

Jo Stanger deadlifting

Jo performing a deadlift for the camera with a light weight.

Anyway he’s how my last heavy week of training went:

Monday: Squats
5 minutes warming up on the cross trainer and mobility work
1×10 with just the Olympic bar
1×5 @ 60kg
1×3 @ 80kg
1×1 @ 100kg
2×2 @ 115kg – I have doubled 115kg quite a few months ago however I have never done 2 doubles in a session so kind of a personal best.

Leg press: 3×8 @ 260kg

Box squats: 5×3 @ 70kg – these did use to be a struggle but felt surprisingly comfortable today.

Walking lunges: 3×8 @ 22.5kg

Leg Ext (super set with leg curl)
2×20 @ 35kg
2×10 @ 25kg

Leg curl: 3×8 @ 60kg

30 seconds with 25kg on my back
30 seconds with 15kg on my back
30 seconds with no added weight

Oblique plank: 2 x 30 seconds each side.

Tuesday: Bench
1×10 with just the Olympic bar
1×8 @ 40kg
1×4 @ 50kg
1×2 @ 60kg
1×3 @ 67.5kg
1×2 @ 70kg
1x 1 @ 72.5kg
1×1 @ 75kg – PB! Absolutely over the moon with how this felt.
3×3 @ 80kg with slingshot.

Paused bench: 2×5 @ 60kg

Incline bench:
2×3 @ 50kg
3×3 @ 52.5kg

Shallow incline DB bench press:
1×8 @ 15kg
4×5 @ 20kg
1×5 @ 22.5kg

Dips: with an extra 5kg added around my waist: 3×10

Seated row: wide grip
2×6 @ 40kg
1×12 @ 40kg

Russian twist with legs raised: 2×10 each side with a 12.5kg dumbell

Rower sprints:
30 second sprint
30 second rest for 6 minutes.

Wednesday: Early morning cardio 🙁 currently weighing 70.4kg first thing I’m aiming to weight in at 68kg on the morning of the competition. No time to waste!

Thursday: Deadlifts
Today my aim is to get comfortable and confident with 160kg of I can increase the weight slightly, if 160kg feels good then I will do however as my competition is only just over 2 weeks away I don’t want to be getting injured so it’s important I listen to my body. So after my normal warm up routine here’s what I did:
1×10 with just the Olympic bar
1×6 @ 70kg
1×3 @ 90kg
1×3 @ 110kg
1×1 @ 130kg
1×1 @ 140kg
1×1 @ 150kg
1×1 @ 160kg – this felt good however I decided to Leave it here for today my body was tired so I moved on to my speed work.

Speed deads:
3×3 @ 130kg
3×2 @ 130kg

Bent over row: 3×5 @ 70kg

Stiff leg deadlifts: 3×5 @ 90kg

Chins (underhand grip with an extra 5kg added around my waist); Aim 3×5 – Achieved 6/5/5

Good mornings: 3×5 @ 70kg

Power shrugs: 3×5 @ 120kg

Dorsal raises: 3×8 @ 10kg

Friday: Early morning cardio 🙁

My next post will be to tell you how I got on!

Jo Stanger