Today was a fun day training, squats AND deadlifts!

I’m 8 weeks away from the 4 nations where I will be competing as part of the England team – what an honour! I am so excited to compete and proud to be asked to represent my country!

So, my training has been mixed up a bit, I was getting a bit bored of what I was doing, my body had got use to what I was doing so I thought ‘Let’s have a change!’ As they say a change is as good as a rest but who wants to rest? When it comes to training I definitely don’t! I want to grow and get stronger so, a change it is!

All today’s training involved was squats and deadlifts……both in one day!

For my squats today I used knee wraps, I’ve used knee wraps before in comp a year or so ago and all I remember is how painful they are! Anyway, I warmed up did my 10 minute mobility and stretching workout then moved on to the squat rack. Here’s what I did:
1 X 10 with 40kg
1 X 5 with 60kg
1 X 3 with 80kg
1 X 2 with 100kg – knee wraps were used from here onwards
1 X 2 with 110kg
3 X 2 with 120kg
The most I have ever squatting in comp with knee wraps was 120kg. The aim of the game is to get to 130kg.
After this I did 3 x 3 paused squats with 100kg

Female squatter

A woman removing the Olympic bar from it’s stand so she can squat.

After the squats I moved on to deadlifts…..

Female athlete pictured deadlifting at the Olympics

Female Olympic Athlete Deadlifting

Deadlifts were also a little different from usual, bands were used. This added approximately 20kg on to the lift when locked out.
Here’s how my deads went……
1×5 @ 60kg
1×5 @ 80kg
1×2 @ 100kg
1×2 @ 110kg
1×2 @ 120kg
3×2 @ 125kg.

I executed the above deadlifts while stood on a 20kg plate just to add a little deficit. For the next 3 doubles the plates were removed so there was no deficit.

I completed 3 doubles at 125kg. The first double felt a little hard but the second and third double felt a lot easier. Deficits doing there thing 😉

At the beginning of the deadlift movement

This lady is at the beginning of the movement

After my squats and deadlifts I finished off with the leg press;
5 x 12 @ 250kg.

You know your legs are going to hurt the following day or 2 when the post workout aches and pains are setting in before the session is over!

I will then have a training session where I focus on all my assistance work so let’s see how this goes!

Jo S. x

Squats and deadlifts

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