Standing Push Press Improvement

    You know when you walk in to the gym and you’ve had ‘one of those days’? Well, today was one of those days for me. Work was hectic and I was feeling the effects from yesterday’s benching session so was sore, tired and wishing I was heading home to my sofa and my cats!

    I felt lethargic, I had very little motivation and all I wanted to do was go home, sit down and relax. Where would that have got me? Absolutely nowhere! I’m glad I didn’t listen to the lazy side of me as I had one of my best standing push press sessions yet which just goes to show what you can do if you put your mind to it.

    I’m not sure if you remember the standing push press improvement challenge I set myself not so long ago? I wanted to overhead press 60kg….here’s how today’s session went…

    1 — 10 with just the Olympic bar to warm up
    1 x 8 @ 32.5kg
    1 x 4 @ 40kg
    2 x 5 @ 45kg
    1 x 5 @ 50kg
    2 x 1 @ 60kg!

    I smashed the target I had challenged myself to beat and it felt damned good! I’m lucky to have an awesome friend in Worlds Strongest Man finalist Laurence Shahlaei, he gave me the kick up the arse and support I needed today to believe I could do it, so I owe him one because without knowing I was training with Laurence it would have been easy to miss this session and it’s results.

    I had to do it with 2 x 10kg plates on each end of the bar as I can’t get my head around doing it with a 20kg plate on each end. Random tricks your mind plays on you eh?

    Anyway, my next stop off on the way to world domination is going to be 70kg!

    Jo Stanger.

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