Strong is adaptive

Well to keep you all up to date with my progress, its a tale of two halves.I flipped the tyre, I managed a few metres with the yolk and I did the deadlift for 7 but then my back gave up on me. It’s a long term injury and one I have to work around frequently so once again its adaptation time.

This body is not quite as strong as the mind right now, but that’s OK, let’s see what we can do to use the strength of the mind then.

Bending is not currently an option so what can I do in an upright position…. run Forest run. To date my longest run has been a 10k, due to my bodybuilding running has been a cardio not sport exercise and secondary. Now I’m going to give it a go. The aim – a half marathon, double the distance of a 10k I’m going for it. 13.1 miles of road between me and victory….. That’s further than I drive to work each day.

We did it!

Crossing the finish line brings a smile to everyones face.

Throughout everything I keep my nutrition solid, good food and good supplements which gives me a great platform for any challenge. This includes my Extreme Pro-6 starter every morning and my post work out build n recover, if you haven’t tried Extreme Build + Recover you should. When you need a reason to train this is it I would train just so I could have B+R every day. A good foundation of nutrition enables me to be adaptive when niggling injuries force me to change direction.

With Extreme at my back I have the nutrition to do anything I set my mind to. I have added Extreme Carbs to my supplements to fuel me in my longer runs for this challenge providing me with the energy I need when the going gets tough.

Clean and convenient additive free carbohydrate supplement

Extreme Carbs are 100% natural maltodextrin with NOTHING else added.

Running training is intermingled with my strength training, so two or three runs a week. Mid week one or two 4/5 miles and a longer weekend 9 or 10 miler. I have increased my stretching regime to loosen off the calves and particularly hamstrings which get very tight after running. Interestingly, the training has loosened my back a little and aided my gym workouts so maybe a learning point around variety (they do say it’s the spice of life).

My first ever half marathon will be the Silverstone Adidas Half Marathon, at, yes you guessed it, Silverstone race track. What I have found so far is that the body is more willing than the mind in my training. From the off my mind is arguing with itself about how far I am going , how well I am feeling, telling me that I can stop at any time; an inner battle commences with almost the first footfall – the challenge is to mediate the argument to a successful conclusion.

I am strong, I will do this.

Rachael Hayes, pro bodybuilder and tri-athlete

Rachael Hayes is a DFAC Professional Bodybuilder and tri athlete.