So, what did you all get up to at the weekend?

I went to meet and greet the beautiful Team Extreme ladies, Jo Fairbairn, Joanne Stanger and Rachael Lyons after they completed a 26.2 mile trek to raise funds for a great cause, the Macmillan Nurses.

For anyone who doesn’t know what McMillan Nurses do, they look after Cancer sufferers and their families by offering support, care, help, advice and generally anything they can do to help the victim and their family in any way they can, many people forget it’s not just the person who has cancer that needs help. Their families and friends suffer massively too.

They trekked from Stonehenge to Avebury. I was planning to take part but due to recent health complications I had to settle for shouting at them to run the last few metres along with Extreme Nutrition’s Liam Armstrong!

I did the trek last year (it rained then too!) and let me tell you, it is not for the faint hearted. You are not running on a lovely clean, flat road: think uphill stints through grass and mud, rambling paths and even a few cows and rabbits along the way too – it is quite an adventure!

Team Extreme completed the trek in just over 8 hours, which was a really good time and raised money for an excellent cause. Team Extreme, McMillan Nurses and those who they help would like to thank you and to everyone else who made a contribution to anyone taking part in the walk and also to and to Discover Adventure who made the event possible.

The girls ran the last part of the trek – I captured it on video so watch out, it might be appearing very soon! Congratulations ladies, you did yourselves and the cause you were raising money for proud. A wonderful achievement and congratulations to everyone else who took part.

~Elle Mac~