This week, the topic I've chosen is on how to set your goals with no excuses. We all do it- and I believe that occasionally an excuse is a subconscious reaction as oppose to an intentional conscious decision.

So how do we learn to identify when we are making excuses when we "don't really mean it"? I've written out some common excuses below, with my own very brief breakdown on each.

1. I'm too tired.
Are you really too tired? If you sit for more than 10 minutes, are you falling asleep? Are you struggling to do basic everyday activities such as walking, carrying things or bending down? Sometimes our minds play tricks on us and tell us we are too tired, as an excuse to relax and do very little activity. If you do answer yes to any of the above, then REST! YOU'RE TIRED! It can be beneficial to take time off when you need it too.

2. My friend is on holiday and I always train with him/her.
I think a common and easy trap to fall into is to depend on someone else. This is acceptable when you're starting out, because sometimes you need a leaning post. After approximately 4-6 weeks, in my opinion it's imperative for you to become SELF motivated. External factors shouldn't matter, least of all whether you have a companion. If you feel self conscious about training alone, just remember that people notice two people more than they notice just one.

3. I want to lose a bit of weight first before I go to the gym.
Oh yes, I'm all too familiar with this little beauty of an excuse. Here is my little breakdown:- 
(A) weight doesn't matter. I gained 10lb in my first 3-4 weeks of training. 
(B) aren't you supposed to go to the gym to work at getting leaner, fitter and healthier? Why put that off? 
(C) Less people judge you than you might think- they will respect you for making an effort to change your body. 
(D) Exercise speeds up your metabolism, makes you feel stronger, and makes you feel healthy and full of energy... Why wait?

4. I've got an illness or medical condition.
I am NOT discrediting anyone or their ailments- not for one second. Some people genuinely cannot train or eat regularly, I totally 100% respect that. But don't use your ailments as an excuse. I have Crohns Disease- some days, I can genuinely only eat once a day, and some days I can't train. But I don't let it stand in the way of the days I CAN do something. 
Also, I think it's a fair assessment to say that sometimes your symptoms aren't a result of your illness or disease. Consider all your other lifestyle choices and how they might possibly affect the way you feel and your health before you assume it's a result of your illness.

5. I'll start Monday, that way it'll be starting afresh on a new week.
I encourage all of my clients to start straight away- as soon as we make contact. Most people who have the "I'll start Monday" syndrome fail. They also use it as an excuse to binge eat all week, then it repeats in a vicious cycle. There is NO SUCH THING as "being good"- you MUST adopt the attitude that you are making a lifestyle change. Having an "on/off a diet" mentality leads to failure. 

Start now! Your body has no idea what day it is. Your body will start working sooner, the sooner you work it! Good nutrition, a structured training program and the right attitude are all we need to reach our destination - maybe a bit more patience too. Remember, you may have 30 years of being skinny or fat under your belt, becoming a physique model won't happen overnight!

In closing, I would like to highlight that there are people in the world who genuinely don't want to train too. I see people point the finger all the time and say "they're making excuses", when in fact they're exercising their right to personal choice! 

For those of you who want to lose fat, keep fit and stay healthy it is essential you learn how to set your goals with no excuses; we know that excuses can be our biggest obstacle and are a way of setting ourselves up to fail. I hope that you now have some tips in how to overcome these negative thoughts and reasons to accept defeat. :-)

~ Elle Mac ~
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Set Your Goals with No Excuses