Now the post baby work begins, not only does the work begin with looking after a new born and my twin girls but I also have my hands full half the week with my step kids and I need to think about getting myself back in shape.

Some may saying I’m a genetic freak or just lucky, but I think having rock hard abs helps to drag my post baby stomach back in every time,  Kaal-El is my 4th child (and my last!) I’m done. I’ve had kids in my life since 16 but I have not let that stop me doing what I wanted to do.

Here is a picture of me 12 days before and 12 days after giving birth.

I am aware I am lucky with my genetics, I don’t gain fat easily and after 10 years of being an IFBB Professional Bodybuilder I am used to eating good all the time so I didn’t end up with the mentality that I was eating for two!

This is a problem for a lot of pregnant women, as they get bigger, become less mobile it often leads to them eating more and gaining fat which they will eventually want to lose once again after giving birth.

I never stopped exercising in one way or another until very close to the day I gave birth, I believe it is good for the baby and for me too by not allowing me to gain too much fat or get used to the sofa either.

My diet was clean all the way through my pregnancy although I did have more treats than I would have ordinarily but it was still less than the average person would have from week to week. I still had my Pro-6 each night at bedtime, just as this is the time when my body would carry out it’s maintenance I wanted to ensure there was enough protein in my system for us both, baby and me.

I think due to all of the factors above you can see the proof that by keeping active and eating well my post baby recovery was definitely faster than most women experience.

Lynsey Beattie, IFBB Pro